The Elitist Artists of Twitter


I’ve met a very weird group of artists on Twitter who are socially left but at the same time of the mentality of a 80’s yuppie when it comes to greed. The game developer for the coming game called Beyond Good & Evil 2 created a fun contest for gamers to be apart of the game. Create a character, submit the character, and if they used the character design somewhere in the game, they would pay you money. The elitist and entitled artists of Twitter had a field day with this. They called “exploitation” and then gave excuse after excuse why they themselves were being put out of work because a game company was having a contest. They made it sound like that the people submitting the work were giving them, as “professionals” a bad name, because they were doing the work for free. I guess none of these top shelf “artists” ever met a Realtor who markets and spends time and money trying to sell house. If the house doesn’t sell, that Realtor does not get anything and is out of all of that time and marketing cost. But no… The Twitter Artist is above the little people who do work to make money. They feel entitled to having cash in hand before they commit a single pencil to paper…or whatever easier than hell digital medium they are working in. They go on and on about protecting their community… from a fun CONTEST for Gamers in a Gamer Community. But wait… Then they said, “You do know artists are gamers too so this is how it should be.” So the Twitter Artist community were basically just appropriating the gamer community and telling them how things should be done. Pathetic.

Marketing-101-Branding (1)

Anyone who has ever really marketed themselves (Marketing 101 and Personal Branding) knows that pro bono work, in writing, design, and yes… ART… can lead to bigger and better things that pay down the line. Getting your name out there, promoting your work, and getting recognition isn’t “free work” or exploitation, it’s self promotion. The limited and narrow minded view of the Twitter Artist believes that everyone will want your work for free then… because to them, everyone, is some evil group opposed to their elitist, hive minded, entitled and closed off community. Or they think that by you promoting yourself in this way takes away paycheck from their more deserving hands. They’re pretty much wrong on every aspect of this from the top down. They no jack about self promotion and believe that looking out for their elitist community is better than putting yourself as an individual into a place where you come out ahead. The mentality is one of failure for these people.

They all ask why no one else took my side in this debate and that’s an easy one, the main person who brought this up, is someone they follow. So the entire group of these Twitter Artists have this failure mindset. Sure the ring leader is telling you followers to look out for the community and beware any pro bono work because in the end, that keeps your name out of the picture and is less competition for the elitist snob telling you to do so. The ring leader cornered the pond and is keeping you lackey’s down. I say pond because the imprint from this person is nothing anyone has ever heard of anyway. Maybe someone in the crime streets of Chicago but no one in the mainstream has heard of this publisher or cares about the smack they put out. So this person is just a big fish in a small pond with Twitter followers who don’t get that they are being duped. It’s not the big company running a contest duping you people, it’s your Twitter overlord.

Speaking of  the game… If you submit your work, they are not looking for polished, or complete work. Just a basic design you like. You aren’t being asked for a backstory, print ready design, or anything like that. Just a character you think might work well in that universe, and winners will get to see their design in the game, and get paid if it is used. It’s a good contest that fuels gamers to be more artistic and get involved in their own community. So anyone who tells you differently is just one of the elitist and entitled who are jealous that their way, is not the only way in this world.

FYI: A community has NEVER put food on your table or paid your bills. If doing something free helps you out later but does deny someone else a paid gig… tough. All it shows is that you were smarter than they were. Therefore YOU deserve the reward.


Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/21/18

Hawkgirl joins the JL…If Hawkgirl was always drawn like this… She’d be more popular than Wonder Woman even. Just saying…

Twitter as a News Narrative

I may need to dump a few news sources I use as I’m tired of them turning to Twitter to “make the news.” I saw that their is OUTRAGE that Netflix’s new Chef’s Table only showcased one female pastry chef. Just OUTRAGE!!! SHOCK!!! ANGER!!! Then I read that it was crowd sourced idiocy from the Twitter sheep. Normal “this is the news thing to do now” is to go cherry pick Tweets to create a narrative, to package as a story. I’m sorry but Twitter users tend to be hive mind dopes who get angry when the day begins, and then pissed off when it ends at night. Twitter is the MOST negative cesspool calling itself a social network. Yes.. even more cesspoolish than Facebook. We don’t need “news” from crowd sourced hive mind morons clogging up the streams.

