What If Michael Keaton came back to play Batman in a Movie for The Dark Knight Returns

 Michael Keaton is the right age for The Dark Knight Returns to be made and this could even be done alongside the current slate of DC Universe movies. After all, The Dark Knight Returns is a separate universe in the graphic novel. Here to, Warner Bros. could capitalize on bringing back the Batman that everyone remembers for kicking off comic movies. Hell, I’d even be for Tim Burton coming back to put his spin on it just to keep it as a cap to his version’s trilogy. Would it not be cool to see Keaton suited up one more time as Batman? Or that stylized and cool Batmobile once more in action?

Granted, it would take some writing to be done because, Joker died at the end of the first Batman movie and Jack Nicholson is for the most part retired (unless something spectacular comes along), but it could still work. It wouldn’t be just like the graphic novel but I’m pretty sure a cult of Joker and the Superman fight could all be done. Also, if done right, this could even kick off a Batman Beyond movie franchise where Keaton could reprise the roll of Bruce Wayne but not have to suit up.

Warner Bros. should be on the phone with Keaton, Burton, Pfeiffer, and whoever else needed to make this happen. Especially since the current DC Universe seems to be being picked apart by the critics at large (unfairly I would say but the fact is it is happening). The Dark Knight Returns as a movie and done in this way could be huge though!!!


Movie Reviews from the Stream 2/20/18

Alien Arrival (Netflix)

This one is a low budget sci-fi flick where a man who infiltrates an experimental ship crashes on a moon and then must survive. The alien, becomes himself when the moon, or creatures there, or some top secret experiment keeps bringing him back to life over and over. I’m a little unsure of just how or what was bringing him back to life. I know he gets “snatched” (a la Body Snatcher Aliens) but I’m not clear on if that is all part of the secret experiment or not??? It’s a decent movie to fire up if you like the single survivor and sidekick AI dynamic that seems to work so well ever since 2001: A Space Odyssey. The acting is pretty good for being low budget and I never got bored with what was taking place on screen.

Sidenote: It was filmed in Australia and I never knew that they had so many flies!!! In many of the outdoor scenes the actors were surrounded by flies.

Expelled from Paradise (Netflix)

This is another excellent anime that’s on Netflix right now. The premise is that a hacker (Frontier Setter) is breaking into the satellite paradise called DEVA and offering humans the chance to explore the stars. 99% of all humans are now digitized in DEVA while the rest live in the wastelands of Earth. Angela Balzac is a security agent on DEVA and is sent down to Earth on a body grown from her original genetic material. There she hooks up with Dingo, an Earth liaison, who will assist her in tracking down the hacker. Things are more than they seem though and when Angela is faced with the truth, will she finish off Frontier Setter or go against all that she has ever known and take on DEVA?

The animation is phenomenal and the colors pop off the screen. The final mech battle is how I see my first anime experience with Robotech, in my head. Granted, if you go back to Robotech now, those fights with that animation doesn’t hold up well, this is how I still remember it going down though!!! If you like anime, like mech fighting, and like cyberpunk style hacking and maybe even a little Mad Max… Then Expelled from Paradise is for you!!!

30 Years to Life (Amazon Prime)

This one is a low budget speculative sci-fi flick from 1998. Instead of sending people to prisons, society has come up with a way to age people the number of years that they would serve. When a 15 year old kid is framed for a murder, he is aged 30 years and then must find a way to prove his innocence. Would that be more of a deterrent than spending years in a prison? Maybe, maybe not… The movie speculates it would be and the thought of being prematurely aged is a frightening thing to think about. It’s an intriguing premise to say the least.

The acting is serviceable, the effects are on a shoestring budget, and the music is all old school synth. Should you take the time to check it out? I guess that really depends on how interesting you find the premise. It’s a B movie in pretty much every way, with an interesting premise. But if that doesn’t do it for you… You should probably move along.

Movie Reviews from the Stream

Magellan (Amazon Prime)

This is a low budget sci-fi flick where scientists find that 3 signals (of intelligent design) have started broadcasting, and they are all in our solar system. In a race against in other nations (Chinese), the US is sending a one man 10 year mission to each of the moons where the signals are coming from to investigate the source.

