The Social Retreat and Star Wars Split

I posted yesterday on Twitter that a good rule of thumb to being stress free on the internet is to avoid commenting on stories and articles. By afternoon, I had put my foot in my mouth and retweeted (with comment) my opinion on something that was different than the original post that was tweeted out by another. This led to a back and forth with the person who tweeted the original tweet. He had taken my meaning to be a slight on him when it wasn’t. That got me thinking about my earlier tweet and the fact that having your own opinion can be seen as being argumentative or grumpy if you package that opinion against the opinion of another. Ergo… To stay stress free on the internet, it’s best not to comment on anything you reshare, and if you have differing opinions from the original post, just create something new if you feel the need to express your own opinion on it. In other words, if you disagree or have an alternate opinion, don’t share the person’s original posting at all. Admittedly, I should have just left it as it was after the first comment but for some strange reason the need to clarify my opinion was there, and this was wrong on my part.

I despise that it has come to this but I don’t feel like explaining and defending my position on every post, tweet, or share. If I put my opinion out there and it differs from yours then so be it. We’re not all automatons. The whole back and forth just caused stress for no reason. If I could have just gone back and deleted the retweet I would have. That’s the point I’ve come to… I don’t like to share online anymore because it always ends up in some sort of debate. People can’t just be allowed to put something out there as a difference of opinion anymore. Instead, if there is a difference of opinion, it has to be debated and placed in committee as to why one opinion is different than another and which is more valid. It gives me a headache. So much so that I’d rather not participate in the discussion. A side note, the person I retweeted is a great person and he gets this too. Online social network conversations leave out human gestures, nuance, and the things in real conversation that tell others that this isn’t a debate, just a reference of opinion. Social networking is NOT a replacement for real person to person conversation.

The way social networking is now isn’t social and it isn’t exchanging new ideas. It’s 100% about why one opinion is right and another is wrong when it’s all just opinion (neither right nor wrong). Regardless… I’m tired of the constant debate about things. So much so that I’ve even started shedding many of the groups I’m in on Facebook. The down the middle split of people who like/dislike the New Star Wars The Last Jedi has shown me that comments are pure crap now too. I’ve ditched pretty much all of the sci-fi groups I was in because this argument is stupid and not worth my time. If you didn’t like it, fine. Why do you feel the need to prove it sucked (in your opinion). If you liked it, fine. Why do you feel the need to prove it was great (in your opinion). There is no wrong or right answer here. I personally liked the movie a lot but I’m not going to debate my tastes to someone who didn’t. If you didn’t like it, good for you. I really don’t care about your reasons why you didn’t like it. If I did, I’d search for your review on it.

It’s not just about movies though, it’s every damn thing now. Reviews are pure trash now too because EVERYONE reviews everything. Therefore, almost everything gets a fairly even split of being good and bad. It all comes back to make up your own mind and forget trying to convince others that your opinion is right.

The internet was a good idea. Social networking… not so much.