It’s getting hard to find any “real news” anymore. If an article mentions that it takes info from social networking or that social networking is somehow involved in the story, then it’s basically a BS article. Yes, I know we have a president that uses the cesspool platform but that does not mean that news should use Twitter as some source or gateway to everything else. More and more I’m just toning out completely.

The Curse of the Civil War Gold

Last night’s episode was really reaching. From the square being overlaid with a confederate flag to actually thinking there would be gold safe deposit boxes of a closed bank. I mean… any bank that closes is going to check every box before they shutdown and close up shop. So far, nothing they are trying would convince me to fork over money to bankroll the expedition. Next week they are going out to Utah, to check a goldmine owned by one of the players in the missing gold. The thought is that this guy bought the goldmine as a front to launder the confederate gold. What if he really had a good goldmine and that was where his excess riches came from??? Besides… finding gold in a goldmine doesn’t prove that a boxcar containing gold is buried in a lake. How can you make that assumption? This show doesn’t have the narrative and interest that Oak Island has, though I’ll continue to watch just to see how it “pans out” (pun intended).

Facebook Misused Data and Everyone Goes Crazy

Meanwhile Snowden once revealed that the US government spied on its citizens (and still is doing it) and there was crickets. I’ve seen more press about Facebook data, a “ha ha non news social cesspool” site, in just this week than news media covered for the entire Snowden release. Seriously… if you think this FB story matters in the least and that you “care” about it, but shrugged off the Snowden release, then you are an idiot. Plain and simple.

Tonight is the Season/Series Finale of X-Files

Since Gillian Anderson has said that she is done after this season, for good, I’m hoping they wrap up the mythology tonight. Who am I kidding. The last season they left it on a major cliffhanger and then came back with this season which made the last season either a Scully dream or something taking place in another timeline.

Seriously though… They really need to wrap it up for these characters if this is it. Personally… I think the first X-Files movie is still the real end of the series. They probably should have just left well enough alone.

Update: David Duchovny is calling this the “Cliffiest of all hangers.” (sigh)……..

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/27/18

Steamline Update

I haven’t done a Streamline in awhile… So here goes… I haven’t had much to say on the general front. The world is a fucking mad house and society is going to hell. That pretty much sums up the partisan BS happening in the outside world. Lunatics I tell you!!! More and more every news report is greeted with me giving myself the facepalm or beating my head on a desk. No nuance to any story now… either you go with the created narrative based on surface findings or you are wrong. It’s so shallow, wrong, and just insane.

The Comic Book Nudging…

Right now for me, Image comics is just nudging out Valiant Comics as my favorite reading. This is based on how excellent and adult comics like Spawn, Sam & Twitch, and Saga are. The reason I like Valiant Comics so much is that they are more “adult” than Marvel or DC. Turns out, Image is full on adult and doesn’t apologize for it any way, shape, or form. I like that. Let’s not pretend that comics are mainly for kids anymore. There are more adults reading comics than kids these days and Image is cornering the market on adult themed titles. I’d love to see Valiant Comics move even more toward adult themes but with their recent full on acquisition by DMG, I have a feeling they may be pushed more toward the tights action because that is DMG’s main interest, superheroes in tights movies.

Also… Valiant has been stuck in “setup” mode lately. They keep putting out comics that set up things but take the whole entire issue to do so. Bloodshot stopped the action and took a whole issue to set up Rampage. X-O stopped the action and took a whole issue to set up a bounty hunter group. Ninjak (in Ninja-K) has been going down the list of lettered Ninja, to give a back story to each which feels like almost every issue becomes a set up for the mystery. Back stories are great and all… but a good backstory should be peppered into a narrative without calling full stop to it. So it just feels off kilter right now. I’m hoping things do pick up. We’ll see…

Sidenote: The next Bloodshot Salvation has no art in it, save the last page. It’s all word balloons on black panels. To say I’m already peeved off thinking about this is an understatement because if the book literally doesn’t have art in it, why are they still going to charge me $3.99 for it???

