New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/4/18

God Complex #5 (Image)

Only one new comic in my subscriptions released this week and that is God Complex #5 from Image. In this issue, Seneca has become a halfbreed in recreation and resurrection from death from the last issue. The “Gods” have given him this gift but he’s not too happy about it. Then again he’s in complete pain because the cybernetics haven’t meshed with his organic system just yet and all he cares about doing is getting back out there to fight the Trinity. A cool new feature he gets is his ability to go into “cyberspace” at anytime from anywhere so that’s a plus. Great art and the story is cyberpunk as anything so I’m still loving this series. Guess what? This was actually last month’s issue so this month’s issue supposedly hits next week!!!

New Comic Book Reviews Supplemental for 3/12/18

Prism Stalker #1 (Image)

I admit, the cover drew me to this one. It’s a very trippy cover and you know how sometimes you get a cool cover but then the inside is completely different? In this case, it’s not. While the trippy artwork works for the cover, inside it somewhat assaults you. It’s hard to make heads or tail of certain scenes. The story could use work too. The starring character is named Vep and she’s a refugee working in an insectoid society, or hive with trippy colors. When another group sees her ability to act fast, they want to take her for a job of their own. The big problem is, the artwork is a barrier to getting into the story that is really limiting to begin with. Chances are, I probably will not pick up the next issue.

Dissonance #1 (Image)

Another new comic I checked out on Comixology was Dissonance. This is a futuristic alternate Earth where there are powerful human-spirit hybrids called Fantasmen who control the direction that Earth politics and society play out. The art is okay but nothing groundbreaking and again, there are some trippy characters (the spirits) who not only look trippy but talk trippy (Cheech and Chong bro!!!). There is a brother and sister that are trying to one up each other too, and the sister likes to beat her slave/assistant (I think??? This isn’t very clear what she is.). It’s starts with a set up for this universe but honestly… it’s really confusing. I just couldn’t get into it and as such, I’ll probably not be picking up this one either.

God Complex #1- 4 (Image)

Ding Ding Ding… We have a winner!!! I picked up the first 4 issues of God Complex and I’m hooked. This is a very cyberpunk world that is controlled by these masters that have mythological God names. When 3 acolytes from a Trinity Church are killed, it sets off a mystery as to who did it? Were the masters behind it? A shadowy revolutionary group? The Trinity Church itself? All issues for the lead detective, named Seneca, to find out. The art is beautiful inside and outside. If you like cyberpunk sci-fi then this is one you should definitely pick up. The next issue hits in April and I can’t wait!!! I’ll be adding this to my Comixology subscription list for sure!!!