Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/17/18

Lost in Space (Netflix)

Binge it… Watch it… Check it out!!! Good stuff!!! I can’t wait until Season 2 hits!!!… which probably won’t be until 2019.

Fake News Has Been Around FOREVER

I was reading through some Spider-man comics and in Ultimate Spider-man, they complained about fake news in the 2000 – 2010 era, and then the original early issues of The Amazing Spider-man (60’s) illustrate how fake news is when pertaining to the paper. Moral of the story… Don’t trust the news period. Dig deeper and look behind the sensational reporting for the real story.

Speaking of News…

This whole Cohen/Hannity thing reeks of political strategy. The judge, a known liberal appointed by a liberal with a history of being liberal saw that she was sitting on a goldmine when she saw Hannity’s name. She knew that just by having the name made public, the late night talk show hosts and media would do the rest to associate Hannity with Trump and the other guy who paid off a woman, who were also this lawyer’s clients. And no surprise… last night’s late show liberal mouthpieces did just that. Earlier yesterday, before Hannity even said that he discussed real estate with Cohen, I speculated that it could even be real estate or really anything. However, the general public is what I consider the dumb masses. They only look at the surface of an issue and the political class know this. The general public is easy to manipulate. Once the media and talk shows get their news from the political class, it starts spreading the word, then the dumb masses will start doing the same. So regardless of if it was real estate or whatever… the left has already tied Hannity to the issue within the dumb masse’s minds.

The real kicker… The right keeps protecting the dumb masses that always go against them. It’s not smart to be pro-life and pro-population when the end result is more people against you. That the right refuses to see this… makes them just as dumb.

Speaking of the Right…

I’m getting sick of their anti-environment and anti-animal spiel. The left is bonkers but the right is just as bonkers. Just because the left champions keeping a clean environment and protecting animals, the right has to go to their corner and act like assholes to have an opposite opinion. Both sides do this shit, they can’t agree on anything because then that makes their team look like it is wavering. So sick of it…

The Social Media Purge

A bar called J.D. Wetherspoons has ditched all social media because they believe people are spending too much time on it. All correspondence with them can be had via their website (press releases and news) or in person and on site. THIS is the way things need to go. Here’s the thing… most social media is now bots tweeting, posting, and clogging up the streams. Who cares??? While I may still check social media on the web, I deleted all of it from my phone. I don’t want, nor need, to be in contact with those on Facebook, Twitter, or even G+ every hour, or every minute, of every day. No notification from any of those social media sites is ever imperative that it needs response NOW. Personally… I’d love to see more people take the first step and ditch social media on their phones.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/16/18

Okay Twitter… That’s Creepy…

The Project Veritas video (not “doctored” as the critics say) already showed us that Twitter shadowbans people that individual overseers disagree with (so you can Tweet all day but your Tweets are not being seen by anyone). Now we also know that the Twitter overseers are looking at direct messages from the words typed in private messages to the pictures sent… And they are selling this info to advertisers. Unlike email vendors that use an algorithm to scan inboxes and mail, Twitter has actual people looking at direct messages. The dirty old man is actually bent over a monitor and scoping out things that are supposed to be private.

I’m just using Twitter as a broadcast for my blog right now. With these new details coming forward, I would caution anyone from using it under the notion that anything is “private” in any way. It may just be the worst “social network” where privacy is concerned.

Sidenote: Twitter denies they do this but come on… It’s pretty obvious they do it. When their own employees corroborate each other… where there is smoke, there tends to be fire. The sad part… most people won’t even care because they are addicted to the social media drug.

Sidenote 2: Tech news sites defending Twitter because… Money. Come on people… don’t be stupid. If a tech site site is defending Twitter here, then they are getting money, kickbacks, or access to information.