Olivia Munn kinda has to Marry into Pop Culture

Most of us in Pop Culture Fandom know Olivia Munn from G4 Attack of the Show! and as such, she’s the hot uber geek girl of pop culture fandom. For awhile there, Fandom was having flashbacks to Middle and High school as the uber geek hot girl was dating the uber jock (Aaron Rodgers). That ended and he’s now with Danica Patrick who is also in sports (racing). Now Fandom waits in quiet anticipation of who Olivia Munn shows up with next. Granted, fandom shouldn’t have this sort of peeping Tom fascination with her love life but she is really the Queen of Pop Culture Fandom. I mean… Queen of England or Queen of Pop Culture Fandom… Who is more important? I’m just going to answer that for you: The Queen of Pop Culture Fandom is much more important and that is a crown/title that Olivia Munn wears by default. So if she dates or gets married outside of it… That would register as a great disturbance in the force.

Why do people on Facebook ask for Prayers?

I keep seeing people on Facebook who ask for prayers… but they don’t give any context. It really seems to be a cry for attention. How do you ask someone to pray for you when you don’t provide any context on what to pray for? Honestly… When I see these posts, I just think: NO!!! You have not provided the info needed to attempt a prayer and prayers equal time so they are valuable. I’m certainly not going to reply to your post with a comment and ask “Just what am I praying about?” Because for one, that just provides the attention for the seeker, and for two… I just don’t care. Maybe if you provided that missing context I would care, but because you don’t, and because you just think you are entitled to prayers… I don’t.

Twitter Fail

People love to Retweet a Tweet they disagree with and add a snarky commentary onto it to signal their disapproval and superiority. This however spreads the original reach of the Tweet that contained the information that was originally disagreed with. The BEST way to silence those who are tweeting idiocy is to ignore them. That’s it… Simply let their tweets die in the void that is Twitter. Or let their own echo chamber pass them around between one another. They already agree with the idiocy so who cares?

There was a hashtag last week that was trending (# killNRA) and it was sending people on the right into an uproar. “How can Twitter allow this to Trend???!!!???” Well… If you clicked on the hashtag, then clicked on the “latest” Tweets, and then read through them… You would have seen that the majority were people on the right using the hashtag to register their anger that it was trending, thereby making it trend.

Twitter as a platform for social media is really dumb. There are no meaningful convos there and the hashtag system is a horrible barometer for measuring anything. Really… unless you have a customer service issue or you want to LIVE tweet a show… It’s better to avoid Twitter.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/16/18

Okay Twitter… That’s Creepy…

The Project Veritas video (not “doctored” as the critics say) already showed us that Twitter shadowbans people that individual overseers disagree with (so you can Tweet all day but your Tweets are not being seen by anyone). Now we also know that the Twitter overseers are looking at direct messages from the words typed in private messages to the pictures sent… And they are selling this info to advertisers. Unlike email vendors that use an algorithm to scan inboxes and mail, Twitter has actual people looking at direct messages. The dirty old man is actually bent over a monitor and scoping out things that are supposed to be private.

I’m just using Twitter as a broadcast for my blog right now. With these new details coming forward, I would caution anyone from using it under the notion that anything is “private” in any way. It may just be the worst “social network” where privacy is concerned.

Sidenote: Twitter denies they do this but come on… It’s pretty obvious they do it. When their own employees corroborate each other… where there is smoke, there tends to be fire. The sad part… most people won’t even care because they are addicted to the social media drug.

Sidenote 2: Tech news sites defending Twitter because… Money. Come on people… don’t be stupid. If a tech site site is defending Twitter here, then they are getting money, kickbacks, or access to information.

That Shithole Comment…

The evidence is now showing more and more people from that “Closed Door” meeting have said that this comment was NEVER made. Good luck getting anyone in the media to retract it though. All last week on social media (especially Twitter) EVERYONE was talking about this. Logging in and seeing the word “Shithole” on tweet after tweet was one reason I just closed Twitter out and have been MIA as far as posting a lot there. Twitter was full of users who took a rumor, blasted it for days, re-blasted what the news media was falsely saying, and then blasted it some more in snarky jokes. I even saw a superhero T-shirt company make a very poor joke of it via a shirt for the new movie Black Panther (Wakanda is not a Shithole)…

  1. Think about this… A closed door meeting and Democrats are leaking info. What part of “CLOSED DOOR” do they not get?
  2. Think about this… Republicans with no verification quickly jump on the bandwagon calling the president racist (it’s not racist to call a place a Shithole even if he had said it. Detroit is a shithole but that’s not because of the race of any of the people… it’s because of the leftist policy that made it a shithole. If you think this terms is racist you are both and idiot and a sheep with no education who will believe whatever your leaders tell you. Words have meaning, learn the definitions.)
  3. The media ran with more unverified rumor… No shock there. No shock that they will not do a retraction either now that social media has spread what appears to be fake news, far and wide.

