Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/13/18

Manga Art

I bought a manga art book just because I want to learn how to “draw the manga way.” Since starting to draw again, I must admit, I’m pretty terrible at drawing right now. Nowhere near where I was back in school. I’ve always liked the manga and anime style so it’s like starting over to a degree. I was doing “eyes” last night. Over and over and over again. My big crux is the neck to shoulders and creating movement in form. Well… that and if I create a figure, then putting the face on the figure instead of starting with the face which I’m learning is a no-no. Oh yeah… I suck at drawing the hair too. This could be a lost cause really but oh well… I’d love to have my own style of art somewhere between manga and classic Western comic book art… unfortunately right now it all looks pretty… meh… to me.


Just read an article on “brand reputation,” and not surprisingly Google dropped from 8 to 28 (that’s what happens when EVERYTHING you do is half assed). Anyway, it’s an article on brand reputation and I made the mistake of scrolling down too far to where I could see the comments. Guess what the comments were about? Politics, Trump, and Clinton. SERIOUSLY??? The story had absolutely NOTHING to do with politics but people chose to insert that subject. You people who do this kind of thing really have no life.

Star Wars The Last Jedi

It’s out today on digital and I just bought it over on Amazon w/ the bonus content. I know this movie had a lot of people against it, but in the end that was just the steam rolling power of “Negativity Media” which in my opinion was wrong. YOU can let Rotten Tomatoes and shitty crowd sourced reviews think for you or you can just go see it yourself and decide. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! If you didn’t… that’s you. We really don’t have to agree.

Speaking of Star Wars…

Ghus (from Saga (Image Comics)) > Porgs (SWTLJ)… Just saying… Granted they are different creatures completely, Ghus is not a bird… just a resemblance. Oh.. and Ghus came first.

The Westworld 2 Crowdsourced Plots and Twists

Can I just say… Lost was the first show to do this and to this day I regret ever watching that show. Creators should NOT be using crowdsourced plotlines and twists to work from. It doesn’t work. Lost proved that it doesn’t work and all you get from it is one big letdown. The other sad fact… 50% of the comments on the article talking about this hate the idea and 50% love the idea… So it’s basically the same normal 50% split you get on all things internet now. Crowdsourced opinions and reviews almost always break down a 50% line now. That’s another reason you can’t trust the “%” of virtually anything online anymore.

For the first season of WW, I watched it in real time via HBO through Amazon Channels. This time, I’ll wait until they are all out and then subscribe for a month and binge it. WW is no GoT, so watching in real time is not necessary… especially if there is now crowdsourcing involved.

I Hear Tool has NEW Music Coming…

Honestly though…Does anyone care? I’m pretty much out of my Tool phase. I’ve liked the band since their very first EP was released but I can honestly say that I haven’t been a big fan of anything they have done in the new millennium. I think that with the closing out of the 90’s, I sort of closed out my “dark and depressing” phase. Hell… I can hardly stand to listen to any of the industrial music that I used to listen to from that time period. It’s just boring and depressing now. I also saw Tool play LIVE in the mid 90’s and it is a boring show. They basically stand perfectly still (Maynard sometimes goes into a surfing stance) but it plays out EXACTLY as if you were listening to the album. In other words, the stage show isn’t all that interesting to “watch.” I’m not so sure “today’s listening public” can even tune in for an 8-10 minute musical opus with the lack of attention spans these days. Tool just kind of seems like a band that time may have passed by. I’ll take a listen to the new album (if it ever does come out) if it is on Amazon Music Unlimited but if the gist is the same as their last few… it will be a one and done listen. Now if they can somehow change it up… Be epic without being depressing, be mature, without being massively art house… then this could be great. We’ll see…