That Shithole Comment…

The evidence is now showing more and more people from that “Closed Door” meeting have said that this comment was NEVER made. Good luck getting anyone in the media to retract it though. All last week on social media (especially Twitter) EVERYONE was talking about this. Logging in and seeing the word “Shithole” on tweet after tweet was one reason I just closed Twitter out and have been MIA as far as posting a lot there. Twitter was full of users who took a rumor, blasted it for days, re-blasted what the news media was falsely saying, and then blasted it some more in snarky jokes. I even saw a superhero T-shirt company make a very poor joke of it via a shirt for the new movie Black Panther (Wakanda is not a Shithole)…

  1. Think about this… A closed door meeting and Democrats are leaking info. What part of “CLOSED DOOR” do they not get?
  2. Think about this… Republicans with no verification quickly jump on the bandwagon calling the president racist (it’s not racist to call a place a Shithole even if he had said it. Detroit is a shithole but that’s not because of the race of any of the people… it’s because of the leftist policy that made it a shithole. If you think this terms is racist you are both and idiot and a sheep with no education who will believe whatever your leaders tell you. Words have meaning, learn the definitions.)
  3. The media ran with more unverified rumor… No shock there. No shock that they will not do a retraction either now that social media has spread what appears to be fake news, far and wide.

Another aspect of this is that people stuck up for a fake story, spread a fake story, and piled onto a fake story with no concern about the truth at all. Social media is a dumpster fire and as long as the news media relies on clicks and ads and social media to relay its word, news media will remain a dumpster fire.

The Flu Shot is a Dud…

So what does the CDC do? They are doubling down on it. The flu shot is only 10% effective this year. Sadly, the place I work requires it (that should be against the law to require anyone to take a flu shot), and I got sick not long after I got it. The flu shot is a sham and now we have the CDC out warning people to get it because a “second wave” of the flu is coming, with a different strain. You have got to be kidding me… Talk about a sham that is only for money making… the flu shot would be it. You want to know a scientific reason why the flu is so bad this year? Because people have been getting these weakened strained flu shots for years now and like penicillin, it no longer has an effect on the virus. This is science people. The flu shot is and has always been pure BS.

Star Wars Sticker Commercial

It’s a cool commercial but I wouldn’t shell out $900+ for a Google Pixel 2 phone because of Star Wars Stickers. Frankly… I’m amused that Google, an advertising company, is so dumb when it comes to advertising. The amount of money they are dropping for this advertising push is way more publicity for Star Wars The Last Jedi than for the phone that is barely in the commercial. I wouldn’t buy a Pixel 2 anyway… I’ll stick to the Moto because they make damn good phones with damn good batteries.

The Gifted Season Finale

WOW!!! What a good two hours!!! Seriously Marvel, you need to give the writers of The Gifted full control of writing all future X-men movies now that the X-men are coming back to you. This show really needs to be the springboard to future movies. We have the Hellfire Club vs the Mutant Underground now. And I told you all… Andy was becoming evil!!! Can’t wait for season 2!!!

Most News Sites are Nothing more than Blogs

The internet gives everyone a voice. Unfortunately, it made bloggers think they were journalists at the same time. THIS is a blog. I’m not relaying any information that is not of my opinion. However, everything from news to tech to pop culture sites are dressed up as news but have bloggers with no idea how journalism and ethics even work. This lack of decorum completely ditches journalistic integrity and ethics in favor of slanted editorial meant to NOT relay the news but make the news and push opinion. That isn’t how it is supposed to work.

Once these glorified bloggers have posted up their opinion pieces, they race over to Twitter and Facebook and whatever other social network they are on and they proceed to blast out their opinion where it will be shared by the mindless sheep who are pushovers for being told what to do, how to think, and how to act. The general population is very much of the hive mind subservient type these days. These opinion pieces, which are almost always wrong when it comes to having any facts, are then shared over and over and people believe it as if it was some religion.

We really have very little real news anymore. Real news frames the picture, shows off both sides, and then lets the viewer or reader form their own opinions. That no longer happens. As a matter of fact, I’d say that 99% of the news these days is editorial opinion pushing an angle. The very headlines are opinions to TELL you what to do.

When it comes to headlines… you can spot bloggers quickly… They like doing this type of headline quite a bit these days: “No/Yes… X is/is not doing Y.” If the headline begins with “Yes” or “No” then you are dealing with a blogger that is pushing opinion. If you see one of these headlines, just keep moving. Don’t bother clicking on their clickbait articles.

The fact that “real news” sites now pay bloggers to push their editorial as news is alarming because “the free press” has died by being over ran by these paid bloggers opinions. I don’t want my news telling me how to think, what to do, or how to feel. I don’t want my news to be all about drama. I want my news to state the facts of both sides and for those relaying the news to be impartial. Unfortunately… that is a dead dynamic that has long since been buried by the rise of the paid bloggers.