Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/5/18

Social Media “Social Impact” and the Hive Mind

Who gives a fuck about “social impact?” I don’t. Social media is not serious nor is it a news platform. If you use social media as a news platform and get your news from echo chamber crowdsourcing then you’re a fool. All of these terms even: Social impact, crowdsourcing, social conscious…. Fuck all of that. It’s for mindless hive minds who are too stupid to think for themselves and depend on a group vote to tell them how to be, how to act, and even who they are. If you are doing anything because “society deems for you to do so” then you are a follower and just another brain dead automaton who gave up his/her individuality to join the sheep movement. If you define yourself by any group then you are really just another nobody. By group: race, sex/gender, culture, religion, whatever… YOU gave up your individuality and uniqueness to be just another follower who has no discernable qualities on your own.

They even have Saga figures…

It’s pretty cool, they have Saga figures and even Saga Funko Pops. They’d be cool to have but I’m cutting back on collecting physical things that end up just being for display and taking up space. I can’t say enough about the Saga comic though. It’s a MUST READ title for anyone who likes more than just your average everyday superhero books. Describing it as Star Wars + Game of Thrones really is a good descriptor. The characters seem so real, as if they are living and breathing on the page. I love it!!!

Partisan Fandom… Partisan Tech… Partisan EVERYTHING!!!

Yes, it is a thing. For instance… There are those that have chosen a comic book publisher and then everything that publisher does is just the best, second to none, they never make a mistake, they never fuck up. No… sorry. Every publisher and every title has ups and downs. An example of this is the latest comic from a current publisher I like, which I’ve already reviewed a post or two back. It wasn’t a good issue. The art was lackluster, the layouts were sub par, and the story was janky as hell. Yet the partisan “fanboy” fans called it “epic” and “phenomenal” when you can easily compare it to past issues that blow this one way. It’s just annoying. It actually makes me not want to visit these fan groups online anymore.

The same goes for tech… Android vs iOS or PC vs Mac or whatever… You got these horrible fanboys that don’t state, “this is just my opinion,” instead they declare their choice is the best and instantly slag the other and anyone who uses it. Is it any wonder our politics are a partisan cesspool? This really just goes back to people and their quest to be joined to a group. Hive mind morons.

Friends is still a great show…

I was just catching some episodes of Friends the other day in syndication on TBS and this show is still one of the greatest. I kind of feel like The Big Bang Theory is the current version of the greatness that Friends held during that time period. I hear wussy millennials are offended by it because they are offended by everything… wussies.

Awards Shows… No Thanks…

The news is toast the day after an awards show. Everyone is focused on the awards, who wore what, who said what, and how Twitter reacted. We seriously have the most shallow and IQ deficient media and viewership out there. That “news stories” are even created from Twitter crowdsourced Tweets is pathetic in itself. As if Twitter is a good representation of the population… if it is then yeah, the population is dumber than a bucket of rocks. I’m seriously rethinking my use of Twitter right now. It’s just a cesspool of snark and the media uses those tweets to register the general public’s mood.

As far as the awards show… I saw that someone screen grabbed a picture of Jennifer Garner looking serious and then Tweet after Tweet made it into a meme and news sources ran articles on this… Society is a cesspool…

John Carter of Mars

I seriously don’t get the “hate” that this movie had. I rewatched it again yesterday and I still love this movie. It sticks fairly well to the feel of the books and it’s a fun ride to sit through with pretty awesome visuals. I have a feeling that if Disney had released it at a different time and with a better “hook” in the commercials and teasers, then it would have done better. I seem to remember that the teasers didn’t actually tell you what type of a movie it was. They should have used the full name of “John Carter of Mars” instead of just calling it John Carter too. I’m not sure why critics didn’t like it??? Then again… critics usually hate everything good anyway. If you haven’t seen this movie then I think you should check it out. If you have seen it but felt like you were swayed by the media at the time, check it out again and just have fun!!!