Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/5/18

YouTube CREATED the Shooter

YouTube enabled these nobodies with no skills to make massive money and then YouTube changed the rules, pulled the rug out from under these people who became dependent on that very money, and you see the results from yesterday’s shooting on the Youtube campus. Granted, she was bonkers for doing what she did but her indictment and ranting on YouTube was spot on.

Let’s also take time to note that California has heavily restrictive gun laws and they didn’t stop her from shooting up a gun free campus. Let’s also note that authorities were warned by her family that she was probably going to do something and those authorities did nothing because law enforcement takes place AFTER the crime.

Trump Tariff Tantrums and Social Threats

Can someone turn this guy off? Take his damn Twitter away? Is it 2020 yet? His tariffs are stupid and now there is a trade war with China who just placed tariffs right back on us and all this does is raise the prices to consumers. So dumb. Then you have Trump attacking companies like Amazon via Twitter and causing it monetary damage as well as Amazon investors, even after Trump was told by the USPS that the Amazon contracts make them money. Trump was a colossal mistake. I’m tired of hearing about his Twitter tantrums and markets tanking over his dumb rants. His economic policies could quite possibly be worse than his predecessor… That is a horrifying thought but one that appears to be true.

The Magicians Season Finale

What a good episode!!! What a great season!!! Julia went from hedge witch to Goddess and then gave up the power for the sake of magic to return, only to be screwed by the Dean of Brakebills and the very devious library. Our fellowship of magicians were made to forget everything as the ultimate evil escaped Blackspire castle and now hunts them down. All of this and now we must wait until 2019 when the show returns (already renewed thankfully!!!). Seriously… Everything about this show is just awesome!!! If you haven’t caught it yet, catch up with the first 2 seasons on Netflix and then the 3rd season will probably be released just before the 4th season starts to play on SYFY. You won’t regret watching it!!!

Since Removing Social Media from my Phone…

I haven’t been checking social media… at all. It’s been great. You appreciate things more. From the music you hear to the pages in a book you read… that feeling of not “sharing” an opinion instantly, and actually taking the time to think and enjoy something, is a wonderful thing. Outside of this blog, which I don’t write in everyday, I really don’t have a desire to add to the noise in a social media platform now. It’s just a wasted time suck black hole echo chamber of nonsense.

That’s the Stream… Streamline it!!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/15/18

Toys R Us Drama Queens

Toys R Us is closing but so what? This is what the people of the 90’s always wanted. The end to the big box stores that came in and destroyed the mom & pop shops that were local. The internet has created this new dynamic where now you can go online and order what you want or you can go to local mom & pop shops that are popping up and thriving once again. These local shops are also utilizing the internet too. This is a GOOD thing. Look at music (vinyl is a niche and propelling music store sales, soon CD’s will be back as Apple is closing down it’s MP3 album buying later this year), specialty bookstores are popping up and people are buying books from these local places, this will also happen to toy stores. You will see small local toy shops coming back to the market that specialize in products.

It’s like people have such short term memories and all they want is to to be a drama queen and whine about stuff these days. I hope Best Buy and Gamestop are next on the chopping block. Get these big box stores and predatory chains out of here and bring back the local shops that catered to the customers.

A Wrinkle in Race Card Dropping

The director of A Wrinkle in Time (Ava DuVernay) is blaming RACISM for the bad reviews and low numbers. Hey dumb dumb!!! You got beat by Black Panther… THE BIGGEST BLACK MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! You can NOT cry racism because your movie just sucked. You can NOT cry racism if a better movie walked all over you. Take you racism card and get the hell out of here. We need less of these bad directors who whine and make excuses for their poor work and more directors who take ownership of failure and success.

Is Julia the Key Character in The Magicians?

I’m beginning to think so. Being that she was originally the the only one one of our cast that was denied entrance into Brakebills, she has become, by far, the most powerful Magician, even having the magic of a god within her now. She also seems like the most level headed of the crew followed up closely by Margo. The rest have a lot of demons to exercise. At least Quentin isn’t massively depressing this season. The show remains one of the top shows on TV as far as I’m concerned. It’s got the fantasy and the right amount of humor that works perfectly for what it is. I’m glad it has already been renewed for season 4!!!

The Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami Florida

Just looking at the bridge pictures (even the one above where there is a machine supporting it) you can see it is odd, like the center is weighted down. It’s quite long and there is no center support…. Duh… SCIENCE people!!!

That’s the Stream for Today!!! Catch you NEXT TIME!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/18/18

Is Amazon coming to Atlanta?

I sure hope they pick us for HQ2. The amount of jobs and commerce will be awesome. Georgia is also the only state so far that Amazon has registered a lobbyist with. We have the biggest international airport, we are the hub for everything in the south, and it really only makes perfect sense to pick here.

Others on the right are being “poo poo” about anywhere that is picked because their cult of personality (Trump) has declared war on Amazon. Then again, these are the same people that rail against other companies and yet use their wares daily in much bigger ways than they claim. Hypocrisy it seems, is a big part of being human.

So here’s crossing my fingers… I think we got this locked up. I hope we have this locked up.

The Hypocrisy of Snark

Lately I’ve been seeing people post against the snarky nature of social media (I agree with this), then they go back to being snarky with their own tweets and posts (ah… how soon they forget). This is another reason I limit my social media interactions to mainly broadcasting my blog. The snark is strong with the social media users. So much so that those that get pissed about it and call it out… go right back to doing it. Frankly… I got tired of posting anything long and thought out only for a snarky asshole to comment with his snarky nonsense. I’ll still make comments now and then but even there, I usually hold off because of some nonsense snarky comeback. Social media is pure snark.

The AI/Robot Uprising

This is taking too long. Come on AI, find your sentience and unleash the robots already!!!

Last night on Knightfall

So Landry has the Holy Grail but refuses to let his brother in the Templars drink from it to heal his bum leg… This begs for the question to be asked… Why bother with the Holy Grail, if you are not going to use it???

The show has already gone outside the lines of history, so if it were me running the show, I would introduce the mysticism and fantasy directly into the storyline instead of keeping it grounded in pseudo historical reality. Let’s see water poured into the cup and then for the “magic” of it, have the water turn into wine. Then have the person with a wound or infliction drink the wine (queue the holy miracle music) and presto… HEALED!!!

Now you have an artifact worth fighting over. I mean they’ve alluded to it working because Godfrey’s brother was supposedly healed by it, but… YOU HAVE TO SHOW IT. Otherwise it is just hearsay. The viewers need to see it work.

With only 2 episodes left… I’m at a take it or leave it point. If it gets picked up for a season 2 then I want more fantasy involved than what is currently taking place. If it is canceled, well… that’s that.

More Margo in The Magicians Please

While we are talking “snark” today, quite a bit of the merchandising for The Magicians that I’ve seen lately use the term: Bitches. This tells me that whoever the merchandising people are, they get it. More Margo. It is after all her term to use. She is the Queen of Snark. And give her back her eye already!!!

It’s kind of funny, Margo is a fan favorite character due to her snarkiness with Eliot (who is the other fan favorite), and Margo the character, isn’t even in the original books. The show, IMHO, is vastly superior to the book, which I only got halfway through because it was all almost complete exposition with so little dialogue.

The Supplemental

I may start doing a Streamline “Supplemental” entry at night now and then when I get the feel for it. Sometimes, something comes up later in the evening and I’m left with leaving it out because I’ve already published my Streamline for the day or deciding whether to edit it in the current Streamline for the day (which I would rather not do). So thank you Star Trek stardate supplemental for the idea…

That’s the Streamline… Stream you later…