Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/5/18

YouTube CREATED the Shooter

YouTube enabled these nobodies with no skills to make massive money and then YouTube changed the rules, pulled the rug out from under these people who became dependent on that very money, and you see the results from yesterday’s shooting on the Youtube campus. Granted, she was bonkers for doing what she did but her indictment and ranting on YouTube was spot on.

Let’s also take time to note that California has heavily restrictive gun laws and they didn’t stop her from shooting up a gun free campus. Let’s also note that authorities were warned by her family that she was probably going to do something and those authorities did nothing because law enforcement takes place AFTER the crime.

Trump Tariff Tantrums and Social Threats

Can someone turn this guy off? Take his damn Twitter away? Is it 2020 yet? His tariffs are stupid and now there is a trade war with China who just placed tariffs right back on us and all this does is raise the prices to consumers. So dumb. Then you have Trump attacking companies like Amazon via Twitter and causing it monetary damage as well as Amazon investors, even after Trump was told by the USPS that the Amazon contracts make them money. Trump was a colossal mistake. I’m tired of hearing about his Twitter tantrums and markets tanking over his dumb rants. His economic policies could quite possibly be worse than his predecessor… That is a horrifying thought but one that appears to be true.

The Magicians Season Finale

What a good episode!!! What a great season!!! Julia went from hedge witch to Goddess and then gave up the power for the sake of magic to return, only to be screwed by the Dean of Brakebills and the very devious library. Our fellowship of magicians were made to forget everything as the ultimate evil escaped Blackspire castle and now hunts them down. All of this and now we must wait until 2019 when the show returns (already renewed thankfully!!!). Seriously… Everything about this show is just awesome!!! If you haven’t caught it yet, catch up with the first 2 seasons on Netflix and then the 3rd season will probably be released just before the 4th season starts to play on SYFY. You won’t regret watching it!!!

Since Removing Social Media from my Phone…

I haven’t been checking social media… at all. It’s been great. You appreciate things more. From the music you hear to the pages in a book you read… that feeling of not “sharing” an opinion instantly, and actually taking the time to think and enjoy something, is a wonderful thing. Outside of this blog, which I don’t write in everyday, I really don’t have a desire to add to the noise in a social media platform now. It’s just a wasted time suck black hole echo chamber of nonsense.

That’s the Stream… Streamline it!!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/1/18

Hashtag Warrior Nonsense and the Boycott Brigade

Hashtags and social media protests are just noise. The media likes to make these into a story and proclaim that this is how the world thinks but really… not so much. More and more we are seeing that the social media outrage is from a minority of people. Even these Parkland protests for ignorance which admittedly had a lot of people, (not many actual kids) show up, are not the majority of popular thought. They are hashtag warriors which are an annoyance at best. Twitter is the biggest offender here. They get a majority of morons on Twitter (which is a minority for the entire country) Tweeting nonsense and then the media jumps on it because for some reason Twitter is viable news (it’s not for the most part), and you have your Hashtag Warrior story right there. Boring…

Then you have the Boycott Brigade on both sides who are trying to manipulate media and advertising by getting together their lame boycotts. These people on both sides are so damn tiring so…

I’ve Removed Social Media from my Phone

I can’t take these people anymore. I don’t want to see these things throughout the day anymore. I’ve got my Kindle app, Comixology app, Marvel Universe app, WordPress app, and Amazon Music Unlimited app, plus access to tons of other sites and media that have nothing to do with shitty social media. Social media is just useless… one big echo chamber that has no possible chance of changing anyone’s mind. Just people who want to rant to others and in turn be validated through “likes.” It’s just one big waste of time to get into debates with people and it does nothing anyway. That’s if you can reach anyone outside the echo chamber which for the most part… you can’t. It’s just regurgitating crap that others would regurgitate and 90% of the time it’s political crap. It’s not fun. It’s not worthwhile.

American Jedi

My word… what am I watching??? There are people who identify as Jedi and it is a recognized religion in some countries. It’s the 4th biggest religion in the UK. There are even Sith who are into BDSM and oppose the Jedi… This is a documentary I came across on Sling TV and it’s sad really… It’s another case of people who give up their individuality to join some ‘group dynamic” so they can create a group identity. Whether it is religion, race, gender/sex, or sexual orientation… no one wants to be an individual anymore. They want to be just another sheep in whatever group they “fit into.” So pathetic. Be an individual. Be YOU. Ignore the group dynamic hive mind mentality. I guess they need some gray Jedi then (No, they don’t… that’s a joke for the pic above)… Oy vey!!!

