Solo: A Star Wars Story (Review – NO Spoilers)


Solo: A Star Wars Story, is an awesome movie that is action packed from start to finish. If I had to offer up a complaint it’s the cinematographer (it’s always the cinematographer!!!) for using those damn gray/blue filters that make everything so damn dark. Otherwise, it is an excellent heist film in the Star Wars universe where you get to see the Kessel Run, Han meeting Chewie, the winning of the Falcon in a card game, and so much more!!!

Those bullet points above are NOT spoilers because we know from previous movies they happen. So go see Solo!!!



Avengers: Infinity War (NO SPOILERS)


This is an epic once in a life time movie and the first part of the magnum opus that will end in Avengers 4 (May 2019). This is Marvel’s version of Empire Strikes Back. If you cry at movies, bring a hanky. Lot’s of people in tears when leaving the movie, even after sitting through the credits for the VERY important one scene at the very end. For those that have not read the comic book arc this is based on, this will be harder for you because you have no idea what is to come. For those who have read it, and knew this reckoning was coming, you will leave in a dark place but ready for the battle ahead.

Make no mistake, this is Thanos’ story. And one that is ripped right from the comic book. Truth be told, he actually has a very good point when you really think about things. Unlike the misguided hunters who believe it is their duty to cull animal populations, but scoff when the same is said about humanity, Thanos does NOT stand on a foundation of hypocrisy and he believes all life must be culled by 50%. So if you hunt, look in the mirror at your own hypocrisy. I don’t believe Thanos is correct in his undertaking but be that as it may, he has a VERY good point about overpopulation. No species should be culled or hunted by another intelligent being may be my belief, it isn’t his. But I digress… It is up to the cast of characters of the Marvel Universe to try and stop Thanos.

There are battles on an epic scale. There is the most moving music to ever be featured on film. Yes, the Avengers music may even hover higher than that of Star Wars now. You have to see this movie because it is very true, no other movie ever made is this epic. And this is only part one.

As a side note, The Scarlett Witch has really become one of my favorite characters and she is definitely one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.
GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!


The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix)

I’m not sure what many of the jaded critics out there were smoking but this is a really good movie. It’s pure “Cloverfield” for one. Secondly, it has that “Alien” feel to it, as far as building tension. Having said that, it was much better than the last Alien movie. The ending wasn’t your average cliche ending that you seem to get with every female led group movie since the dawn of Alien. The acting was good, the music works, and the CGI was done well too.

Part of me just thinks that sci-fi fandom has become jaded. They claim they want more varied sci-fi media but then when they get it, they rip it up and hold it up to the same old same old movies and TV that came before. The Cloverfield movies tell different stories, not really linked, but possibly linked, and give us interesting characters to follow throughout.

Regardless what the hive group mind of sheep on the internet think, I think Netflix has a winner here and it is definitely worth checking out for any sci-fi fan out there. I also applaud Netflix for debuting the trailer at the beginning of the Super Bowl and dropping the movie on the platform for all to stream right after the game. I wish more movies would go direct because the “theater experience” these days leaves much to be desired. Give me my HD screen, home sound system, and a pause button. You can keep your fight for the middle good seats, theater screens or sound systems that seem to always have issues, and the smell of jalapeno nachos wafting strongly through the air. Home viewing is just better in my humble opinion.

Netflix Movie Reviews 1/22/18

Infinity Chamber

Infinity Chamber was really good. Think Cube crossed with Moon crossed with Groundhog Day. In the near future, a man named Frank is captured and put in a room for “processing.” His only source for communication is an overseer AI named Howard and a recurring day that keeps playing over and over that lets him speak with a coffee bar owner named Gabby. Why is here? What did he do? Can he get out? This one is definitely worth checking out!!!

I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did but in the end, I really liked this movie. Sometimes you just have to take chances on those low budget sci-fi flicks on the stream and you get rewarded…

The Call Up

…And then sometimes you take a chance on that low budget sci-fi flick on the stream and you get this. The Call Up starts with several people having been picked to try out a new VR (Virtual Reality) simulation experience. Once they arrive, they put on their suits (which they then discover they can’t take off) and find that dying in the game is death in reality.

This is one of those low budget sci-fi flicks that is shot in a warehouse on the cheap and the music is done in that 80’s casio synth sound to reiterate that it is indeed techie sci-fi. The acting was B rate but please don’t blame the actors because the script was nothing to write home about. Also… 2 regular cliches take place… The black guy dies first and the sole survivor is the woman. Look… the first cliche just shouldn’t happen in this day and age, it’s just dumb, and the second one is always happening. I like a good heroine (Ripley – Alien/Aliens) but not when the heroine doesn’t stand out and it’s a just group flick. It’s easy to spot who will likely live in these flicks these days… It has to be one of the women. If I could have written a better survivor in, it would have been the big nerd who was psyched to play the game. You knew right away that he wouldn’t make it to the end, so in other words, he would have been the perfect one to do just that. The Call Up is a flick that you should just keep on clicking by on the remote. Don’t waste your time.