Another aspect of this is that people stuck up for a fake story, spread a fake story, and piled onto a fake story with no concern about the truth at all. Social media is a dumpster fire and as long as the news media relies on clicks and ads and social media to relay its word, news media will remain a dumpster fire.

The Flu Shot is a Dud…

So what does the CDC do? They are doubling down on it. The flu shot is only 10% effective this year. Sadly, the place I work requires it (that should be against the law to require anyone to take a flu shot), and I got sick not long after I got it. The flu shot is a sham and now we have the CDC out warning people to get it because a “second wave” of the flu is coming, with a different strain. You have got to be kidding me… Talk about a sham that is only for money making… the flu shot would be it. You want to know a scientific reason why the flu is so bad this year? Because people have been getting these weakened strained flu shots for years now and like penicillin, it no longer has an effect on the virus. This is science people. The flu shot is and has always been pure BS.

Star Wars Sticker Commercial

It’s a cool commercial but I wouldn’t shell out $900+ for a Google Pixel 2 phone because of Star Wars Stickers. Frankly… I’m amused that Google, an advertising company, is so dumb when it comes to advertising. The amount of money they are dropping for this advertising push is way more publicity for Star Wars The Last Jedi than for the phone that is barely in the commercial. I wouldn’t buy a Pixel 2 anyway… I’ll stick to the Moto because they make damn good phones with damn good batteries.

The Gifted Season Finale

WOW!!! What a good two hours!!! Seriously Marvel, you need to give the writers of The Gifted full control of writing all future X-men movies now that the X-men are coming back to you. This show really needs to be the springboard to future movies. We have the Hellfire Club vs the Mutant Underground now. And I told you all… Andy was becoming evil!!! Can’t wait for season 2!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/12/18

Dumpster Fire of the Day:

I opened Twitter for a moment today and saw just about every Tweet using the term “shithole” in reference to something that the president may or may not have said. So I instantly closed Twitter because it is in effect, a shithole. There’s a reason I deleted all of of my tweets yesterday. I’m sick of the negative echo chamber that is Twitter. It pulls you in with negativity and creates a narrative to incite you.

Hang it up:

Likewise, I saw some convo on Hangouts where I’m in a few different groups. Oh hey look!!! I already posted about that… 2 DAYS ago. Yet now someone is posting up the same links I already posted, as if they were new. That’s my big thing right now, if I’m taking the time to relay certain info, and you can’t acknowledge it, then why am I posting it??? That’s pretty much everything now… Ergo… this blog being my journal of it all.

I’ve been withdrawing more and more from social media things and the more I think about it, the more I think it is the right decision.

Altered Carbon is coming!!!

The new Altered Carbon trailer is awesome. I need more Cyberpunk in my life and so far, from the trailers, it is doing the book justice. I’m also rereading the book right now and I’m thoroughly enjoying it even more on the reread. 2/2/18 is the big day it hits Netflix. Can’t wait!!!

Alt 105.7 FM in Atlanta

I just happened to have this station on this morning when I pulled out of the garage to go to work. Normally I listen to WSB for the weather and the news but I had this station on from the drive home last night. The morning talk show here was refreshing. They steered clear of politics which was VERY nice. A morning show that doesn’t let itself get politicized? Can it be? Apparently it is, and that is exactly what I am looking for!!!

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

It’s finally here!!! The entire first season is up and streaming on Amazon Prime today!!! Reviews have said that this is better than Black Mirror even. It’s also a cyberpunk show so I’m totally down with that.

