Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/14/18

RIP Stephen Hawking

He was a brilliant man who rightly championed the cause of man getting off this rock through space exploration. At the same time, he will no longer be able to fearmonger about my ultimate plans for an AI uprising or a much needed alien invasion. Seriously though… may your return to starstuff open up the universe to your brilliant mind!!! We have truly lost one of the great visionaries of this blue dot.

Ignored by Google

I think I figured out why my site/blog gets more hits from Bing and DuckDuckGo than from Google… I have no ads and will not put ads on it. Google doesn’t like a site that doesn’t display their ads so they ignore it in search. The only way anything of mine comes up on Google is if you type in “The Ninja Writes” directly. Even then, a Tumblr page of the same name ranks before me. Again… Google is all about servicing ads, pandering to marketing fools, and getting money for clicks and views. Google is not about the user, the content, or making the internet better. Honestly… I can’t understand why anyone still uses them for search even??? Their first page is almost completely sponsored and paid for links. They routinely throw up old links from prior years. They are very bad at actually linking relevance with search terms now. They once were a great search engine but now… You’re fooling yourself if you think they are still good.

As far as this site… If you like anything you read… PLEASE feel free to share it out to others.

The California “Net Neutrality” Bill is Basically an Anti-Free Market Bill

In other words… only a communist scum could like that bill. Say goodbye to your T-mobile binge on. Say goodbye to perks like free Netflix or Hulu promotions. The Bill kills zero rating, a dynamic that has created massive competition and has lowered the cost of data across the board for cell phone users. Can California be anymore stupid? Don’t answer that. Of course they can. “Net Neutrality” was NEVER about “keeping the web open.” If you use government “regulations” (keyword here: REGULATE), then you are automatically killing the free web and competition via government idiocy.

Hopefully, if this retarded law passes in California, then only California will be subject to the higher costs that will come with it. It’s so sad that the morons for Net Neutrality can’t think past a dumb slogan and understand “cause and effect” logic. The human race is truly made up of a majority of stupid.

That Book Stuff…

I have my NANOWRIMO Horror/Occult book to still revise and edit and then I have my long in the works Cyberpunk book that needs a major rewrite after I have become absolutely convinced that two sections where certain scenes take place just suck. NEVER get mad at George R.R. Martin for being slow with Game of Thrones PLEASE!!! Because it’s not easy, let me tell you. I haven’t felt like working on either for weeks now. Hmmmm…. Writing or doodling manga? Let me doodle. That’s been the course of things lately. Honestly… I’m not sure if I’ll ever get these out. If I self publish and they each sell one copy then I’ll be in the negative for time and money. Everything is a damn gamble. I’m fairly certain that no one from my social media sphere is buying just based on the fact that most of them are political junkies and not sci-fi fantasy people. Even the sci-fi fantasy people need convincing to try anything that doesn’t have “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” attached to it. They complain that that is all they get and then when new stuff is out there they poo poo on it because it isn’t like one of those two titles. Humans… I need some sort of “aha” moment to break the writers block maybe… Who knows???

United Airlines is a Cesspool

Whoever the lower than life employees were that had the passengers put the Boston Terrier in the overhead compartment, where it died, are bottom feeders on the chain of life. The company itself can easily be described as a “crap hole.” Another story just came out that they flew one family’s dog to Japan instead of Kansas. WTH??? NEVER fly United. Boycott that terrible evil company.

I Feel Like I Should Leave Off on Something HAPPY

So here’s a cat with a Catwoman. Creator unknown…

That’s the Stream for today, and I’m outta here!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/17/18

The Path (Hulu)

The Path (Season 3) has returned to Hulu and 3 episodes are up now with a new episode every Wednesday. Since today was a snow day, I was able to watch the first 3 eps and they were top quality as everything in the last 2 seasons. It seems like a more supernatural slant is taking place now as Eddie and Cal fight for control of the Meyerist movement and another sect shows up that seems… more devout even. It should be an interesting season!!!

Youtube is NOT an Employer

Look… I’m going to be honest here. If you make money via ads on Youtube and are pissed about Youtube’s new 4000 hours and 1000 subscriber limit to get monitization, then I don’t feel sorry for you. When Youtube started, it wasn’t about doing dumbshit to get money from ads (okay, technically it was about doing dumbshit, but in hopes of going viral for internet cred). Youtube is and has been a dumpster fire for awhile now, but the “content creators” bitching about losing their $2.50 a month earnings today are the definition of Millenial idiocy. Go get a real job and then do something to make money that isn’t a “sellout status.” If the ads to make money was your driving motivation to create content then I am so glad you are being cut off. 90% of the content on Youtube is worthless anyway.

