Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/5/18

YouTube CREATED the Shooter

YouTube enabled these nobodies with no skills to make massive money and then YouTube changed the rules, pulled the rug out from under these people who became dependent on that very money, and you see the results from yesterday’s shooting on the Youtube campus. Granted, she was bonkers for doing what she did but her indictment and ranting on YouTube was spot on.

Let’s also take time to note that California has heavily restrictive gun laws and they didn’t stop her from shooting up a gun free campus. Let’s also note that authorities were warned by her family that she was probably going to do something and those authorities did nothing because law enforcement takes place AFTER the crime.

Trump Tariff Tantrums and Social Threats

Can someone turn this guy off? Take his damn Twitter away? Is it 2020 yet? His tariffs are stupid and now there is a trade war with China who just placed tariffs right back on us and all this does is raise the prices to consumers. So dumb. Then you have Trump attacking companies like Amazon via Twitter and causing it monetary damage as well as Amazon investors, even after Trump was told by the USPS that the Amazon contracts make them money. Trump was a colossal mistake. I’m tired of hearing about his Twitter tantrums and markets tanking over his dumb rants. His economic policies could quite possibly be worse than his predecessor… That is a horrifying thought but one that appears to be true.

The Magicians Season Finale

What a good episode!!! What a great season!!! Julia went from hedge witch to Goddess and then gave up the power for the sake of magic to return, only to be screwed by the Dean of Brakebills and the very devious library. Our fellowship of magicians were made to forget everything as the ultimate evil escaped Blackspire castle and now hunts them down. All of this and now we must wait until 2019 when the show returns (already renewed thankfully!!!). Seriously… Everything about this show is just awesome!!! If you haven’t caught it yet, catch up with the first 2 seasons on Netflix and then the 3rd season will probably be released just before the 4th season starts to play on SYFY. You won’t regret watching it!!!

Since Removing Social Media from my Phone…

I haven’t been checking social media… at all. It’s been great. You appreciate things more. From the music you hear to the pages in a book you read… that feeling of not “sharing” an opinion instantly, and actually taking the time to think and enjoy something, is a wonderful thing. Outside of this blog, which I don’t write in everyday, I really don’t have a desire to add to the noise in a social media platform now. It’s just a wasted time suck black hole echo chamber of nonsense.

That’s the Stream… Streamline it!!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/17/18

The Path (Hulu)

The Path (Season 3) has returned to Hulu and 3 episodes are up now with a new episode every Wednesday. Since today was a snow day, I was able to watch the first 3 eps and they were top quality as everything in the last 2 seasons. It seems like a more supernatural slant is taking place now as Eddie and Cal fight for control of the Meyerist movement and another sect shows up that seems… more devout even. It should be an interesting season!!!

Youtube is NOT an Employer

Look… I’m going to be honest here. If you make money via ads on Youtube and are pissed about Youtube’s new 4000 hours and 1000 subscriber limit to get monitization, then I don’t feel sorry for you. When Youtube started, it wasn’t about doing dumbshit to get money from ads (okay, technically it was about doing dumbshit, but in hopes of going viral for internet cred). Youtube is and has been a dumpster fire for awhile now, but the “content creators” bitching about losing their $2.50 a month earnings today are the definition of Millenial idiocy. Go get a real job and then do something to make money that isn’t a “sellout status.” If the ads to make money was your driving motivation to create content then I am so glad you are being cut off. 90% of the content on Youtube is worthless anyway.

Confusing US Government Involvement

It has come to light that the US Government put pressure on US cell carriers to drop deals with Huawei and ZTE (Chinese phone makers). Just an FYI, Google was instrumental in getting these Chinese phone makers into the US, so why is Google not under more scrutiny by the US Government??? If the issue is privacy and funneling that info to China, then hey yo? US Government… Google takes the lion’s share of our info and they are working with both Huawei and ZTE. They are even putting a new office in Shenzhen to get a foothold in China. So Mr. President, instead of being Ahab to Amazon’s white whale for no good reason, take a look at Google where there is some very good reason to check them out closer.

Trump’s love of the USPS Shows Republican Hypocrisy

Republicans usually say they are for limited government (they’re not, they’re for big government just like Democrats), and for the longest time they have rightly been for privatizing the USPS… until now. Why? Because their Cult of Personality Trump has chosen to defend the USPS only because he hates Amazon (probably jealous that Bezos is mega richer than he is).

The FACT is, if the USPS had not taken the deal with Amazon, Fedex and UPS were both lined up to do so. The fACT is, if the USPS wasn’t in business with Amazon right now, they would be in a far worse position than they currently are.

The kicker… Amazon will likely have a full fledged delivery service from warehouse to doorstep all 100% controlled by them within 5 years and the USPS will be up shit creek then. Technically… the government should sell off the USPS to Amazon now. We might actually get our mail correctly more often then.

The fun thing about this issue is seeing that people who used to be for limiting government and privatizing the USPS are now all Trump gungho for this idiotic internet tax that Trump wants. Foos who are incapable of thinking for themselves are found on both sides of the political spectrum. This issue shows the fools on the right off with crystal clarity.

Wednesday is a Good TV Night again!!!

8pm: X-files

9pm: The Magicians

10pm: Knightfall

That’s all I got… Stream you next time!!!