Ahead of the Superhero Curve


I was always ahead of the super hero curve. That’s what comes from being a comic book collector from way back. I was buying and wearing Batman T-shirts a whole year before Batman (’89) came out (that’s about when you could start finding them). I remember in middle school there were others who made fun of me, “What a loser, wearing a Batman T-shirt.) The next year, after the movie was released, guess what? Those same losers who made fun of me, were now sporting Batman t-shirts. And now? Superheroes have blown up!!!


I no longer have those old shirts but I quick Bing image search and I found them (Google…. man you have fallen so far. You didn’t even pick these up). My favorite was the top one with the purple tinge to it, and the street gang beaten up at his feet. Then I liked the second one with the cape hanging down in a cool way. The third one below was a cool swinging depiction which I believe came out after the first two above because I remember other people wearing this one.


My point being… Well… No point really. I just found it funny that the clique morons made fun of me one year and then were doing the same thing the next year. Some of us live like individuals and don’t follow the beaten path while others… they follow us even though they look down on us from their fake platform of superiority. Being an individual is ALWAYS better than being a follower or some member of some group. Just saying…




Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/18/18

We could get a Real Good Social Media Purge to Take Place

Elizabeth Olsen has now said that she thinks about deleting Instagram everyday and that she doesn’t know why she is still on it. When you read what she says about using it for promotion but then inevitably ends up posting something more private, I’m fairly certain we’ve all been there before. I completely agree with her on the reasons to ditch it. These “influencers” have more in common with advertising than real people and there’s no reason to be influenced by any of these people. When you get paid X amount of dollars to post something you have sold out. Most of these “influencers” are nothing but sellouts pushing crap so they can make money off of your views. Hopefully our very own Scarlet Witch dumps Instagram and maybe that will “influence” others in a different way, dumping it and other social media too.

Season 4 of Bosch (Amazon Prime) is more Excellence

Bosch is by far one of my favorite Prime series. I’m only 3 episodes into season 4 (season 5 has already been greenlit) and I’m enjoying this year’s mystery just as much as past seasons. The bicycle killer in the background, that showed up last year, is also an intriguing hook. He keeps viewers wondering as to if he will be dealt with this season or keep ramping up and be a force to deal with in the next season. I hope Amazon keeps this series going for a long time to come!!!

Hey Comixology… You REALLY NEED a Win10 App

I know the Win8 app was ditched a few years ago but times have changed. Android tablets are DEAD (not including Fire tablets in this). I’d love to use the Comixology app on my Surface as well as currently using it on my Fire 10 but no app. The browser works but the app is really a better solution. With 2 in 1 Win10 devices selling good now (better than Android tablets), you’d think this would be a no-brainer to get the app back out there.

Individuality is Better than Diversity

Diversity is just a bunch of followers congregating into groups that are intolerant of other groups. This whole call for diversity is actually leading to anti-diversity. It’s so lame. People… BE YOURSELF and don’t define yourself by any group. Being an individual is unique and wonderful, while being in a group is really just being an intolerant and closed off follower. Be tolerant of others and remember… anyone who demands acceptance is not entitled to it. More than likely, those who demand acceptance are the most intolerant of everyone else.

Online Bullying… Another BS Term

There is no such thing as online bullying. You can block people. You can ignore people. If you take offense at some no-name online that “offends” you then you deserve to be offended for being the weak and wussy person you are. Didn’t your parents ever tell you about “Sticks and Stones?” Here’s the TRUTH. If people don’t like or agree with another person’s opinion online, that person labels it “bullying.” You can often find these weak willed snivelling people championing free speech in one post and then offended that someone displayed free speech that they don’t like in another. It’s the worthless Millennial Gen-Y generation that can’t cope and instead bask in being victims at everything. Simply pathetic.


Sticks and Stones may break my bones, BUT WORDS will NEVER Hurt ME.

The Green Moon Hoax

Facebook mainly, and then some other social networks have been trending this “Green Moon” nonsense for April 20th… It’s complete nonsense. There is no such thing as a Green Moon but hey… social media and the mindless automatons that share this crap. No wonder the political class manipulate the people like they do. The people are morons.

That’s the Stream for Today…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/2/18

Captain Marvel (Shazam)…. (DC)

Let’s talk about Captain Marvel, not the good female Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics, but the Captain Marvel Shazam DC character. Admittedly, Captain Marvel… screw this, let’s just call him Shazam… Shazam was a hit… once… in the 40’s. He was more popular than Superman even. Fast forward to today and I have to wonder, does anyone even care about this character? DC is making a movie about him with Zachary Levi (Chuck) playing him and details keep coming out (like how they don’t want to confuse him with Marvel’s now better known Captain Marvel so he will be Shazam) about casting and I really have to ask… Is anyone excited about this character or this film??? If so, why?

As for me… I never cared for this character. I think I had the Mego toy as a kid because I already had Superman, Batman, and Spider-man so why not? Nothing in this character’s history is remotely interesting to me. I don’t know if he will be part of the DCEU or not but I hope not. He’s just not a very compelling character in 2018.

Sleep 10 Hours a Night?