Right off the bat you notice just from the camera work that this is very low budget. The sets are sparse spaces, the astronaut suit looks like the best interpretation of a suit on a lo-fi budget, and the CGI is below video game levels. Still… What is broadcasting? What happens when all of the artifacts are found and are put together? I admit, I stuck with it to find out. So even though it is very low budget, I wanted to see where the story went. In that regard, it does draw you in. The resolution was interesting though it set up more questions and left us on a bit of cliffhanger where a second movie could be done (I hear they are doing an eBook sequel).

After watching this, I found out they had done a Kickstarter, not for making the movie per say, but more for the funding of getting it released and put on display. Should you watch it? That’s a tough call… if extreme low budget flicks check you out of the experience then this is probably not for you. I however could see what they wanted and intended in the grasp of what was probably unaffordable in a sci-fi budget. At least they shot for the stars and I give them credit for that. I’d check out the sequel if they followed it up.


Blame! (Netflix)

Blame! is an excellent anime that is on Netflix. It tells the story of a human group who has to hide in a safe zone from the machines that want to terminate all humans in the city, which it keeps building. Humans lost control of the machines due to a virus and now only someone with the Net Terminal Gene, can access those controls. So a mysterious man named Killi wanders the city looking for any human that may possess that gene. He ends up helping this group of survivors in their quest for food and safety from the machines.

The CGI is beautiful and the story elements between drama and action are very well balanced. This is a universe that is heavily influenced by dystopian cyberpunk and one that I would love to see more stories happen within. If you like anime or cyberpunk then definitely check this one out!!!


The Ritual (Netflix)

This may be the first spooky, terrifying, make you jump, horror thriller I’ve seen in a long time. When four friends do some hiking in Northern Sweden, they get off the normal trail and then are hunted by… something. The fact that this “something” is rarely seen, makes the movie all the more creepy. Normally horror movies are plagued by cliche after cliche but The Ritual kept me guessing and interested in what was going to happen next all the way through. The underlying message of “facing your fears” also plays out in a very intriguing way. So much so, that when you reach the end, there is a feeling of accomplishment in the resolution. I know that sounds vague but I honestly do not want to give the plot away because it is so good. Go watch it!!!


New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 2/14/18

Ninja-K #4 (Valiant)

There’s this trend happening throughout Valiant and I’m hoping it comes to an end soon… That trend is what I call: The Set Up. It seems like month after month each book is doing a set up. Recently it has been set ups for the bad guy or group (Bloodshot – Rampage, X-O Manowar – A bad guy group). In Ninja-K it has been a set up for each ninja of the alphabet that MI6 has used. In this issue, it is Ninja-G, a black woman betrayed by MI6. The entire book is her history so basically Ninjak just stands around listening. Thankfully, by the time I got to the end, the blurb said that this arc will conclude next month. This volume started out well enough but it is really no match for the prior volume. It really does feel like Valiant is spinning its wheels and doesn’t want to let anything get started before the coming of the Harbinger War 2 event. It’s been frustrating to say the least. Art was once again beautiful but the story and direction don’t live up to the “Ninja Spy” tales we had been promised so far. Ninjak is a character with so much more storytelling potential, hopefully it moves in a direction more like the last volume and less like what we have been getting.


Bloodshot Salvation #6 (Valiant)

Bloodshot takes his baby to the Deadside in this issue, in the hopes of finding some way to save her life. This issue flies by mainly because you are hypnotized by the beautiful artwork that is on every single page. Oh yeah… and at least we get some more Ninjak here!!! There really isn’t much action in this one and I’m already dreading issue #7 because it is the “blind issue” where every panel but the last page is black. I don’t feel like skimping on artwork next month, at $3.99 an issue, is a nice thing to do, but I will give them credit for the art in this issue which again, was beautiful in every panel.


Scooby Apocalypse #22 (DC)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… Scooby Apocalypse is way better than The Walking Dead. Same premise… monsters instead of zombies, but a much better and humorous story. The art is always fun to see and the bickering between the members of the team are hilarious. In this issue, they want to finally settle down and take over a mall as a base of operations. It was brought up in the last issue that that is the major mistake that happens in every zombie movie, but hey… why not? Daphne and Fred go into the mall to scope it out and they see two different sides of warring monsters, but because they are warring on each other, none of the monsters from outside are trying to get in. So Thelma thinks it’s still a good idea to take over some part of the mall and fortify it while these two groups kill each other off. I’m still happy with this series. It’s an enjoyable read. I do wish they would kill of the backup Secret Squirrel story and devote more pages to Scoob and the gang but… oh well…

