Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/1/18

Hashtag Warrior Nonsense and the Boycott Brigade

Hashtags and social media protests are just noise. The media likes to make these into a story and proclaim that this is how the world thinks but really… not so much. More and more we are seeing that the social media outrage is from a minority of people. Even these Parkland protests for ignorance which admittedly had a lot of people, (not many actual kids) show up, are not the majority of popular thought. They are hashtag warriors which are an annoyance at best. Twitter is the biggest offender here. They get a majority of morons on Twitter (which is a minority for the entire country) Tweeting nonsense and then the media jumps on it because for some reason Twitter is viable news (it’s not for the most part), and you have your Hashtag Warrior story right there. Boring…

Then you have the Boycott Brigade on both sides who are trying to manipulate media and advertising by getting together their lame boycotts. These people on both sides are so damn tiring so…

I’ve Removed Social Media from my Phone

I can’t take these people anymore. I don’t want to see these things throughout the day anymore. I’ve got my Kindle app, Comixology app, Marvel Universe app, WordPress app, and Amazon Music Unlimited app, plus access to tons of other sites and media that have nothing to do with shitty social media. Social media is just useless… one big echo chamber that has no possible chance of changing anyone’s mind. Just people who want to rant to others and in turn be validated through “likes.” It’s just one big waste of time to get into debates with people and it does nothing anyway. That’s if you can reach anyone outside the echo chamber which for the most part… you can’t. It’s just regurgitating crap that others would regurgitate and 90% of the time it’s political crap. It’s not fun. It’s not worthwhile.

American Jedi

My word… what am I watching??? There are people who identify as Jedi and it is a recognized religion in some countries. It’s the 4th biggest religion in the UK. There are even Sith who are into BDSM and oppose the Jedi… This is a documentary I came across on Sling TV and it’s sad really… It’s another case of people who give up their individuality to join some ‘group dynamic” so they can create a group identity. Whether it is religion, race, gender/sex, or sexual orientation… no one wants to be an individual anymore. They want to be just another sheep in whatever group they “fit into.” So pathetic. Be an individual. Be YOU. Ignore the group dynamic hive mind mentality. I guess they need some gray Jedi then (No, they don’t… that’s a joke for the pic above)… Oy vey!!!

I Found One Punch Man Dubbed Episodes Online

I’ve watched some that were subbed but honestly, I like watching dubbed so I don’t have to read while the cool art flashes by on screen. So using Bing Video, I’ve finally found sources that have the episodes. The dubs are really good too, Netflix has the sub so it’s odd that they don’t have they dubbed ones too. Oh well… I’m glad I found them!!!

That’s the Stream… Catch you on the flip side…