Streamline… er… SnarkLine (Snark of Thought) 3/7/18

Gimme a Break from the Snarky!!!

I’m taking a social media break. I need to get away from the commentators…er… Snarkentators… There is just too much negativity, and a toxic level of “snark” on social media. It’s like a bunch of people training for insult comebacks in middle school. Outside of this blog, I just need time away. I don’t want to read about whiny PC SJW that don’t get their way (because they feel entitled) so they rush to social media to use as their soapbox. I don’t want to read about people condemning racism yet in the same sentence becoming racist and sexist toward those who they “believe” are like that toward them. I don’t want to read mass fake news from regular news media to tech media to pop culture media… I’m just over it.

The internet is great as a vector for media (movies, books, music), for being a library (if you know where to look, becoming harder now that everything is fake), and for maps to get around and email for communication, but as a “social” site it sucks. It’s mob rule by the hive mind and everyone has to fall in line or the mob reacts. Sad really.

Oh Dear Netflix… (and some Snarky Narrative…lol)

Jessica Jones S2 in March (this week I believe), and Luke Cage S2 in June… I may watch JJ but it won’t be a binge because the first season was only ok. Luke Cage I’ll probably pass on because the first season of that was terrible after they killed Cottonmouth not even halfway through. I’m really getting worn out on the Netflix Marvel shows outside of Punisher and Daredevil. Even The Defenders ended up being a pretty big misfire, once all was said and done. What I’m really looking forward to is some Lost in Space!!! Lost in Space looks like it may be some epic space opera fun. While I’m getting tired of the reboots… I think this one may be interesting enough to stand on its own.

Hey Cortana… Er… Cortana. (Let me Snark on the Google Crackheads now!!!)

Here’s a nice update… Microsoft is changing the wake words for Cortana from “Hey Cortana” to just “Cortana” like Amazon does with the Echo and Alexa. FYI: We use Alexa extensively at home and then on my phone, Cortana is the personal assistant of choice. I used to use Google Now/Assistant but contrary to popular belief… it’s not that good and has the personality of a rock. Plus… Google is taking more of your info than all of the others and doing who knows what insidious things with it… So yeah… no Google. I like this change though because it never should have had the “hey” on there anyway. I think that was just in response to Google using the dumb “OK” with their assistant. So this is a nice change and welcomed!!! Also of interest here is the fact that later this year we should get cross Cortana/Alexa integration across all devices that they are on. Microsoft and Amazon working together beats that ad company easily.

Google Fanboys are so LAME!!! (Google Fanboy Snarking is FUN!!!)

I read about some Google fanboys who were “pissed off and going to cancel Prime” because Amazon won’t carry Nest products. They threw around words like “anti-competitive” and crap like that because they just want their Google half assed junk to be what everyone buys. FYI: This war was Google’s fault to begin with. They originally wanted 30% of any digital sale from Amazon through the Play Store if Amazon integrated the Chromecast technology. Amazon rightly told google, “Hell NO.” This is the kind of crap Google holds over other companies just because they hold the keys to the Play Store on Android. You want to talk “anti-competitive?” Look at Google and their blackmail Play Store and their OHA (Open Handset Alliance) iron lockdown of 3rd party Android OEM’s. Another FYI: Google is NOT open. If you believe that, then you are fool. Google has so many locks in place that they make Apple look open source by comparison. As a matter of fact, the way Amazon and Microsoft have been integrating and pushing cross platform, it just blows away the half assed closed ecosystem that Google is trying to lock people into.

At one point in the past, I was “all in” with Google. Then I saw the half assed nature of everything they do and how over and over again, my media wouldn’t work right, the selections were lacking, or there was always a “Google will probably add X later” BS excuse. Since moving to the Amazon/Microsoft ecosystems, not once have I had the issues I had before in the Google ecosystem. I may use an Android phone, but the majority of my apps are NOT Google.

So yeah… I support hurting Google’s ability to sell their half assed products. If they want to sell them, they have an online store to sell them through. Their crackhead fanboys can go buy direct. Does the Google Store sell Fire TV? NO. So quit your whining Google Fanboys. Go play with your lame Google Glass devices you sank a grand into.

I’m All Snarked Out!!!

The difference though is that this is one post with 5 headings… Social media is pure snark, almost every post, with no paragraphs of narrative but one liners for the 30 second attention span crowd. You might even get a little humor out of this post… Well, as long you aren’t of those obsessed Google crackheads anyway… Cheers!!!