Spawn (Full Series Review)

Spawn issues 1 – Current (282 as of this writing)

Spawn has had about 4 iterations in the series so far. There was the beginning with Al Simmons and the deal with Malebolgia that started everything off. He was more of a superhero back then. Then came the Jim Downing version which took the series into a very dark and occultish place. Then the return of Al Simmons in a soft reboot that reveled in inconsistencies, and now Al Simmons de-powered and human fighting crime as a superhero, which is thankfully moving back toward the occult and horror genre. As an FYI, Todd McFarlane has had total control over the character since issue #1. While there have been creative teams on the book, McFarlane has always had a say in how the book goes. When Spawn hits issue #300 it will officially be the longest running independent comic book on record. That in itself is a great achievement. How it got there is a tangled web filled with action, horror, drama, and so many inconsistencies that if you read it straight through, you have to scratch your head. Even so… You’ll love every minute of it.

Al Simmons Makes a Deal

The First Iteration: #1 – #185

It all started off easily enough… Al Simmons is killed on a mission, makes a deal with a devil (Malebolgia), is sent back to Earth 5 years later in a time jump, and sees that his wife has remarried and has a child, he can’t change into himself and instead transforms into a white man, and his whole life has been changed. We get the introduction of Sam and Twitch, the two detectives that this series utilizes extensively and then from time to time just forgets. We get Al’s wife Wanda, her husband Terry (Al’s former best friend), and then their daughter Cyan. Al/Spawn is confused throughout this run and routinely hides away in the shadows of the city’s alleyways. When Spawn does leave the ally’s, you as the reader kind of rejoice because a lot of time is spent in those ally’s, maybe too much time. You jump from occult evil villains to mistreated gorillas becoming cyborgs, and then everything in between. I kind of felt that for at least the first 100 books Spawn has an identity crisis of what it should be. Are they 90’s superhero or occult horror? In a way, it makes sense, because Malebolgia is basically screwing with Al the whole time and he is being made to be confused about his surroundings. Taken in monthly… it probably plays out better. Taken in a binge read… You can feel and see the fight for what the book should be.

When the book reaches a box, the twins are brought in. These twins, born to Wanda in a miraculous and accelerated birth end up being God and the Devil. From there, there is a massive fight between Spawn and the twins which supposedly results in the gateways to Heaven and Hell, to and from Earth, being closed. I say supposedly because all of this is forgotten later. From the Twins, locked away in their heaven and hell, to the gateways being locked. We end up coming to our first soft reboot when Al blows his own head off with his powers and the mysterious Jim Downing wakes up from a coma.

The Downing Files

The Second Iteration #185 – #250

The mysterious Jim Downing wakes up from a coma in a hospital and a whole new cast of characters are introduced. The book goes full on occult and horror and guess what? It works. The art style becomes one where it looks as if every panel is painted. It’s dark, Spawn is more terrifying, and the foes of Spawn are actually quite scary. We have the introduction of the Catholic church and Vampires even. Don’t get attached to these storylines though (I did), because they end up being left unanswered. This section of Spawn ended up being the best story so far. It had a great set up, it was very in depth, it felt like it had a direction and was leading somewhere. Sure we missed Al but then we had also found out that before Al offed himself, he had abused Wanda and took the life of their unborn child in that abuse. So in a way, it was easier to get over him and move onto Jim Downing.

When issue #250 hits and Jim’s story is rapidly ended in another soft reboot, it is a jolt and not the good kind. What happened with the cast that was helping Jim? What happened with Marc Rosen’s girlfriend who was being inhabited by a demon? What happened between the two sects of vampires? What happened to Clown’s plans? Even the build up of the vampire Bludd and his ultimate plan to use the Spawn symbiote to breach the gates of Heaven is left to wither in the wind. None of these are answered because “Al just decided to come back.”

Al’s Back…

The Third Iteration Issues #251 – #262

Al comes back and Jim Downing is in a coma again. We get a new artist who is not very good (thankfully he is not around for very long!!!) and we get books that revel in inconsistencies. I could forgive the whole gates to Heaven and Hell being closed inconsistency in the last iteration because hinging it all on the suit and the dead zones are partially acceptable. But now, those gates are no more. The twins of Wanda and Terry are back (????????). I’m not sure how since the twins were God and the Devil and they both went to their respective homes. Doesn’t matter apparently. The unborn soul of a son of Al and Wanda is a factor, even though in Al’s previous tenure as Spawn, he fought a person named Morana who was the unborn daughter of Al and Wanda. It turns out this soul is now Al’s soul (???????). God and Satan are now the visage of an old man and a demon though God does turn into Granny (???????) and a dog (????????)… Seriously, this third iteration felt like Twilight Zone Spawn.