Before electricity humans slept roughly 9 to 10 hours a night. A new study just released, says that, that is what we should be getting or we incur “sleep debt.” Here’s the thing… Working means roughly 10 hours are used up for work and commute. So 10 hours for sleep gets you to 20 hours. Don’t forget an average of 1 hour for food prep and eating dinner. Now you are at 21 hours. Getting ready for bed and normal household chores are probably another hour, and that gets us to 22 hours. Your free time may then be 2 hours per day. Personally… I think we need to re-evaluate the lame 40 hours per week work schedule that makes no sense in a technological world. With the advent of technology, our work hours were supposed to go down but I know I have over 40 hours per week on most weeks. Companies instead used technology to get more out of the people so instead of humans getting better hours, the companies got more income. Just get us to the point of having the magical Star Trek replicators and no one needs to have a job then. Is your replicator going bad? Just replicate a new one before it does.

Individuality of the 90’s

In the 90’s, everyone fought to be seen as individuals. No one wanted to be typecast and thrown into some group because being in a group meant you were a follower who had given up your identity. 2018… You must segregate and identify yourself by your sex/gender, race, religion, or orientation or you are a threat to a group mind safe space mentality to the sheep who can not handle individuality and free thinking.

I blame the internet. Social media and the internet didn’t create a place for individuality to flourish but instead created an echo chamber vector for like minded people to come together and be intolerant of everything outside their core belief or identification system. It didn’t create a place where people could learn about others and have higher engagement or disagreements where both sides ended by saying, “I respect your opinion but I disagree, lets go get a beer and talk about something else.” Instead, it fostered the mentality of “I am right, you are wrong, and I will get my mob echo chamber to destroy you.”

More and more… I just want to leave social media completely. Just use the internet for a vector to media (books, comics, movies, TV) and general information. I’m just over the countless “groups and followers” who are all complete dumbass intolerants. They can have their safe spaces and safety pins in their hollow and sheltered lives.

I’d rather be an individual and a free thinking person that creates my own identity instead of just another sheep who follows their group mindlessly.

The Path (HULU)

I wish I had better news on The Path but… I really liked where The Path was headed in season 1 and 2 but for Season 3… not so much. Eddie has embraced his status as the new cult leader of Meyerism after 2 full seasons of battling the cult itself. Then (like Knightfall), we get these “magical elements” sprinkled in but the writers don’t seem to be too keen on going all out fantasy with it. So you get this half assed… well is it really magical or is it just in their heads? Episode 5 was released Wednesday and I just realized I haven’t watched it yet. Which leads me to believe that (again… like Knightfall) I’m losing interest in it.

It may be a case of losing touch with the characters. We could identify with Eddie in S1 and S2 because we were cheering on his plight to escape the cult. With him taking over the cult, we have an inside operation taking place and Eddie and Cal fighting for who will lead it, while there is no one actually saying, “Hey this is a bloody cult, we should leave!” Granted, Sarah seems to be being groomed to be the one to leave it next but even then, the way it is being done seems contrived. She grew up devout in Meyerism, ran the moevent all last season, did dirty things that were illegal to keep it funded, and now… after losing power, she loses her faith??? I’m just not buying it. We don’t even have Detective Abe anymore. So the government investigation is just over now? See… I can’t identify with a cult. I get people trying to leave one or bring one down but the show is now putting the viewer in the position of picking who in the cult they should side with for the greater glory of the cult itself. I don’t like that. It’s a cult for crying out loud.

The Memo Release

I’ve read The Memo and Comey and Yates should see prison time but that won’t happen. This entire fantasized Trump/Russian collusion investigation should end but that won’t happen. What will happen is both sides are going to whine, moan, and complain over this because both sides have a narrative and facts mean nothing. If the corrupt government agencies didn’t come down due to the Snowden release (arguably the biggest corruption in our governments history), then this memo will have very little effect. The memo shows clearly that the Clinton campaign (maybe not Clinton herself but who knows???) was colluding with the FBI and other agencies inside the Obama administration to spy on Trump. But what of it??? Maybe if the people had been pissed and demanded change from the Snowden release, then maybe these FISA courts and US citizen spying issues would have been changed earlier. But no… the sheeple just went on with their daily lives and then this memo comes out and they are surprised??? Do humans have any capacity to link things together with common sense or logic anymore or do they prefer to hide in their “strawman comebacks” and actual argument issue deflection? Common sense and using logic will get you called the strawman, meanwhile corruption runs rampant. Our society is so stupid sometimes. SMDH…

Star Trek The Next Generation… Hope they had an iRobot Roomba

I’ve been watching some old episodes of ST:TNG recently and I have to say… I hope they had some iRobot Roomba’s that came out at night to vacuum the massive amount of carpet on the Enterprise. That ship is ALL carpet. Looking back on it now, it’s very “swanky” vs Expeditionary or even “ship-like.” They’d be screwed if someone went down to an M class planet and came back with some super potent dust mite!!!

That’s all I’ve got for today… I’m going to get the Stream out of here!!!

Liberty & Freedom Start and Stay with Individual Rights

 I absolutely love this meme that the Libertarian Party is pushing on social networks.

I’m so sick of people segregating themselves into groups and then fighting for “their” group. Just STOP already and fight for the Freedom and Liberty of the INDIVIDUAL!!!

Those that fight for a group are most of the time demanding or fighting for something to be taken away from another group. Fight for the individual and then you see that, that is where the true freedom is. I shall not oppose my will on you nor shall YOU oppose your will on me. I can tolerate YOU, and YOU can tolerate me. You don’t have to accept me, you don’t have to like me, just be an adult and tolerate me and I shall do the same for YOU.

Imposing YOUR will on me through law, legislation, and taxation is the SAME thing as stamping down my liberty and freedom. If it doesn’t concern YOU, why should you care? If it isn’t hurting YOU, why should you care?

Fight for individual rights and then you fight for FREEDOM & LIBERTY!!!