Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/14/18

RIP Stephen Hawking

He was a brilliant man who rightly championed the cause of man getting off this rock through space exploration. At the same time, he will no longer be able to fearmonger about my ultimate plans for an AI uprising or a much needed alien invasion. Seriously though… may your return to starstuff open up the universe to your brilliant mind!!! We have truly lost one of the great visionaries of this blue dot.

Ignored by Google

I think I figured out why my site/blog gets more hits from Bing and DuckDuckGo than from Google… I have no ads and will not put ads on it. Google doesn’t like a site that doesn’t display their ads so they ignore it in search. The only way anything of mine comes up on Google is if you type in “The Ninja Writes” directly. Even then, a Tumblr page of the same name ranks before me. Again… Google is all about servicing ads, pandering to marketing fools, and getting money for clicks and views. Google is not about the user, the content, or making the internet better. Honestly… I can’t understand why anyone still uses them for search even??? Their first page is almost completely sponsored and paid for links. They routinely throw up old links from prior years. They are very bad at actually linking relevance with search terms now. They once were a great search engine but now… You’re fooling yourself if you think they are still good.

As far as this site… If you like anything you read… PLEASE feel free to share it out to others.

The California “Net Neutrality” Bill is Basically an Anti-Free Market Bill

In other words… only a communist scum could like that bill. Say goodbye to your T-mobile binge on. Say goodbye to perks like free Netflix or Hulu promotions. The Bill kills zero rating, a dynamic that has created massive competition and has lowered the cost of data across the board for cell phone users. Can California be anymore stupid? Don’t answer that. Of course they can. “Net Neutrality” was NEVER about “keeping the web open.” If you use government “regulations” (keyword here: REGULATE), then you are automatically killing the free web and competition via government idiocy.

Hopefully, if this retarded law passes in California, then only California will be subject to the higher costs that will come with it. It’s so sad that the morons for Net Neutrality can’t think past a dumb slogan and understand “cause and effect” logic. The human race is truly made up of a majority of stupid.

That Book Stuff…

I have my NANOWRIMO Horror/Occult book to still revise and edit and then I have my long in the works Cyberpunk book that needs a major rewrite after I have become absolutely convinced that two sections where certain scenes take place just suck. NEVER get mad at George R.R. Martin for being slow with Game of Thrones PLEASE!!! Because it’s not easy, let me tell you. I haven’t felt like working on either for weeks now. Hmmmm…. Writing or doodling manga? Let me doodle. That’s been the course of things lately. Honestly… I’m not sure if I’ll ever get these out. If I self publish and they each sell one copy then I’ll be in the negative for time and money. Everything is a damn gamble. I’m fairly certain that no one from my social media sphere is buying just based on the fact that most of them are political junkies and not sci-fi fantasy people. Even the sci-fi fantasy people need convincing to try anything that doesn’t have “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” attached to it. They complain that that is all they get and then when new stuff is out there they poo poo on it because it isn’t like one of those two titles. Humans… I need some sort of “aha” moment to break the writers block maybe… Who knows???

United Airlines is a Cesspool

Whoever the lower than life employees were that had the passengers put the Boston Terrier in the overhead compartment, where it died, are bottom feeders on the chain of life. The company itself can easily be described as a “crap hole.” Another story just came out that they flew one family’s dog to Japan instead of Kansas. WTH??? NEVER fly United. Boycott that terrible evil company.

I Feel Like I Should Leave Off on Something HAPPY

So here’s a cat with a Catwoman. Creator unknown…

That’s the Stream for today, and I’m outta here!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/27/18

Steamline Update

I haven’t done a Streamline in awhile… So here goes… I haven’t had much to say on the general front. The world is a fucking mad house and society is going to hell. That pretty much sums up the partisan BS happening in the outside world. Lunatics I tell you!!! More and more every news report is greeted with me giving myself the facepalm or beating my head on a desk. No nuance to any story now… either you go with the created narrative based on surface findings or you are wrong. It’s so shallow, wrong, and just insane.