I Found One Punch Man Dubbed Episodes Online

I’ve watched some that were subbed but honestly, I like watching dubbed so I don’t have to read while the cool art flashes by on screen. So using Bing Video, I’ve finally found sources that have the episodes. The dubs are really good too, Netflix has the sub so it’s odd that they don’t have they dubbed ones too. Oh well… I’m glad I found them!!!

That’s the Stream… Catch you on the flip side…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/12/18

This is Becoming a Regular Rant: Social Media = Negativity Media

The cesspool that is social media is degrading and finally people are taking notice. From past blog entries, you would already know of my own draw back from the various negativity media platforms, but now we get an excellent article from the New York Post: Maybe it’s Time for Everyone to Give Up on Social Media

Cross the above with an interesting conflict between Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy and Twitter fans (HERE) and you see how social media is getting worse and worse. Everyone takes to their soapbox so easily that they now publicly shame people using the “news” (we all know that most news in all categories is FAKE) and that gets the negative attention they seek. As if the Grey’s Anatomy fans know the actual details of this conflict involving pay disputes? As if the fans should have a say? No, they shouldn’t. Yet the “Negativity Media” allows for personal attacks, crowd sourced anger, and the spreading of untruths. If you say something enough, it has to be true right? No, but that’s the way Negativity Media works.

I logged out of Twitter on my phone because it kept sending me notifications of what other people were tweeting. Click on that and it drops you right back into the negativity stream. It’s been nice to be logged off that cauldron of negativity. Freeing in so many ways. The next step is just deleting the app from my phone altogether. A side note: When you no longer “Live Tweet” with a show, you actually enjoy the show more. So screw Live Tweeting too. Now if only the comic book companies would open up their own forums once again, then I could ditch FB completely.

I’m finally up to date with Saga (Image)

That means I’m waiting for the monthly with everyone else now. This comic deserves all of the high praise it gets. It really did rocket to the top and become my favorite title. Game of Thrones meets Star Wars and for adults… anyway, that’s the best descriptor out there for it. The characters are so multifaceted and “real” that when bad things happen… you take notice.

It’s funny, from Spawn to Saga to God Complex to Gideon Falls… More and more I’m getting into the occult/horror to Sci-fi comics and less into the superheroes in tights books. Image Comics is definitely where you go for adult comics that don’t treat the reader like some kid. It shows how the comic book platform is a viable medium for adult entertainment.

This Daylight Savings Time Thing Needs to STOP

Seriously… it’s no longer needed. It was once for farmers to have more light in the morning during the winter months but we don’t need it anymore. Technology and all… Kind of negates this stupid practice. A practice that some states don’t even bother with, mind you. The jump forward and back is too damn jarring. Can’t we just get rid of this illogical practice already?

Staged Pictures

Why is the internet awash in staged pictures? Like it wasn’t bad enough when celebrities hired photographers to take/stage pictures of themselves while they were “having fun and living life,” now we have regular people that want those same types of staged photography. Can people not have fun in private anymore? Did “fun” not happen if the staged photograph was not taken? Has humanity become so vain that that pretty nature pic has to have yourself in it or why bother?

Then again… everything is now staged, fake, and can’t be trusted. You now have the ability (from a personal computer at home) to take video of a person’s face, switch the bodies, and sync the lip movements to whatever words you want. Then, just by using past audio of a person, you can create the needed words for a fake script. This is the world we now live in through technology… increasingly a more fake reality.

Still Have NOT Watched Jessica Jones Season 2

The closest I got was reading the summary for each episode on Netflix. At no time does it ever even name a bad guy/girl. So I asked some of the ScannerDrome crew who were watching it and they said that this season is more psychological than action. A company may be the “bad guy,” or something. From what I’ve read, the 13 episodes are filled with just that “filler.” The first season was okay, but I just don’t really care about more characterization of super heroes at this point. It’s the second season and by now, it should contain more action, not less!!! I’ll probably just end up skipping it. I know I’m going to skip Luke Cage season 2 because season one was mind numbingly boring. Jessica Jones seems to have gone the same route for me. Oh well…

Dear Eminem,

You are 45 years old. Stop acting like some young entitled selfish jackass all of the time. At 45, your anger no longer translates. Really, you should have ended your career when you originally did and not come back like you did. Seriously, rapping about your subject matter is just cringe worthy at this point. Either mature in your craft or kindly go away.