Al finds out that Wanda burned alive in a car accident and since Heaven and Hell go even/odd on where souls go, Wanda was unlucky and went to hell. So Al is going to go to Hell and save her. This sets up a massive battle where Wanda is ultimately sent to Heaven, Satan is defeated, Spawn is made human and gives up his symbiote suit (keeping but a piece of the living suit secretly), and once again, the gates to Heaven and Hell are closed and locked on Earth… Again.

Honestly…. I didn’t really like these issues. From art to story they just felt like flimsy tangents after the depth of the Jim Downing story. It was a retread of the battle against Malebolgia and had no meaning other than to make Al realize that his wife, who he formerly abused, loved him and wanted him to become a superhero to protect the children of the world… Ugh… Wanda should have stamped the hashtag #MeToo on Al’s head and sent him to hell while she emerged as the new Spawn. That would have been preferable even.

Al is Superhero Spawn…oh wait… maybe…

The fourth Iteration Issues #263 – #275 (and possibly the fifth iteration with #276 – #282)

Al has no powers, a fragment of the symbiote suit that must grow, and a storage locker of money and guns so he can become Batman/Punisher on the streets and stop crime. Yes, we are now a superhero in tights book again. I really felt that this stretch was just searching for an identity again. It’s with issue #276 that we start to feel like we are at home again with the “Dark Horror” arc. This arc is once again that dark and creepy painted style and the horror aspects overtake the superhero. I’m not ready to split this iteration up yet because this arc just ended and I’m not sure if it will stay with the good occult slant or revert to superhero stuff again next month. However… I do like that Cyan now has a dark power and it seems she may be getting here very own monthly, which I think is pretty cool. Issues #276 – #282 were simply beautiful to look at and read because it did feel so much like the Downing/Spawn. With luck, this current creative team can stick around awhile!!!

For all of the inconsistencies, soft reboots, and retcons… I still loved reading through every issue (not so much #251 – #262 but I digress…). Spawn at its best is a dark adult comic that deals with the occult and horror situations. When it shrugs off the “superhero” moniker it pulls the reader into a world that is truly frightening and yet exciting at the same time. When the full cast of characters are being attended to (and not forgotten for issues on end), we get a very dynamic book with much depth and drama that makes you want more. I’ve got the first 30 issues from when the comic originally came out and then I’ve re-bought them and have the whole series in digital via Comixology, and new issues are subscribed too, so I’ll be continuing down this dark path with Spawn and I can’t wait to see what is coming for #300 and beyond!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/12/18

The Republicrats have Arrived!!!

This bipartisan budget deal that was just pushed through is reckless and disgusting. The Republicans sold out so they could get military spending and in the process gave the Democrats a blank check on social spending. FYI: We the people pay for everything. So the constituents that WANT stuff have no issue in getting their elected leaders to take your money and use it for whatever military or social program they have in mind. Meanwhile YOU waste the effort and the time and hours of your life in trade for that money that they just rip away. The most selfish people on this planet are those for higher taxes and higher spending.

This little action should also fall under the “shame on me” saying. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You see, back when W was first in office, he had a dominate congress and senate in the first 2 years, which when faced with dominance, went into spend mode. Then all of that tea party resistance stuff happened and Republicans had to fight their way back, in the hope that there could be some sort of fiscal responsibility in this country before it was too late. Cut to now and we see it was all lie. You also can’t blame it 100% on the RINO’s either because the voters I’ve seen online today are defending this. You know what that means? GAME OVER.

We don’t have enough educated voters to turn the tide. The majority of the people out there selfishly want the military or social spending, deficit talk be damned. When the country falls like Rome or austerity measures are enacted like in Greece… The military will suffer and the social programs will all be gone. But that’s what you reckless and irresponsible people deserve.

I’m ready for that AI uprising already. Let a computer take control because we have seen that humans are incapable of governing.