Godzilla Part 1 (Anime)

I wish more animation was done in this style. They could then do more cyberpunk flicks this way without breaking the budget on a full fledged live action movie. Even superhero flicks would look good done in this fashion verses the cartoon-y American style we currently get. Needless to say, I really like this style of anime!!!

The movie… I like Godzilla movies where Godzilla is the good guy. I’m never really a fan of the ones that place him in the bad guy position. This movie treats him as the reason that humans had to abandon the Earth so long ago. When the humans can’t find any other planet to colonize, they return 20,000 years later (light speed here is like time travel). Godzilla is still roaming the planet and now they have a plan to take him out.

I’m of the mindset, if you a conquer a land, you should get to keep it. Godzilla conquered Earth so when the humans come back, in my opinion, they are an invasion force that has no more claim to the planet. Therefore… I found myself cheering on Godzilla to fire breathe, tail whip, and stomp the human army back from their invasion. I’ll probably watch Part 2 when it is released later this year but I hope it doesn’t go down this path of more fighting against Godzilla. If it does, then the overall plot will suffer badly because it just needs something else. The alien saviours of humanity may be that twist within that pays it off… we’ll see… Check it out for the awesome animation and then hope Part 2 delivers a good ending.

The BEST of 2017 Year End Wrap!!!

BEST Movie of 2017

For me, it was without a doubt Spider-man Homecoming. Marvel did right by me in bringing Spidey to life in a way that was very true to his early (and Ultimate) comic book form. The wise cracks were great, the action and adventure were on target, and updating the suit with “Hey Suit lady.” was a great addition. I can’t wait to see ole web head in Avengers Infinity War and the next Spidey movie.

Runners up:

Wonder Woman

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Justice League

BEST TV Show of 2017

The BEST TV show of 2017 was without a doubt Mr. Robot. Season 2 saw this show fall from my top 10 due to the slow pacing but season 3 rocketed this excellent show back to the top spot with its intense tension that filled each and every episode this year. There were moments where I found myself just holding my breath for what was to come next because the tension was so damn high. I’m super excited for the 4th season in 2018!!!

Runners up:

Game Of Thrones


Blood Drive

BEST Comic of 2017

The BEST Comic for 2017 was Ninjak (a second volume just started as Ninja-K) from Valiant Comics. Think Tony Stark crossed with Batman for a hi-tech Ninja that contracts with MI-6. The art is extraordinary, the stories are adult and in depth, and it’s an all around fun read.

Runners up:


X-O Manowar

Scooby Apocalypse

*I didn’t read any new release books from 2017 as I’m still digging into older books such as Game of Thrones and some cyberpunk stuff from back in the day. Nor did I actively play any video games much in the last year, so that’s why both of those are not on this list. I’m trying to keep to things that were released or happened in 2017.

Most Anticipated Movie of 2018

Avengers Infinity War

Most Anticipated TV Show of 2018

Mr. Robot

Most Anticipated Comic of 2018

Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe (companion comic for the coming web movie release)

And that’s the wrap… Here’s looking forward to 2018!!!!!!!!!!

King Arthur Legend of the Sword – Review


It’s no Excalibur but King Arthur Legend of the Sword is a damn fine movie. I know the critics blasted it but it is an Arthurian Legend movie so I had to see it. What I really liked about this interpretation was that it leaned toward fantasy over this boring trend that I have been seeing in movies and books to take the Arthurian legends to as close to reality as one can get. No thanks… I’ll take some wonderful fantasy elements with magic, a sword of power, and interesting creatures and demons. That’s where all the fun is!!!


There are several places where the story jumps around fast, backtracks to tell plot details, and then jets off to move forward. Some may call it frenetic but Guy Ritchie harnesses this style in a really unique way that never bores the viewer. There are always new and interesting things to look at too. Also, Excalibur may just be the ultimate sword of power in this interpretation. Sometimes the scenes of Arthur wielding the sword are reminiscent of some very cool anime scenes, in that you really see the power within Excalibur being used.


For me, there is no beating Excalibur (1981) as a movie but at the same time, I love seeing different interpretations of the story and this one is definitely a unique and fun interpretation to see. The critics really got it wrong on this one.