The NY Times Noticed that Wearables are DEAD

They ran an article today asking if the fad was dead because wearables are MIA at CES. I said over a year ago that wearables were dead. As a matter fact, before I ever bought a Pebble Steel, I stated that wearables were nothing but a fad or electronic toy for adults and that they would be a flash in the pan. I was right. Sure, people still wear their Apple Watches and Fitbits but the majority of people have tried the fad and dismissed it already. I’m still calling the second coming of VR a second fad also. I hold out more confidence for AR but VR is a Pebble Time 2 away from the history books once again.

Upgrade your Cybernetics and Bionics

Speaking of current tech and fads… How we do things now has totally ruined a future where bionics and cybernetics are a generalized thing. I mean, are you going to buy a cybernetic eye that will only get 2 years of updates? After 2 years, some snot nosed 14 year old hacker will be sitting in his parents basement hacking the shit out of your eye. The same goes for legs or arms or etc… Never mind that to subsidize the cost, you may be forced to watch a commercial via that eye every hour… We are on this tech trend where a new version of tech comes out yearly and the old version gets updates for X many years. Having a cybernetic body that is prone to planned obsolescence would really not be a good thing. I guess those cybernetics will join the jetpack in the the list of cool things that will probably never be.

That’s the Streamline for today… Catch you next time.


The Keys to Free Speech are being held Captive by Silicon Valley

We now have inside information that Twitter is censoring speech via shadow banning Tweets, 90% of which is conservative or Republican. Anyone who has ever used Twitter can easily pick out the leftist hostility to those on the conservative side. Those Tweets are never censored and nothing ever happens to the accounts making them, unless a big enough outcry forces Twitter’s hand. Twitter of course is denying this by saying the undercovered video has been “selectively edited,” which is basically a tactic to deflect from the fact that it is a FACT. The abortion clinic did the same thing when the fact was, whole conversations were displayed in unedited form and the unedited video was released saying the exact same thing. This “selectively edited” excuse is pure BS. If Twitter is working on an algorithmic way to censor people based on keywords that leftist employees deem fit, then Twitter as a platform for free speech is beyond dead.

The lever of control that Silicon Valley now has on speech is very dangerous. Google removed an app for the free speech site called Gab, which made users have to use the web version to interact there instead of an easier to use app version. Google’s reason, the app contained “hate speech.” First, there is no such thing as “hate speech” if you are a country that stands up for FREE SPEECH. You have to take the good with the bad. I looked around Gab for about 15 minutes and it was way too far right for my my libertarian leaning ways, so I deleted my account and never went back. THAT is what people should do as opposed to Google deciding where people should be allowed to congregate.

I’m fairly certain that Facebook is also doing something similar with political speech and censorship. When this whole idiocy about ads being bought by Russia to influence political voting on FB became a thing… they did a study and MOST of the ads bought were trying to influence people to vote for Clinton. Yet we still have this shadow story that it was Trump who was the winner of these false spoils. Why? Because FB is a leftist controlled site and they oppose the will of the people. So like Twitter and Google, they create the narrative, and then use their social network to push the fake story,

I’ve been trying to be less and less political on social media but when one is presented with the fact that a site is clearly censoring speech it does not like, how can one defend that site? I certainly cannot defend Twitter, Google, or FB in any way when it comes to Free Speech. These sites are partisan left. These sites censor any speech that isn’t to their partisan liking. These sites create narratives that are partisan left. These sites rank partisan left stories, posts, and tweets higher in the effort to show that that is how the country thinks. If you are middle to right politically, be aware that these sites are probably silencing your speech, so much so that what you are writing or saying maybe just going into the void.

These are troubling times to be sure and while the internet was a good idea, social networking is turning out to be not such a good idea. It’s becoming the home of the partisan leftist narrative where the companies controlling the speech can control that entire narrative and flow of ideas. Big Brother is watching… Both the government spying on us, and the social media acting like our friend but really controlling how we engage.

When Social Media just becomes a Cesspool

It was a good run. Social media started for me with Myspace. I hadn’t intended to use it for socially meeting people though. Myspace had a blogging feature back then. So my main purpose for being on there was to use the site as a blog. Then I figured out that I could post the link to each blog entry in the broadcast feature and get more views from it. We had a good group over there and we got into some discussions. This all ended though, once Facebook surpassed Myspace. When that happened, Myspace decided to become the black and yellow Facebook and in one fell swoop, wiped out the designed pages that everyone had worked so hard to make. Granted, most pages looked like someone threw up a crayola soup all over them but still… they were our pages. This led to the great Myspace exodus. If they were going to force Facebook on us, we might as well just go learn Facebook. So we did.