Confusing US Government Involvement

It has come to light that the US Government put pressure on US cell carriers to drop deals with Huawei and ZTE (Chinese phone makers). Just an FYI, Google was instrumental in getting these Chinese phone makers into the US, so why is Google not under more scrutiny by the US Government??? If the issue is privacy and funneling that info to China, then hey yo? US Government… Google takes the lion’s share of our info and they are working with both Huawei and ZTE. They are even putting a new office in Shenzhen to get a foothold in China. So Mr. President, instead of being Ahab to Amazon’s white whale for no good reason, take a look at Google where there is some very good reason to check them out closer.

Trump’s love of the USPS Shows Republican Hypocrisy

Republicans usually say they are for limited government (they’re not, they’re for big government just like Democrats), and for the longest time they have rightly been for privatizing the USPS… until now. Why? Because their Cult of Personality Trump has chosen to defend the USPS only because he hates Amazon (probably jealous that Bezos is mega richer than he is).

The FACT is, if the USPS had not taken the deal with Amazon, Fedex and UPS were both lined up to do so. The fACT is, if the USPS wasn’t in business with Amazon right now, they would be in a far worse position than they currently are.

The kicker… Amazon will likely have a full fledged delivery service from warehouse to doorstep all 100% controlled by them within 5 years and the USPS will be up shit creek then. Technically… the government should sell off the USPS to Amazon now. We might actually get our mail correctly more often then.

The fun thing about this issue is seeing that people who used to be for limiting government and privatizing the USPS are now all Trump gungho for this idiotic internet tax that Trump wants. Foos who are incapable of thinking for themselves are found on both sides of the political spectrum. This issue shows the fools on the right off with crystal clarity.

Wednesday is a Good TV Night again!!!

8pm: X-files

9pm: The Magicians

10pm: Knightfall

That’s all I got… Stream you next time!!!


The Keys to Free Speech are being held Captive by Silicon Valley

We now have inside information that Twitter is censoring speech via shadow banning Tweets, 90% of which is conservative or Republican. Anyone who has ever used Twitter can easily pick out the leftist hostility to those on the conservative side. Those Tweets are never censored and nothing ever happens to the accounts making them, unless a big enough outcry forces Twitter’s hand. Twitter of course is denying this by saying the undercovered video has been “selectively edited,” which is basically a tactic to deflect from the fact that it is a FACT. The abortion clinic did the same thing when the fact was, whole conversations were displayed in unedited form and the unedited video was released saying the exact same thing. This “selectively edited” excuse is pure BS. If Twitter is working on an algorithmic way to censor people based on keywords that leftist employees deem fit, then Twitter as a platform for free speech is beyond dead.

The lever of control that Silicon Valley now has on speech is very dangerous. Google removed an app for the free speech site called Gab, which made users have to use the web version to interact there instead of an easier to use app version. Google’s reason, the app contained “hate speech.” First, there is no such thing as “hate speech” if you are a country that stands up for FREE SPEECH. You have to take the good with the bad. I looked around Gab for about 15 minutes and it was way too far right for my my libertarian leaning ways, so I deleted my account and never went back. THAT is what people should do as opposed to Google deciding where people should be allowed to congregate.

I’m fairly certain that Facebook is also doing something similar with political speech and censorship. When this whole idiocy about ads being bought by Russia to influence political voting on FB became a thing… they did a study and MOST of the ads bought were trying to influence people to vote for Clinton. Yet we still have this shadow story that it was Trump who was the winner of these false spoils. Why? Because FB is a leftist controlled site and they oppose the will of the people. So like Twitter and Google, they create the narrative, and then use their social network to push the fake story,

I’ve been trying to be less and less political on social media but when one is presented with the fact that a site is clearly censoring speech it does not like, how can one defend that site? I certainly cannot defend Twitter, Google, or FB in any way when it comes to Free Speech. These sites are partisan left. These sites censor any speech that isn’t to their partisan liking. These sites create narratives that are partisan left. These sites rank partisan left stories, posts, and tweets higher in the effort to show that that is how the country thinks. If you are middle to right politically, be aware that these sites are probably silencing your speech, so much so that what you are writing or saying maybe just going into the void.

These are troubling times to be sure and while the internet was a good idea, social networking is turning out to be not such a good idea. It’s becoming the home of the partisan leftist narrative where the companies controlling the speech can control that entire narrative and flow of ideas. Big Brother is watching… Both the government spying on us, and the social media acting like our friend but really controlling how we engage.