Paula Abdul was on an Episode of Fresh Off the Boat

She can act. Why isn’t she in her own comedy TV series? I’ve been a fan since the “Straight Up” days… I saw her show at the now long gone Omni arena in Atlanta (Pre- Phillips Arena). She has always been better and more talented than just being a judge on singing or dancing competitions. Heck… it would be great if she could even join Fresh Off the Boat as a reappearing guest and then jump into her own show. Straight up TV Deities… Give her a show!!!

That’s the Monday Stream… I need some sleep…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/9/18

The Social Media Exodus

Looks like I’m not alone in scaling back social media, many people are making an exodus from it (HERE). I’ve deleted all of my posts in G+ and all of my Tweets in Twitter. For Facebook, I’ve set all of my posts to “friends only” and will pretty much just use the stream posting for food stuff and various personal things from now on. I’m in several comic book groups and thankfully, talk sticks to the subject and doesn’t veer into politics and crap like that. My reasons for this massive scale back: It is a time waste and for the most part social media just breeds negativity. I’ve had enough of the SJW PC entitled whiners online who are offended by everything. I’ve had enough of “the partisan debate” of soapbox insanity. I’m really close to deleting the Twitter app from my phone too, just because it sends you “See what you missed” notifications that put you right back into that negative zone. With any luck, the days of social media will be coming to an end.

Detective Noir

I was thinking yesterday that one could get a really cool detective noir 50’s style movie if you based it around 2 retired detectives working together to solve a case, played by Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. It would be interesting to see them together in a completely different genre with their quick witted back and forth timing. Of course the chances of this happening just by my saying, “Hey, this would be cool!!!” are next to none… Alas… one can dream.

Toys R Us may liquidate… This is interesting because…

Remember when these big box stores killed off all of the mom & pop shops in the 90’s? Now the internet is killing off all of the big box stores, which opens the doors for niche mom & pop shops to once again open up and come into local communities (toys, books, music, even some tech). The problem back in the day was that the local shops couldn’t carry the selection of the box stores and couldn’t buy at prices that were as low as box stores who buyed in bulk. The internet changes all of this. While the mom & pop shops still can’t buy like a box store, they don’t have too. They just have to make sure they deal in the niche corners that people want. The box stores can’t keep pace nor hold product like someone selling on the internet, so they are in a corner now. I’m pretty happy about this because it is nice to see smaller niche stores popping up once again.

The Wussy Men Who Crave the Spotlight

What is with these wussy men who get beat up, run to take a selfie, post it, and then whine about it??? From Tommy Lee who got punched by his son to some Connecticut wuss that got punched by his ex-girlfriend. Then what do they do? They call the police, press assault charges, and go back to social media for more remorse clicks. It’s like the majority of men today should pee sitting down. Then again, they’d probably take a selfie doing that… pathetic really.

Training with Chocolate

I rewatched an old episode of The Big Bang Theory last night on TBS where Sheldon was training Penny with chocolate via positive reinforcement. I don’t know why but The Big Bang Theory constantly cracks me up. Even watching these older ones, which were really the most funny, just make me laugh. It’s (IMHO) a great show because much like Friends, it will make me laugh. It’s a guarantee. There really aren’t too many shows out there that I can just throw on and be 100% assured of having a good laugh off of. For awhile there in the last season I was getting worn out on it but this current season has really been hilarious. I’m glad they’ve signed on and it has been renewed for another 2 years.