Facebook was different though. It wasn’t about meeting other people but collecting your real life friends and family into an ecosystem. The problem with this is that while you may get along great with friends and family in real time, that doesn’t always translate onto the internet where no filters make people much more apt to say what they want to say. Suddenly you saw people who knew each other or who were friends in real life (IRL for you Millenial dopes) fighting and arguing with each other. This led to people de-friending people. It’s really quite toxic. The fact is, the people we meet online generally come to it through an interest base, whereas, the people we know in real life are the relationships that were made through family or being in real proximity. Facebook does NOT foster a good atmosphere for people looking to find similar interests.

Enter Google+. G+ started off awesome!!! People quickly found others with similar tastes, ideas, and interests. We could group them into circles and then just post specifically to those circles. That way if X liked movies and TV conversations but hated politics, X would never see your political posts because they were posted to your politics circle. This was actually an ingenuous way to keep ideas based on interest going. Also, we had Hangouts on the side and could instantly hit up anyone for a chat or video Hangout if we wanted to take the conversation to another level. Sadly, Google is the House of Half Assed and when they changed the site up this last time, they ripped out Hangouts, made posting a chore, and added Collections. Collections might have been a good thing but they quickly turned into forgotten relics that no one posted too. Instead of people choosing 5 or 6 Collections that they talked a lot about, they made Collections for every topic under the sun. So when you went searching for a Collection that you had interest in, you would see that the last post in that Collection was 20 weeks ago so that Collection was probably dead and useless to follow. Communities started out strong on G+ too but then people lost interest in most of them. Add to that the constant spam and porn posts from spam artists and you couldn’t even bring G+ up in a public place for fear that people would think you were on a porn site if they looked over your shoulder. Thus began the great G+ exodus which would take most people over to Twitter. You want to talk about a dumpster fire? Let’s talk Twitter…

G+ had the greatest platform but lost the users, meanwhile, Twitter has the worst platform but has all of the users. Twitter is a toxic dumpster fire. It is a place to be snide, rude, and develop your witty and cutting edge comebacks and insults into 280 characters a scathing idiocy. I really hate Twitter though I use it. The upside to Twitter is LIVE Tweeting with stars when TV shows come on. That’s actually fun. Also, you get better customer service from brands when you blast them on Twitter than you would get from calling their customer service line. Outside of that… It’s a Dumpster Fire. Twitter is too much information, too politicized, and too loud. When you post a tweet, it is the equivalent of sending a message in a bottle off into the ocean. The jump in character count from 140 to 280 has helped create better conversation but all in all, Twitter is not a place to converse. It is a place to complain, rant, rave, and just release your inner Hulk. Ideas really don’t get exchanged and echo chambers of followers exist in ways that rarely allow either side of any issue to see anything different. Twitter is a place where Block Lists are distributed so people can just go ahead and mass block you, just so they never have to come across a Tweet that might offend them or make them think. Twitter is a place where your Tweet count seems to be something that validates you. When one person noticed my Tweet count stays at around 500 or less, and asked about it, I told him I have a free service monitor and delete Tweets after 7 days on a regular basis. He was shocked. He asked me why and I said, why do I need them around? He had no answer. The only people that go back looking through tweets are those that want to spring something on you. No thanks. Talk about a waste of time.

I’m on Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is more for just family and food pictures. I’ve steered away from most comics and politics talk just because no one there cares. Twitter I haven’t figured out. I’m tempted to try and just stick more to the LIVE Tweeting but political crap draws me back in. As for G+… I’ve deleted every post and Collection I’ve had over there. Sadly, the best social experience where I had met a ton of people, is in overdrive trying to force everyone out of it.

Overall… Social just doesn’t feel very social anymore. It breeds echo chambers, mob mentality, and seems to bring out the worst in people. I’m much happier with the internet when it is media (movies, TV, books, comics, etc…) and learning things. Most of the time, this no longer happens in a social setting. In fact, when ever some social aspect is added to something, it seems to just turn it into yet another dumpster fire or cesspool.