Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/12/18

This is Becoming a Regular Rant: Social Media = Negativity Media

The cesspool that is social media is degrading and finally people are taking notice. From past blog entries, you would already know of my own draw back from the various negativity media platforms, but now we get an excellent article from the New York Post: Maybe it’s Time for Everyone to Give Up on Social Media

Cross the above with an interesting conflict between Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy and Twitter fans (HERE) and you see how social media is getting worse and worse. Everyone takes to their soapbox so easily that they now publicly shame people using the “news” (we all know that most news in all categories is FAKE) and that gets the negative attention they seek. As if the Grey’s Anatomy fans know the actual details of this conflict involving pay disputes? As if the fans should have a say? No, they shouldn’t. Yet the “Negativity Media” allows for personal attacks, crowd sourced anger, and the spreading of untruths. If you say something enough, it has to be true right? No, but that’s the way Negativity Media works.

I logged out of Twitter on my phone because it kept sending me notifications of what other people were tweeting. Click on that and it drops you right back into the negativity stream. It’s been nice to be logged off that cauldron of negativity. Freeing in so many ways. The next step is just deleting the app from my phone altogether. A side note: When you no longer “Live Tweet” with a show, you actually enjoy the show more. So screw Live Tweeting too. Now if only the comic book companies would open up their own forums once again, then I could ditch FB completely.

I’m finally up to date with Saga (Image)

That means I’m waiting for the monthly with everyone else now. This comic deserves all of the high praise it gets. It really did rocket to the top and become my favorite title. Game of Thrones meets Star Wars and for adults… anyway, that’s the best descriptor out there for it. The characters are so multifaceted and “real” that when bad things happen… you take notice.

It’s funny, from Spawn to Saga to God Complex to Gideon Falls… More and more I’m getting into the occult/horror to Sci-fi comics and less into the superheroes in tights books. Image Comics is definitely where you go for adult comics that don’t treat the reader like some kid. It shows how the comic book platform is a viable medium for adult entertainment.

This Daylight Savings Time Thing Needs to STOP

Seriously… it’s no longer needed. It was once for farmers to have more light in the morning during the winter months but we don’t need it anymore. Technology and all… Kind of negates this stupid practice. A practice that some states don’t even bother with, mind you. The jump forward and back is too damn jarring. Can’t we just get rid of this illogical practice already?

Staged Pictures

Why is the internet awash in staged pictures? Like it wasn’t bad enough when celebrities hired photographers to take/stage pictures of themselves while they were “having fun and living life,” now we have regular people that want those same types of staged photography. Can people not have fun in private anymore? Did “fun” not happen if the staged photograph was not taken? Has humanity become so vain that that pretty nature pic has to have yourself in it or why bother?

Then again… everything is now staged, fake, and can’t be trusted. You now have the ability (from a personal computer at home) to take video of a person’s face, switch the bodies, and sync the lip movements to whatever words you want. Then, just by using past audio of a person, you can create the needed words for a fake script. This is the world we now live in through technology… increasingly a more fake reality.

Still Have NOT Watched Jessica Jones Season 2

The closest I got was reading the summary for each episode on Netflix. At no time does it ever even name a bad guy/girl. So I asked some of the ScannerDrome crew who were watching it and they said that this season is more psychological than action. A company may be the “bad guy,” or something. From what I’ve read, the 13 episodes are filled with just that “filler.” The first season was okay, but I just don’t really care about more characterization of super heroes at this point. It’s the second season and by now, it should contain more action, not less!!! I’ll probably just end up skipping it. I know I’m going to skip Luke Cage season 2 because season one was mind numbingly boring. Jessica Jones seems to have gone the same route for me. Oh well…

Dear Eminem,

You are 45 years old. Stop acting like some young entitled selfish jackass all of the time. At 45, your anger no longer translates. Really, you should have ended your career when you originally did and not come back like you did. Seriously, rapping about your subject matter is just cringe worthy at this point. Either mature in your craft or kindly go away.

Paula Abdul was on an Episode of Fresh Off the Boat

She can act. Why isn’t she in her own comedy TV series? I’ve been a fan since the “Straight Up” days… I saw her show at the now long gone Omni arena in Atlanta (Pre- Phillips Arena). She has always been better and more talented than just being a judge on singing or dancing competitions. Heck… it would be great if she could even join Fresh Off the Boat as a reappearing guest and then jump into her own show. Straight up TV Deities… Give her a show!!!

That’s the Monday Stream… I need some sleep…