You know what? It’s Friday and that’s the Stream!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/5/18

Social Media “Social Impact” and the Hive Mind

Who gives a fuck about “social impact?” I don’t. Social media is not serious nor is it a news platform. If you use social media as a news platform and get your news from echo chamber crowdsourcing then you’re a fool. All of these terms even: Social impact, crowdsourcing, social conscious…. Fuck all of that. It’s for mindless hive minds who are too stupid to think for themselves and depend on a group vote to tell them how to be, how to act, and even who they are. If you are doing anything because “society deems for you to do so” then you are a follower and just another brain dead automaton who gave up his/her individuality to join the sheep movement. If you define yourself by any group then you are really just another nobody. By group: race, sex/gender, culture, religion, whatever… YOU gave up your individuality and uniqueness to be just another follower who has no discernable qualities on your own.

They even have Saga figures…

It’s pretty cool, they have Saga figures and even Saga Funko Pops. They’d be cool to have but I’m cutting back on collecting physical things that end up just being for display and taking up space. I can’t say enough about the Saga comic though. It’s a MUST READ title for anyone who likes more than just your average everyday superhero books. Describing it as Star Wars + Game of Thrones really is a good descriptor. The characters seem so real, as if they are living and breathing on the page. I love it!!!

Partisan Fandom… Partisan Tech… Partisan EVERYTHING!!!

Yes, it is a thing. For instance… There are those that have chosen a comic book publisher and then everything that publisher does is just the best, second to none, they never make a mistake, they never fuck up. No… sorry. Every publisher and every title has ups and downs. An example of this is the latest comic from a current publisher I like, which I’ve already reviewed a post or two back. It wasn’t a good issue. The art was lackluster, the layouts were sub par, and the story was janky as hell. Yet the partisan “fanboy” fans called it “epic” and “phenomenal” when you can easily compare it to past issues that blow this one way. It’s just annoying. It actually makes me not want to visit these fan groups online anymore.

The same goes for tech… Android vs iOS or PC vs Mac or whatever… You got these horrible fanboys that don’t state, “this is just my opinion,” instead they declare their choice is the best and instantly slag the other and anyone who uses it. Is it any wonder our politics are a partisan cesspool? This really just goes back to people and their quest to be joined to a group. Hive mind morons.

Friends is still a great show…

I was just catching some episodes of Friends the other day in syndication on TBS and this show is still one of the greatest. I kind of feel like The Big Bang Theory is the current version of the greatness that Friends held during that time period. I hear wussy millennials are offended by it because they are offended by everything… wussies.

Awards Shows… No Thanks…

The news is toast the day after an awards show. Everyone is focused on the awards, who wore what, who said what, and how Twitter reacted. We seriously have the most shallow and IQ deficient media and viewership out there. That “news stories” are even created from Twitter crowdsourced Tweets is pathetic in itself. As if Twitter is a good representation of the population… if it is then yeah, the population is dumber than a bucket of rocks. I’m seriously rethinking my use of Twitter right now. It’s just a cesspool of snark and the media uses those tweets to register the general public’s mood.

As far as the awards show… I saw that someone screen grabbed a picture of Jennifer Garner looking serious and then Tweet after Tweet made it into a meme and news sources ran articles on this… Society is a cesspool…

John Carter of Mars

I seriously don’t get the “hate” that this movie had. I rewatched it again yesterday and I still love this movie. It sticks fairly well to the feel of the books and it’s a fun ride to sit through with pretty awesome visuals. I have a feeling that if Disney had released it at a different time and with a better “hook” in the commercials and teasers, then it would have done better. I seem to remember that the teasers didn’t actually tell you what type of a movie it was. They should have used the full name of “John Carter of Mars” instead of just calling it John Carter too. I’m not sure why critics didn’t like it??? Then again… critics usually hate everything good anyway. If you haven’t seen this movie then I think you should check it out. If you have seen it but felt like you were swayed by the media at the time, check it out again and just have fun!!!

Streamline Supplemental 2/5/18

I’ve Lost my Social Media Mojo

I may start to play around with how I do this. Social media doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all for my blog. I get some views from it but ever since G+ collapsed I’ve been in the void as far as social media is concerned. These sure are not like the good old days of having 5,000+ followers on my profile and 27,000+ followers via Collections. I can’t make up any ground on Twitter because I’m fairly sure that you need to either be a celebrity or only talk politics 24/7/365. Facebook, as stated before, is mostly IRL friends and family so I don’t really have much in common with them. G+ currently has some funky algorithm glitch where the stream never really updates. So I’m not even sure how many people are seeing a new post there. So yeah… I’m not sure if it is even worth the time to go post up my blog entries in any of them now.