(Sidenote: The Trump $1.5 Trillion infrastructure spending plan is coming soon and I’m sure the Republicrats from both sides will be drooling over this and fully ready to pass it recklessly through.)

I Really Can’t Defend DC Anymore…

A standalone Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix? A Lobo movie directed by Michael Bay? Shazam? Did anyone ask for any of these movies or even really want them? Never mind the fact that Suicide Squad will still have Jared Leto as Joker. DC’s movie map is just a perplexing mess in my view. Wonder Woman 2 may actually be the only interesting thing coming out of DC on the horizon. I liked Justice League and even BvS but this roadmap is just all over the place. I really don’t think a Joker movie is going to sell well either. The movie execs may not be able to see it but fandom is rather bored with Joker. Hey… it happens. I see more bombs in the future for DC.


The Star Trek Discovery Season Finale and the Enterprise

Season one has been awesome and the season finale was a great way to cap it all off. When the Enterprise comes on screen… (the feels)… I can’t wait for Season two now!!! All of the naysayers for this show have been totally off base, most having never watched the requisite 3 episodes to really get a feel for it. This is the Star Trek I’ve wanted since first watching the Original series. BRAVO for Star Trek Discovery season 1!!!

FYI: Ad Blockers are now a Valuable Tool against Security Risks

Ads are now being infected, on major sites, to deploy malware that can use your system in the mining of cryptocurrency. All you have to do in some cases is browse to one of these sites and you are infected. Google and the other ad platforms are doing nothing about it either. So lets be real here… Are any of these sites or companies going to clean up your machine, help protect your identity when info is stolen, or do anything to really stop this? NO. So screw them… Be smart and use an Ad Blocker. It’s time sites out there found better ways of monetizing than through advertising.

Don’t tow the line… Just read the stream…

The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix)

I’m not sure what many of the jaded critics out there were smoking but this is a really good movie. It’s pure “Cloverfield” for one. Secondly, it has that “Alien” feel to it, as far as building tension. Having said that, it was much better than the last Alien movie. The ending wasn’t your average cliche ending that you seem to get with every female led group movie since the dawn of Alien. The acting was good, the music works, and the CGI was done well too.

Part of me just thinks that sci-fi fandom has become jaded. They claim they want more varied sci-fi media but then when they get it, they rip it up and hold it up to the same old same old movies and TV that came before. The Cloverfield movies tell different stories, not really linked, but possibly linked, and give us interesting characters to follow throughout.

Regardless what the hive group mind of sheep on the internet think, I think Netflix has a winner here and it is definitely worth checking out for any sci-fi fan out there. I also applaud Netflix for debuting the trailer at the beginning of the Super Bowl and dropping the movie on the platform for all to stream right after the game. I wish more movies would go direct because the “theater experience” these days leaves much to be desired. Give me my HD screen, home sound system, and a pause button. You can keep your fight for the middle good seats, theater screens or sound systems that seem to always have issues, and the smell of jalapeno nachos wafting strongly through the air. Home viewing is just better in my humble opinion.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/8/18

Cyberpunk Dystopia

I was worried there for a few minutes. Under leftist Democrats we would have moved toward a more dystopian cyberpunk world via their bad policies and the crack down on their own citizens. We would all truly be high tech and low life, just like all of the stories. But then they lost control and that hellish dystopia began moving away. Leave it to the good old Republicans to get us back on track though, with this really bad bipartisan budget bill that will spend us into bankruptcy. I can safely say that we are back on track for the US collapse and dystopian living!!! Thanks worthless politician overlords!!!

My Quest for the Grail comes to an END

Knightfall (History) may get a second season but I doubt very much that I will be along for the ride. The show was plagued by cliches (the been there, done that, love triangle), overly dramatic dialogue, and sets that looked like… sets. Not to mention that later shows put in twist upon twist in an effort to be clever, though it came off as more annoying. The sets really annoyed me from the beginning. I understand they had a fire early on that destroyed many of the sets but regardless, the sets looked too “perfect” and clean. It wasn’t like Game of Thrones where the sets look lived in and aged. Therefore scenes never really felt very real. Then you have the love triangle between the Templar Landry, the Queen, and the King. Why? Just why??? A point of real contention for me was the dull blades. They were so rounded that their bluntness showed in every scene. I understand using a dull blade for fight scenes but when you are just standing around with your sword out, at least have a semi sharp edge. The viewers can see this stuff pretty damn clearly in HD. They also tried to inject a fantasy aspect into it with the grail but the writers seemed to be too scared to go the extra mile with it. Either the grail in the end was a fake or it never worked. Sadly… I just do not care. I have to also say, in the 9th episode Landry was kneecapped with a massive hammer and the very next episode he’s running into battle. That may have been the most fantasy part of the whole series. Who needs the grail when you have magical kneecaps?