The Comic Book Nudging…

Right now for me, Image comics is just nudging out Valiant Comics as my favorite reading. This is based on how excellent and adult comics like Spawn, Sam & Twitch, and Saga are. The reason I like Valiant Comics so much is that they are more “adult” than Marvel or DC. Turns out, Image is full on adult and doesn’t apologize for it any way, shape, or form. I like that. Let’s not pretend that comics are mainly for kids anymore. There are more adults reading comics than kids these days and Image is cornering the market on adult themed titles. I’d love to see Valiant Comics move even more toward adult themes but with their recent full on acquisition by DMG, I have a feeling they may be pushed more toward the tights action because that is DMG’s main interest, superheroes in tights movies.

Also… Valiant has been stuck in “setup” mode lately. They keep putting out comics that set up things but take the whole entire issue to do so. Bloodshot stopped the action and took a whole issue to set up Rampage. X-O stopped the action and took a whole issue to set up a bounty hunter group. Ninjak (in Ninja-K) has been going down the list of lettered Ninja, to give a back story to each which feels like almost every issue becomes a set up for the mystery. Back stories are great and all… but a good backstory should be peppered into a narrative without calling full stop to it. So it just feels off kilter right now. I’m hoping things do pick up. We’ll see…

Sidenote: The next Bloodshot Salvation has no art in it, save the last page. It’s all word balloons on black panels. To say I’m already peeved off thinking about this is an understatement because if the book literally doesn’t have art in it, why are they still going to charge me $3.99 for it???

Olivia Munn kinda has to Marry into Pop Culture

Most of us in Pop Culture Fandom know Olivia Munn from G4 Attack of the Show! and as such, she’s the hot uber geek girl of pop culture fandom. For awhile there, Fandom was having flashbacks to Middle and High school as the uber geek hot girl was dating the uber jock (Aaron Rodgers). That ended and he’s now with Danica Patrick who is also in sports (racing). Now Fandom waits in quiet anticipation of who Olivia Munn shows up with next. Granted, fandom shouldn’t have this sort of peeping Tom fascination with her love life but she is really the Queen of Pop Culture Fandom. I mean… Queen of England or Queen of Pop Culture Fandom… Who is more important? I’m just going to answer that for you: The Queen of Pop Culture Fandom is much more important and that is a crown/title that Olivia Munn wears by default. So if she dates or gets married outside of it… That would register as a great disturbance in the force.

Why do people on Facebook ask for Prayers?

I keep seeing people on Facebook who ask for prayers… but they don’t give any context. It really seems to be a cry for attention. How do you ask someone to pray for you when you don’t provide any context on what to pray for? Honestly… When I see these posts, I just think: NO!!! You have not provided the info needed to attempt a prayer and prayers equal time so they are valuable. I’m certainly not going to reply to your post with a comment and ask “Just what am I praying about?” Because for one, that just provides the attention for the seeker, and for two… I just don’t care. Maybe if you provided that missing context I would care, but because you don’t, and because you just think you are entitled to prayers… I don’t.

Twitter Fail

People love to Retweet a Tweet they disagree with and add a snarky commentary onto it to signal their disapproval and superiority. This however spreads the original reach of the Tweet that contained the information that was originally disagreed with. The BEST way to silence those who are tweeting idiocy is to ignore them. That’s it… Simply let their tweets die in the void that is Twitter. Or let their own echo chamber pass them around between one another. They already agree with the idiocy so who cares?

There was a hashtag last week that was trending (# killNRA) and it was sending people on the right into an uproar. “How can Twitter allow this to Trend???!!!???” Well… If you clicked on the hashtag, then clicked on the “latest” Tweets, and then read through them… You would have seen that the majority were people on the right using the hashtag to register their anger that it was trending, thereby making it trend.

Twitter as a platform for social media is really dumb. There are no meaningful convos there and the hashtag system is a horrible barometer for measuring anything. Really… unless you have a customer service issue or you want to LIVE tweet a show… It’s better to avoid Twitter.