Maybe it’s for the best. I’m worn out on social media as it is. This blog is just becoming more of a way to exorcise the daily thoughts instead of just turning them over and over again in my head and continuously thinking about them. More of a journal blog to no one in particle. I’d be lying though if I said that I didn’t miss those high engagement G+ days. Those were some good times. Lots of conversations, engagement, and thoughts exchanged.

Everyone has a soapbox now. Why share a news story even? What comes from that? The conversation now is generally snark or a 50/50 split of people in agreement or people that disagree. Then I have to ask myself, why should anyone listen to what I say? Who am I, that my words even matter in the least to any discussion? Sadly they don’t… ergo the void that is. But really, my words shouldn’t matter. They are only words from my perspective. My opinions. My theories. I use logic and reason to come about my thinking but most people out there… don’t. Most people use feelings to come to a decision on everything. So right away, any words of logic and reason are factored out.

I don’t know what the answer is, nor do I know the goal either. I don’t even know who the audience is supposed to be anymore??? On G+ it used to be circles of “like-minded” individuals but that entire dynamic is missing from all of the social platforms now, including G+. I guess the answer is a resounding: I DO NOT KNOW!!! If so… Then really? What’s the point of social media???

That’s the Supplemental… If anyone reading this has any answers, feel free to comment.

The Social Retreat and Star Wars Split

I posted yesterday on Twitter that a good rule of thumb to being stress free on the internet is to avoid commenting on stories and articles. By afternoon, I had put my foot in my mouth and retweeted (with comment) my opinion on something that was different than the original post that was tweeted out by another. This led to a back and forth with the person who tweeted the original tweet. He had taken my meaning to be a slight on him when it wasn’t. That got me thinking about my earlier tweet and the fact that having your own opinion can be seen as being argumentative or grumpy if you package that opinion against the opinion of another. Ergo… To stay stress free on the internet, it’s best not to comment on anything you reshare, and if you have differing opinions from the original post, just create something new if you feel the need to express your own opinion on it. In other words, if you disagree or have an alternate opinion, don’t share the person’s original posting at all. Admittedly, I should have just left it as it was after the first comment but for some strange reason the need to clarify my opinion was there, and this was wrong on my part.

I despise that it has come to this but I don’t feel like explaining and defending my position on every post, tweet, or share. If I put my opinion out there and it differs from yours then so be it. We’re not all automatons. The whole back and forth just caused stress for no reason. If I could have just gone back and deleted the retweet I would have. That’s the point I’ve come to… I don’t like to share online anymore because it always ends up in some sort of debate. People can’t just be allowed to put something out there as a difference of opinion anymore. Instead, if there is a difference of opinion, it has to be debated and placed in committee as to why one opinion is different than another and which is more valid. It gives me a headache. So much so that I’d rather not participate in the discussion. A side note, the person I retweeted is a great person and he gets this too. Online social network conversations leave out human gestures, nuance, and the things in real conversation that tell others that this isn’t a debate, just a reference of opinion. Social networking is NOT a replacement for real person to person conversation.

The way social networking is now isn’t social and it isn’t exchanging new ideas. It’s 100% about why one opinion is right and another is wrong when it’s all just opinion (neither right nor wrong). Regardless… I’m tired of the constant debate about things. So much so that I’ve even started shedding many of the groups I’m in on Facebook. The down the middle split of people who like/dislike the New Star Wars The Last Jedi has shown me that comments are pure crap now too. I’ve ditched pretty much all of the sci-fi groups I was in because this argument is stupid and not worth my time. If you didn’t like it, fine. Why do you feel the need to prove it sucked (in your opinion). If you liked it, fine. Why do you feel the need to prove it was great (in your opinion). There is no wrong or right answer here. I personally liked the movie a lot but I’m not going to debate my tastes to someone who didn’t. If you didn’t like it, good for you. I really don’t care about your reasons why you didn’t like it. If I did, I’d search for your review on it.

It’s not just about movies though, it’s every damn thing now. Reviews are pure trash now too because EVERYONE reviews everything. Therefore, almost everything gets a fairly even split of being good and bad. It all comes back to make up your own mind and forget trying to convince others that your opinion is right.

The internet was a good idea. Social networking… not so much.