Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/9/18

The Social Media Exodus

Looks like I’m not alone in scaling back social media, many people are making an exodus from it (HERE). I’ve deleted all of my posts in G+ and all of my Tweets in Twitter. For Facebook, I’ve set all of my posts to “friends only” and will pretty much just use the stream posting for food stuff and various personal things from now on. I’m in several comic book groups and thankfully, talk sticks to the subject and doesn’t veer into politics and crap like that. My reasons for this massive scale back: It is a time waste and for the most part social media just breeds negativity. I’ve had enough of the SJW PC entitled whiners online who are offended by everything. I’ve had enough of “the partisan debate” of soapbox insanity. I’m really close to deleting the Twitter app from my phone too, just because it sends you “See what you missed” notifications that put you right back into that negative zone. With any luck, the days of social media will be coming to an end.

Detective Noir

I was thinking yesterday that one could get a really cool detective noir 50’s style movie if you based it around 2 retired detectives working together to solve a case, played by Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. It would be interesting to see them together in a completely different genre with their quick witted back and forth timing. Of course the chances of this happening just by my saying, “Hey, this would be cool!!!” are next to none… Alas… one can dream.

Toys R Us may liquidate… This is interesting because…

Remember when these big box stores killed off all of the mom & pop shops in the 90’s? Now the internet is killing off all of the big box stores, which opens the doors for niche mom & pop shops to once again open up and come into local communities (toys, books, music, even some tech). The problem back in the day was that the local shops couldn’t carry the selection of the box stores and couldn’t buy at prices that were as low as box stores who buyed in bulk. The internet changes all of this. While the mom & pop shops still can’t buy like a box store, they don’t have too. They just have to make sure they deal in the niche corners that people want. The box stores can’t keep pace nor hold product like someone selling on the internet, so they are in a corner now. I’m pretty happy about this because it is nice to see smaller niche stores popping up once again.

The Wussy Men Who Crave the Spotlight

What is with these wussy men who get beat up, run to take a selfie, post it, and then whine about it??? From Tommy Lee who got punched by his son to some Connecticut wuss that got punched by his ex-girlfriend. Then what do they do? They call the police, press assault charges, and go back to social media for more remorse clicks. It’s like the majority of men today should pee sitting down. Then again, they’d probably take a selfie doing that… pathetic really.

Training with Chocolate

I rewatched an old episode of The Big Bang Theory last night on TBS where Sheldon was training Penny with chocolate via positive reinforcement. I don’t know why but The Big Bang Theory constantly cracks me up. Even watching these older ones, which were really the most funny, just make me laugh. It’s (IMHO) a great show because much like Friends, it will make me laugh. It’s a guarantee. There really aren’t too many shows out there that I can just throw on and be 100% assured of having a good laugh off of. For awhile there in the last season I was getting worn out on it but this current season has really been hilarious. I’m glad they’ve signed on and it has been renewed for another 2 years.

You know what? It’s Friday and that’s the Stream!!!