Streamline Supplemental 2/5/18

I’ve Lost my Social Media Mojo

I may start to play around with how I do this. Social media doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all for my blog. I get some views from it but ever since G+ collapsed I’ve been in the void as far as social media is concerned. These sure are not like the good old days of having 5,000+ followers on my profile and 27,000+ followers via Collections. I can’t make up any ground on Twitter because I’m fairly sure that you need to either be a celebrity or only talk politics 24/7/365. Facebook, as stated before, is mostly IRL friends and family so I don’t really have much in common with them. G+ currently has some funky algorithm glitch where the stream never really updates. So I’m not even sure how many people are seeing a new post there. So yeah… I’m not sure if it is even worth the time to go post up my blog entries in any of them now.

Maybe it’s for the best. I’m worn out on social media as it is. This blog is just becoming more of a way to exorcise the daily thoughts instead of just turning them over and over again in my head and continuously thinking about them. More of a journal blog to no one in particle. I’d be lying though if I said that I didn’t miss those high engagement G+ days. Those were some good times. Lots of conversations, engagement, and thoughts exchanged.

Everyone has a soapbox now. Why share a news story even? What comes from that? The conversation now is generally snark or a 50/50 split of people in agreement or people that disagree. Then I have to ask myself, why should anyone listen to what I say? Who am I, that my words even matter in the least to any discussion? Sadly they don’t… ergo the void that is. But really, my words shouldn’t matter. They are only words from my perspective. My opinions. My theories. I use logic and reason to come about my thinking but most people out there… don’t. Most people use feelings to come to a decision on everything. So right away, any words of logic and reason are factored out.

I don’t know what the answer is, nor do I know the goal either. I don’t even know who the audience is supposed to be anymore??? On G+ it used to be circles of “like-minded” individuals but that entire dynamic is missing from all of the social platforms now, including G+. I guess the answer is a resounding: I DO NOT KNOW!!! If so… Then really? What’s the point of social media???

That’s the Supplemental… If anyone reading this has any answers, feel free to comment.

Most News Sites are Nothing more than Blogs

The internet gives everyone a voice. Unfortunately, it made bloggers think they were journalists at the same time. THIS is a blog. I’m not relaying any information that is not of my opinion. However, everything from news to tech to pop culture sites are dressed up as news but have bloggers with no idea how journalism and ethics even work. This lack of decorum completely ditches journalistic integrity and ethics in favor of slanted editorial meant to NOT relay the news but make the news and push opinion. That isn’t how it is supposed to work.

Once these glorified bloggers have posted up their opinion pieces, they race over to Twitter and Facebook and whatever other social network they are on and they proceed to blast out their opinion where it will be shared by the mindless sheep who are pushovers for being told what to do, how to think, and how to act. The general population is very much of the hive mind subservient type these days. These opinion pieces, which are almost always wrong when it comes to having any facts, are then shared over and over and people believe it as if it was some religion.

We really have very little real news anymore. Real news frames the picture, shows off both sides, and then lets the viewer or reader form their own opinions. That no longer happens. As a matter of fact, I’d say that 99% of the news these days is editorial opinion pushing an angle. The very headlines are opinions to TELL you what to do.

When it comes to headlines… you can spot bloggers quickly… They like doing this type of headline quite a bit these days: “No/Yes… X is/is not doing Y.” If the headline begins with “Yes” or “No” then you are dealing with a blogger that is pushing opinion. If you see one of these headlines, just keep moving. Don’t bother clicking on their clickbait articles.

The fact that “real news” sites now pay bloggers to push their editorial as news is alarming because “the free press” has died by being over ran by these paid bloggers opinions. I don’t want my news telling me how to think, what to do, or how to feel. I don’t want my news to be all about drama. I want my news to state the facts of both sides and for those relaying the news to be impartial. Unfortunately… that is a dead dynamic that has long since been buried by the rise of the paid bloggers.

Welcome to The Ninja Writes

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

IMG_20160217_181021Welcome to my new website/blog: The Ninja Writes. I originally started on WordPress, so this is a bit of a coming home party. I’ve been over on Blogger, on a different domain, but the days of being all in, in the Google-verse are coming to an end. It’s time to get out, before they go full domination big brother mode on everyone. So that brings me back here. I hope you will enjoy the posts and feel free to chime in.