The Fall of the NFL


It’s happening. Fans are tuning out and rating are slipping. Stadiums are seeing sharp declines in attendance. It’s happening and the NFL would have you believe that they don’t know why. That of course is a lie. Let’s go through the many reasons why NFL Football is on the decline:

  1. Colin Kaepernick got political last year by taking a knee during the national anthem. The moron was basically disrespecting the country, freedom, and the soldiers who fought for it every time his took a knee. He said it was to protest police brutality to black people and black people being shot. However the statistics show that more white people are shot and killed by police yearly. Just because the media makes it a highlight to focus on a “certain type” of story, doesn’t make that certain type the most prevalent. If you haven’t figured it out, the media is about ratings, clicks, and ads. So selling you “drama” gets your attention. Right now, selling the viewer race and gender issues is the big thing. Regardless of if the majority of people in the US do not see these issues first hand, the media sucks people into taking a side in their made up game. Kaepernick isn’t even in the NFL now (he was a one season lucky star who ended up not having much talent at all), yet other players are still taking a knee. America doesn’t like it. The same people asking, “Why are the NFL ratings falling?” are the very same people asking, “Why did Trump win?” The people across this country are sick of the leftist PC SJW idiocy that has been plaguing this country for the last 8 years, that’s why.
  2. Player safety has watered down the rules so much that in reality… the game is boring to watch. The hard hits aren’t so hard these days. They made it so kickoffs rarely ever get runbacks even. You have wussy players suing after they retire because they are all of sudden shocked to find they have brain damage… If the NFL was smart, they would have a medical waiver spelling out the dangers and what could happen. The player can sign the waiver and get their millions, or not sign and not play. Period. Don’t act like you are all big and tough and some kind of gladiator now and then act like a wussy later after you have blown your millions. Hold these girlie-men responsible and make them sign away their rights to lawsuits in the very beginning. The choice is 100% in their field at that time.
  3. For TV… Too many commercials. WAY too many commercials. You get the same Ford, Budweiser, and Fantasy Football commercials over and over and over again. There is around 14 minutes of actual game play in a 3 hour game. So we are subjected to a never ending run of tedious commercials. Now you have challenges and booth reviews and every excuse under the sun to cut to a commercial too. It feels like the NFL stops play to get more ad dollars on purpose because in the end that benefits them the most. The almighty ad machine is their holy revenue.
  4. For going to the game in person, you better take out a loan. From PSL’s (Personal Seat License), where you have to get one for the right to buy a ticket for that seat, to $50 for parking, refreshments, and the costs just keep rising. The PSL is one of the biggest NFL scams yet. I believe Dallas used it first, so they could help pay for their stadium. It’s basically double dipping and getting a seat for double… triple the price. You have to buy that PSL for a seat, just to get your tickets for that seat. Ticket charges are separate. If you want to buy individual tickets, then you have to contend with ticket brokers who buy up all the tickets the moment they go on sale and then they raise the price massively beyond the regular ticket price. The cheapest ticket I could find for the next Atlanta Falcons game on Ticketmaster was $106 for a single nosebleed seat. I’m not paying that much for nosebleed seats and 3 hours of far away entertainment. That’s ridiculous. If you add in 2 tickets, parking, and food then you are close to at least $289 or more. It’s too damn expensive. For $289 I can go see 5 or 6 Braves baseball games. Price per entertainment value just doesn’t add up for an NFL game.
  5. The new stadiums. Sure they look nice but does a city need a new stadium every 20 years? No, it doesn’t. The people are damn tired of sports franchises getting sweetheart tax deals from the cities and then seeing their tax dollars being used toward these mega stadiums. A new stadium has not once been shown to have a positive impact for the people in the city it is built in. Not once. If anything, the NFL and the team owners should be paying for their own damn stadiums. When you think about it, if you have tax money going to the stadium, then you are paying 3 times for the “honor” of attending a game. For those that will say that using a “hotel tax, financed by visitors to the state” is a solution… that’s a lie. You wouldn’t need to add that tax on and you would get more visitors and conferences versus, as we have said, funneling an excessive tax through to a stadium that shows no long term benefit at all. If the city is going to use a tax like that, I’d much rather they use it on transportation and infrastructure issues over a damned stadium!!!
  6. There is so much media out there right now that honestly, the NFL becomes a time suck. I don’t want to pass my time (3+ hours every Sunday) on a football game, when there is so much other media out there to entertain me. You have movies, music, and games… all easily accessible and waiting to be consumed. Hell, you can jump around and between all of those things and so much more in a 3 hour period, over sitting in front of the TV and watching 2 hours and 46 minutes of commercials. Once again, maximizing time and entertainment value pretty much disqualifies an NFL football game from even contending with the rest of the media out there.
  7. Ego… The NFL now charges the Super Bowl halftime act for the “honor” of being able to play there. That audacity is enough to see just how self important the NFL thinks it is and how much ego the entire league is running on. They need a reality check and that is what is happening now.


So what can the NFL do to redeem itself? Frankly, I don’t think they can. They are dead set on being a social justice warrior platform that seeks out PC views and puts advertising and price gouging before the fans. The NFL uses the fans for everything they can suck out of them. They’ve degraded the game at every turn in the name of player safety, and they have gone with demographics for political issues that don’t tell the whole truth. I highly doubt they will switch directions now so the only place for them to go is down.

At one time, NFL football had become America’s sport, but they forgot that to be America’s sport, they still have to be for America. Why should Americans tune in or show up when the NFL is doing as they currently do? They shouldn’t.