Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/27/18

The World Wide Censored Web (WWCW) BAN EVERYTHING!!!

Ban the Russians from buying ads because Americans might be easily persuaded. Ban the sex workers from placing ads because adults should be protected from paid sex. Ban the cryptocurrency ads because… I have no clue. Ban foul language from Xbox Live because the EARS SHALL BLEED!!! BAN EVERYTHING because people are fucking wussies now. The internet is becoming a cesspool of banned territories in order not to offend anyone. Other than using the web for digesting media… it’s pretty much worthless for everything now. It’s getting to the point of being regulated to death. The companies who keep the keys to the internet are only too happy to be the government’s whores on censorship policy too. More people are hurt and more freedoms are restricted through regulation of the internet but you safety pin wearing safe spaces sitting PC SJW’s are getting exactly what you want. A censored web that is worthless for free thought and speech.

The left is DEMANDING the Second Amendment be Repealed

For the morons in the peanut gallery… The 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendment and is also in place as a check on our government becoming oppressive. So if you want 2A repealed then you are ignorant and quite literally anti-American.

We need to END all Money going to Vietnam

I just saw the sick way these monsters treat dogs. Boiling them alive to eat with the thought that the more pain they are in the tasty they are. Just disgusting. Everyday humans sicken me more and more. The futility of being able to stop monstrous humans from the vile things they do to animals makes one feel powerless. Of course we won’t end aid or do anything because this sick society thinks we have to “coexist” and all that garbage. Shit, the people over here kill dogs and cats in kill shelters weekly because humans are on this planet are an unenlightened virus.

Dear Vaxxers on the Right

You keep rightly saying the world is using too many antibiotics and that it is making them less useful but then you demand that everyone be vaccinated when the same dynamic applies to vaccines and the body’s immunity. You know… hypocrisy and shit…

The Luck of the Draw

Some people just get all of the luck. I was looking up some actors on this excellent show called Hard Sun (HULU). Think Seven with a sci-fi-ish tinge to the mix. Anyway, both the main male and female leads have done it all. Male: TV, Movies, Music. Female: TV, Movies, Modeling. It makes me think about the failures of having a music career where there was never any luck to be had even after putting steps forward. Same with wanting an art career. Back then, if you didn’t do art school, then people told you to just forget about every doing comics. We didn’t have the internet back then to look up the artists and find that many never went to art school. Our teachers drilled it into us though. I doubt my art was up to par anyway. I see so many artists online that just bury me when it comes to drawing. Still… You always think, “What if X happened that time and something took off?” Then of course you always wonder, “I wonder what it would be like if I was doing something I loved to be doing?” If wishes were fishes…

Enough dreaming on the line… Stream it…

The Keys to Free Speech are being held Captive by Silicon Valley

We now have inside information that Twitter is censoring speech via shadow banning Tweets, 90% of which is conservative or Republican. Anyone who has ever used Twitter can easily pick out the leftist hostility to those on the conservative side. Those Tweets are never censored and nothing ever happens to the accounts making them, unless a big enough outcry forces Twitter’s hand. Twitter of course is denying this by saying the undercovered video has been “selectively edited,” which is basically a tactic to deflect from the fact that it is a FACT. The abortion clinic did the same thing when the fact was, whole conversations were displayed in unedited form and the unedited video was released saying the exact same thing. This “selectively edited” excuse is pure BS. If Twitter is working on an algorithmic way to censor people based on keywords that leftist employees deem fit, then Twitter as a platform for free speech is beyond dead.

The lever of control that Silicon Valley now has on speech is very dangerous. Google removed an app for the free speech site called Gab, which made users have to use the web version to interact there instead of an easier to use app version. Google’s reason, the app contained “hate speech.” First, there is no such thing as “hate speech” if you are a country that stands up for FREE SPEECH. You have to take the good with the bad. I looked around Gab for about 15 minutes and it was way too far right for my my libertarian leaning ways, so I deleted my account and never went back. THAT is what people should do as opposed to Google deciding where people should be allowed to congregate.

I’m fairly certain that Facebook is also doing something similar with political speech and censorship. When this whole idiocy about ads being bought by Russia to influence political voting on FB became a thing… they did a study and MOST of the ads bought were trying to influence people to vote for Clinton. Yet we still have this shadow story that it was Trump who was the winner of these false spoils. Why? Because FB is a leftist controlled site and they oppose the will of the people. So like Twitter and Google, they create the narrative, and then use their social network to push the fake story,

I’ve been trying to be less and less political on social media but when one is presented with the fact that a site is clearly censoring speech it does not like, how can one defend that site? I certainly cannot defend Twitter, Google, or FB in any way when it comes to Free Speech. These sites are partisan left. These sites censor any speech that isn’t to their partisan liking. These sites create narratives that are partisan left. These sites rank partisan left stories, posts, and tweets higher in the effort to show that that is how the country thinks. If you are middle to right politically, be aware that these sites are probably silencing your speech, so much so that what you are writing or saying maybe just going into the void.

These are troubling times to be sure and while the internet was a good idea, social networking is turning out to be not such a good idea. It’s becoming the home of the partisan leftist narrative where the companies controlling the speech can control that entire narrative and flow of ideas. Big Brother is watching… Both the government spying on us, and the social media acting like our friend but really controlling how we engage.