Excalibur: Sword of Kings

Excalibur (from +Darksword Armory and sold by Kult of Athena) is just beautiful. So let’s get the stats out of the way:

5160 High Carbon Steel
Dual hardened
Overall length: 42″ Blade: 33 1/2″
Weight: 3 lb 6 oz
Edge: Sharpened (ordered to be sharpened and it is)
P.O.B (Point of Balance): 4 1/2 inches
Thickness: 4.6 mm – 4.3 mm
Width: 51.4 mm
Grip length: 5 3/4″
Pommel: Peened

This is a fully functional and sharpened replica of the exact sword used in the movie Excalibur. At one time these were limited to 500 but Darksword Armory now makes this regularly and they do it with 5160 High Carbon Steel that is dual hardened.

Compared to my first Excalibur wall hanger (Stainless Steel and for decoration only) sword, this beautiful creation is a beast. It is heavy but it feels good in the hand. The grip is wrapped in the chain and I don’t know if it is being star struck or what, you feel powerful and kingly holding her up. Amazingly beautiful.

I have not tried cutting anything with it and whether I ever do is still up for internal debate. I may just hang it up on the wall, marvel at it, and wield it every now and then just to continue to be star struck by it.

Kult of Athena – Excalibur
Darksword Armory – Excalibur 

 I think now I want to go and watch the movie tonight. After all, it is the greatest and best Arthurian movie that has ever, and will ever be filmed. A classic that can never be bested by any other version.

The Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninja-to – (Black Version)

The Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninja-to was my next sword, I find this sword a very nice addition to my collection.

The reason I wanted yet another Ninja sword is because I really wanted the Hollywood style of the straight blade but also the size that is generally how they are depicted. The overall length of the Hanwei Ninja-to is 34 1/2″, with the blade being just 24″. This is the size of a sword you can actually draw while wearing on your back.

The tsuka is tightly wrapped with a black faux ray skin under the wrap. The iron tsuba has the kuji-kiri (energy channeling hand positions) designed into the four corners, and the blade is just beautiful. There are 3 levels of polish to the deferentially hardened 1065 carbon steel. The blade is SHARP too. Being short in length, the blade is very easy to swing and control.

The saya (scabbard) is beautiful to look at. It’s not the normal lacquered wood look but instead has almost a matte black finish. There is also a shoulder strap that has a demon/dog which holds the fastening strap in place. It’s a nice design and looks good all around.

 Below is the size comparison with my Oniyuri (curved blade, longer handle) and my Bushido Musashi (straight black full sized blade):
Top: Oniyuri/ Middle: Bushido Musashi/ Bottom: Hanwei Ninja-to
 And then we have some pictures of a cut test I did just to demonstrate the cut. This was a water filled Costco milk jug (Always dry thoroughly and oil to keep the blade from rusting) :
The SBG (Sword Buyers Guide) review can be found HERE
Kult of Athena is where I ordered this sword and it can be found HERE

The "Oniyuri" 9260 Bujinkan Katana

The Oniyuri Bujinkan Katana

My Oniyuri is just beautiful!!! The 14″ inch handle is wrapped tight and feels really good in the hand. The blade at 23″ inches is just a marvel. This is truly the crown jewel of my collection.

It came in an elegantly designed wooden display case and was wrapped in a black cotton wrapped bag. As far as unboxing, this was the most high quality in boxing I’ve ever had when ordering a sword. No Styrofoam to speak of, and that was nice.

This is the sword that was originally designed for the Bujinkan Federation so this is as real and true as a Ninja sword can get; Bujinkan being the only real and authorized training in Ninjutsu still around today.

Below are several of the pics I took and the size comparison to the last sword I bought which was the Bushido Musashi Koga Ninja-to. Enjoy:


14″ handle
Oniyuri next to the Koga Ninja-to
Oniyuri next to the Koga Ninja-to
Below are the various links to the reviews of the Oniyuri and where you can buy it.

Bushido Musashi – Koga Black Ninja Sword

This sword is my first “Ninja sword.” the Bushido Musashi – Koga Black Ninja Sword w/ a full Tang. The previous link will take you to Trueswords.com where I bought it. This sword is very nice and my first fully functional and sharp sword.

Now I know the “Ninja-to” straight sword never existed in historical Nippon (Japan) but I was growing up in the 80’s and this was the Hollywood sword that introduced a generation of us to the Ninja. Regardless of the historical accuracy, it’s a cool damn sword.

This one is longer than a “traditionally thought of” Ninja-to (Overall 40 3/4 inches as opposed to 34 1/2 inches). Even so… it cuts like a trooper. Even the thick Bamboo (yes bamboo grows in Georgia and is quite common) cuts effortlessly. The blade is black in looks very nice. Carbon Steel and a full tang held in place by 2 mekugi pegs, this is a fully functional blade.

I bought it for $59.99 which is a SUPER deal!!! Sword Buyers Guide is like the Bible of websites for sword collectors and the review of this sword is HERE.

If you want an affordable Ninja sword that looks very nice and is fully functional then this is one should definitely check out.

My First Tai Chi Sword

The next sword I bought was a Tai Chi sword. Chinese in nature and really I just liked the look of it with the white saya (sheath) and white hilt or handle. It also had the cool Yin & Yang symbol in the guard the I just liked the look of it.

This sword could be used for practice forms in Tai Chi but it’s not a good candidate for swinging around fast and cutting. The tang is not full and the blade is completely dull. This one for me is for display purposes only. Even so… I still like the look of it.

Excalibur – Sword of Kings (Display)

The first sword I bought was the replica Excalibur sword which really isn’t much of a replica at all. Nothing like the Discerner which is an exact copy of the Excalibur movie sword, but cheap and affordable. In other words it has a pommel and a wire wrapped handle. It’s nice to look at and the blade, while stainless steel, looks good when showing it off for just display purposes. I wouldn’t go swinging it around or trying to cut anything, but just for display purposes it looks nice.

While I’d love to have the Discerner… That price tag is just too high for my blood. This little wall hanger will do when it comes to Excalibur. Although… there are cheaper options on Kult of Athena and the temptation to grab one may just come back… Who knows?

*I’m not linking the site it was bought on because I had trouble with them in getting this sword shipped even.

The Samurai Set

My first swords were a Samurai set given to me by my Mom for a Birthday… or maybe it was Christmas… present. I forget which one. Suffice it to say, I was surprised. This took place long after I’d grown up and gotten married. So I’ve always been a lurker on Sword sites and forums but I still had not pulled the trigger on buying my own.

This set is for display only and came with a display stand. Made of stainless steel and I’m pretty sure they have rat tail tangs because there are no mekugi pegs (the pegs that secure the handle to the Tang), so swinging or cutting are strictly out of the question. The set looks nice and we have them displayed on the top shelf of my wife’s home office.

All in all, they display well and look very nice.