Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/6/18

Climate Scientists FAIL to put the Puzzle Together

The easy route is to blame man made climate change. I 100% agree that man pollutes and man is irresponsible and should stop doing this but that is not what is happening. If you actually link the movement of change, you see that the cold is moving down over North America for longer periods of time. That same amount of movement can also be seen in Antarctic where one side (the side they measure to prove their global warming point) is melting while ice on the other side is growing at an even fast rate. We have some really bad scientists out there who treat science as a religion and policy as dogma. At one time, the antarctic was hot. Man had nothing to do with that. Climate will always change. The real issue is that people live in the here and now and can’t grasp long term change. Back before man centralized with cities they would migrate as the weather changed. There are too many people now to do that (overpopulation… again). Animals still try and migrate with weather patterns but man has made these gigantic cities everywhere and now that the weather is changing, the animals can’t migrate accordingly. Seriously… The climate change is most likely natural but man IS a problem with pollution and overpopulation which affects how we view it. We need policies to stop pollution. Not idiotic cap and trade ponzi schemes that get government rich and in the business of selling pollution. We also need some sort of way to stop people from breeding the way they are. Human overpopulation is the real threat to this planet and all who exist on it.

The Xbox One NEEDS More Exclusives and some Third Person Hack & Slash Games!!!

I’ve had every generation of Xbox and frankly, this current generation is piss poor where games are involved. That is, unless you love FPS (First Person Shooters). It seems like every game is a damn FPS. Then you take into account that we have seen no new Fable (Microsoft closed the studio), no new Ninja Gaiden (WTF???), no new Prince of Persia (Helloooo anyone out there in developer land???), just nothing compelling at all. Sure, there have been some updated past collections made into HD but we’ve already played them. Where is the cool new stuff??? The PS4 has cool games coming out in waves (all 3rd person and platform) yet we only get the millionth iteration of some FPS nonsense. Microsoft really needs to step it up here. There are more gamers out there besides FPS and sports game gamers.

Governments Making Ransomware Illegal

Michigan has created a law whereby possession of ransomware is now a felony. I bet the hackers are just shaking in their boots… Are politicians really this stupid? Don’t answer that. Yes. Yes they are. Government is such a clusterf**k of idiocy.

Marriage is in the Comic Book Air

A lot of marriages seem to be happening in comic books currently. The two biggest are Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and then Colossus and Kitty Pryde of the X-men. Meanwhile… Marvel is still not putting Peter Parker (Spider-man) and MJ back together and that still bugs the hell out of me. Come on Marvel!!! Out of all the characters that should be together, Peter and MJ should be. OK, maybe Reed Richards and Sue Storm should always be together too but these are the top married couples in comics for crying out loud.

On another note… I’m rereading the Ultimate Spider-man run currently and I’m at the part where Peter Parker broke up with MJ because he feared that him being Spidey would get her killed. So 2 weeks go by and he starts dating Kitty Pryde, because since she is powered up, she can take care of herself. They did make a cute couple… But I digress.

The New Thirty Seconds to Mars Hits Today!!!

I know… I have Amazon Music Unlimited (and I LOVE it!!!) but I bought this in CD form too (same for Imagine Dragons – Evolve), because I wanted to listen to them in the car on the CD player. No… sorry… I’m not buying a new entertainment deck for my vehicle just to stream from my phone. I suppose that will come with the next vehicle I get but until that time, it’s radio and CD. I just got the notification from Amazon that the CD has arrived at home too. Super Excited!!! The Imagine Dragons should arrive tomorrow. That is definitely my favorite album and band right now. You just can’t categorize the interesting fusion of sounds and styles that Imagine Dragons have created. As far as Thirty Seconds to Mars, I’ve heard 2 songs from the album and liked them both… so here’s hoping the entire album is just as awesome!!!

Is it 2020 Yet?

Just asking? I’m not sure how bad his royal Trumpness is going to tank our economy with these stupid tariffs (which amount to skyrocketing taxes paid for by the consumer), but I’m so over this dude.

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Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/21/18

Just Bing it… I do

I’ve noticed lately that the number of referrals to my blog from Bing have been increased while those from Google have decreased. Maybe people are catching on and ditching Google like I did? Search has become a zero game. In fact, (I’m not getting paid for this recommendation by Microsoft mind you…) I prefer using Bing because the first full page of results are not just sponsored and paid for, as they usually tend to be on Google. That makes the results more relevant versus who paid the most to get the first page. Also, I use it because for every search, even reading the news, you get points that can be redeemed for different thing. In my case, I redeem them almost every month for a $5.00 Amazon gift card that I can apply directly to Amazon, where I make most of my purchases. There are other rewards too but that one is perfect for me. So get better, relevant info, and get something out of your searches. Just Bing it…

Democrats Shutdown the Government

Remember when Democrats told Republicans not long ago that shutting down the government was on par with an act of terrorism? Remember when Democrats told Republicans that shutting down the government for something they selfishly wanted was reckless and against the people? Apparently Democrats don’t remember… The FACT is Democrats said those things and the media echoed them for days on end to the public. The media went out and interviewed people to get the anger over it on record. Now, the media is all but silent. See, their side is shutting down the government so the media will ignore the same narrative they used when the Republicans did it. It’s this partisan hypocrisy I hate. And depending on what side you are on… You are probably all for whatever is happening.

I was for shutting down the government every time the Republicans did it or came close to doing it. If the Democrats do it… Fine. Most of the government needs to be shut down. Yeah, yeah… “What about the people depending on the government money?” You know what? Smart people will do things so they don’t depend on the government money. Getting in bed with the government is never a good idea.

And just an FYI: Remember when the Obama admin went all drama and shut down the national parks and had barricades put up, during that government shut down? Yeah… National Parks are all open. That was just pathetic drama that the media could use to drum up support against the Republicans. None of those parks needed to be closed. Obama was always just a drama queen for the media.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

I go back and forth with this band. I picked up the debut album the day it came out, long before radio and most people picked up on them. I’ve seen them in concert when they came through Atlanta on their second album. I wasn’t impressed with their third album at the time of its release because of all of the chanting, but I started listening to it again thanks to the release of the current single Walk on Water (on their upcoming 5th album), and I really enjoy it now. So now I’m checking out their 4th album in more of an in depth way too. I guess… as of this moment, they are my current favorite band. They’ve got the right balance of guitars and synths with big arena style lyrics and sounds. All of it is really good stuff and I’ll definitely be checking out the 5th album on Amazon Music Unlimited when it is released.

Book Prices Have Gone Up

I just noticed on Amazon that ebook prices (from publishers) seem to have gone up across the board. Last year they were generally at $9.99 but a lot seem to now be pushing $11.99 to $12.99. Luckily self publishers are still putting out good stuff at reasonable prices but this upward trend from the publishers is a bit eye opening as to how scared they must be to see self publishers coming up and cutting them out. Instead of selling more for less, they are just going into a protectionist defensive posture to guard their already slipping market share.

I know for my books, I will self publish via KDP on Amazon. Not that I wouldn’t love to get some big book deal or anything, but the chances are slim and a lot of luck is involved. A lot of luck. Better to just self publish it myself and get my stories out there, instead of hoping some publisher will like what I’m doing enough to give me a chance.

That’s my stream and I’m sticking to it!!!