Venom Teaser Trailer

Why is Sony making this?

Ars Technica has been Expunged

I used to really like this site for tech but… They’ve gone off the deep end in “blogging editorial reporting” now. Pretty much every piece is an opinion rant or has a political slant in some way. It’s like, “Hey, come here to our site so you can read our whining and depressing Millennial rants.” So they have gone the way of Engadget, The Verge, and so many before them…

What’s this? What’s this I see? G+ Engagement!!!

It’s not the rollicking good times of old but I have been having more engagement on G+ of late. More so than on Twitter and Facebook. Actual convos!!! My blog has also been getting more hits from G+ than either of the other 2 services. I don’t know if it is a fluke, flash in the pan, or what… but it’s been nice. G+ has a long way to go to get back to what it was. Even finding interesting people to follow is almost impossible these days because their Discovery and People tabs are colossal mess. Showing me people to follow who I already unfollowed because they are no longer active on the service is just dumb. So I’m taking this uptick with a grain of salt and a load of caution.

Funko Pop… POPPED!!!

I used to love collecting these things but honestly… They are just releasing too many now. Also, the ones with variations are not that varied. One had a cigar and the other didn’t for one of the Halo ones coming out. So unless there is a series 2 of Mr. Robot Pops, I think I’m done collecting them. I honestly just cannot keep up…

This Stream has POPPED!!!

My Broken Angels (Altered Carbon Sequel) Casting

Altered Carbon on Netflix was awesome and now it’s time to think of casting for Broken Angels, the sequel to Altered Carbon. If you’ve read the book, then you know that Takeshi Kovacs is in a new sleeve and he’s on another planet with a cast of characters looking for an Alien ship. So let’s cast this thing…

Roger Cross (Dark Matter) as Takeshi Kovacs

Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher) as Tanya Wardani

Steve Howey (Shameless) as Jan Schneider

Ed Stoppard (Knightfall) as Matthias Hand

Those are my picks… Now Netflix, make it happen!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/6/18

If a Tree Falls in a Forest…

But no one is there to hear it… Does it make a sound? Let’s find out.

Conan is coming to Amazon Prime

News broke yesterday that Conan is in development for Amazon Prime. The best part… It’s supposed to be based on the original stories by Robert E. Howard. For many Arnold Schwarzenegger is the default Conan, and while I love those movies, that really wasn’t the Conan that you read in the books. I do hope that they go for the Frank Frazetta style from the classic art and comic book covers. And please… don’t make him just use one special sword. Conan uses whatever weapons are available to him in whatever area of the world he is in. I hope this turns out good!!!

Spinning Wheels

I have a revision to do for my NaNoWriMo book and then I need to finish my Cyberpunk book… but I’m not feeling the writing process right now. It’s like the wires are crossed in the brain or something and that leads to a shutdown, reboot, and continuous loop. Plus I’m seconding guessing myself on the revision. I think I despise the revision process the most now. Writing the book… no biggie… revising it… what a damn drag.

I Need an Adventure

I really feel like this little cube in a closet that is my work environment is taking its toll on me. No natural light, no air flow, white noise and either too hot or too cold temps from the vents. It’s quite “cell-like.” After 5 years in an office with a big window and natural lighting, where I never turned on the office lights, this cell has been quite hellish in comparison. Like the Queen song went… I want to break free!!! Ergo an adventure. Somewhere not confined inside a closed space for hours and weeks on end. What that adventure could be… well… I have no idea??? I just know I need one. I feel like I’m missing out on living life because every week revolves around work. Sleeping, eating, any free time is all at the whims of this place right now. There must be more than just working the hours of life away. There has to be…

What do you want to eat tonight?

It’s the age old question and the number reason why I want the powers that be to create a “Nutrition Pill” that gives one the needed daily nutrition while making one not feel hungry at all. Just think about it, no more back and forth on what you should eat that night and no more wasting an hour or so with prep, cook, and actual eating. Just pop an N-tab and go…

That’s the Stream…