New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/11/18

Ninja-K #6 (Valiant)

What an awesome issue and a great jumping on point for new readers. This issue sets Ninja-K vs Ninja-K-2 who was originally chosen to be Ninja-K but who was downgraded when Colin King came along (Why not just make Colin King Ninja-J then Mi6??? But I digress). The art is superb and there is some nice ninja action going on within these pages. It looks like this new coalition is going to be more than Ninja-K can handle so by the sound of it, we’ll be getting some guest stars next month to help Ninja-K out. I have to say, in this new series, this has been the best issue yet and it has me excited for the next one!!!

Bloodshot Salvation #8 (Valiant)

YES!!! Back to the Bloodshot we all know and love after that lazy “artless” last issue. As for the art here, it is beautiful and how Bloodshot art should be done. Much like Ninja-K it also has the realistic painted look which I’ve really come to love. In this issue, Bloodshot and Bloodhound fight through the Deadside to save his daughter. A deal is made that saves her but in the process, Bloodshot and Bloodhound are transported to 4002 AD to assassinate someone to fulfill the deal. This makes sense as the timeline becomes more clear and the reader understands those first issues where the fighting was taking place in 4002 AD. I really hope this is a second wind in the Bloodshot title and that it can sustain it into what appears to be an awesome direction.

Gideon Falls #2 (Image)

This is the second issue of a deep mystery and it’s hard to review. It’s hard to review because I don’t know what is going on yet. The crazy guy in the city that collects nails has his apartment broken into and when he goes to tell his therapist, she doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, The new Father to Gideon Falls is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit and the police think he is crazy because he says he followed Father Tom (the last preacher) out to the Black Barn, which is not there. Father Tom supposedly drowned 2 weeks before. Then Father Tom turns up dead in the woods and he’s holding a nail. It ends with the therapist seeing the Black Barn in the streets of the city. Gideon Falls is just getting started and the horror and “what the fuck” elements are all being layered and put into place. I love the atmosphere and the tension in the book. I really can’t wait to see where it goes!!!

Scooby Apocalypse #24 (DC)

24 issues and Daphne FINALLY says YES to Fred’s marriage proposal!!! And then there is a great disturbance in the fabric of reality as we prepare for something big from the 2 groups of “consumerist monsters” fighting for dominance of the mall. I know I’ve said this before but, The Walking Dead has nothing on Scooby Apocalypse. Great characters, complex motivations, and survival made entertaining vs TWD’s slog fest boredom. Now if only Shaggy gets some courage to tell the woman he likes that he actually likes her…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/6/18

Climate Scientists FAIL to put the Puzzle Together

The easy route is to blame man made climate change. I 100% agree that man pollutes and man is irresponsible and should stop doing this but that is not what is happening. If you actually link the movement of change, you see that the cold is moving down over North America for longer periods of time. That same amount of movement can also be seen in Antarctic where one side (the side they measure to prove their global warming point) is melting while ice on the other side is growing at an even fast rate. We have some really bad scientists out there who treat science as a religion and policy as dogma. At one time, the antarctic was hot. Man had nothing to do with that. Climate will always change. The real issue is that people live in the here and now and can’t grasp long term change. Back before man centralized with cities they would migrate as the weather changed. There are too many people now to do that (overpopulation… again). Animals still try and migrate with weather patterns but man has made these gigantic cities everywhere and now that the weather is changing, the animals can’t migrate accordingly. Seriously… The climate change is most likely natural but man IS a problem with pollution and overpopulation which affects how we view it. We need policies to stop pollution. Not idiotic cap and trade ponzi schemes that get government rich and in the business of selling pollution. We also need some sort of way to stop people from breeding the way they are. Human overpopulation is the real threat to this planet and all who exist on it.

The Xbox One NEEDS More Exclusives and some Third Person Hack & Slash Games!!!

I’ve had every generation of Xbox and frankly, this current generation is piss poor where games are involved. That is, unless you love FPS (First Person Shooters). It seems like every game is a damn FPS. Then you take into account that we have seen no new Fable (Microsoft closed the studio), no new Ninja Gaiden (WTF???), no new Prince of Persia (Helloooo anyone out there in developer land???), just nothing compelling at all. Sure, there have been some updated past collections made into HD but we’ve already played them. Where is the cool new stuff??? The PS4 has cool games coming out in waves (all 3rd person and platform) yet we only get the millionth iteration of some FPS nonsense. Microsoft really needs to step it up here. There are more gamers out there besides FPS and sports game gamers.

Governments Making Ransomware Illegal

Michigan has created a law whereby possession of ransomware is now a felony. I bet the hackers are just shaking in their boots… Are politicians really this stupid? Don’t answer that. Yes. Yes they are. Government is such a clusterf**k of idiocy.

Marriage is in the Comic Book Air

A lot of marriages seem to be happening in comic books currently. The two biggest are Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and then Colossus and Kitty Pryde of the X-men. Meanwhile… Marvel is still not putting Peter Parker (Spider-man) and MJ back together and that still bugs the hell out of me. Come on Marvel!!! Out of all the characters that should be together, Peter and MJ should be. OK, maybe Reed Richards and Sue Storm should always be together too but these are the top married couples in comics for crying out loud.

On another note… I’m rereading the Ultimate Spider-man run currently and I’m at the part where Peter Parker broke up with MJ because he feared that him being Spidey would get her killed. So 2 weeks go by and he starts dating Kitty Pryde, because since she is powered up, she can take care of herself. They did make a cute couple… But I digress.

The New Thirty Seconds to Mars Hits Today!!!

I know… I have Amazon Music Unlimited (and I LOVE it!!!) but I bought this in CD form too (same for Imagine Dragons – Evolve), because I wanted to listen to them in the car on the CD player. No… sorry… I’m not buying a new entertainment deck for my vehicle just to stream from my phone. I suppose that will come with the next vehicle I get but until that time, it’s radio and CD. I just got the notification from Amazon that the CD has arrived at home too. Super Excited!!! The Imagine Dragons should arrive tomorrow. That is definitely my favorite album and band right now. You just can’t categorize the interesting fusion of sounds and styles that Imagine Dragons have created. As far as Thirty Seconds to Mars, I’ve heard 2 songs from the album and liked them both… so here’s hoping the entire album is just as awesome!!!

Is it 2020 Yet?

Just asking? I’m not sure how bad his royal Trumpness is going to tank our economy with these stupid tariffs (which amount to skyrocketing taxes paid for by the consumer), but I’m so over this dude.

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New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/4/18

God Complex #5 (Image)

Only one new comic in my subscriptions released this week and that is God Complex #5 from Image. In this issue, Seneca has become a halfbreed in recreation and resurrection from death from the last issue. The “Gods” have given him this gift but he’s not too happy about it. Then again he’s in complete pain because the cybernetics haven’t meshed with his organic system just yet and all he cares about doing is getting back out there to fight the Trinity. A cool new feature he gets is his ability to go into “cyberspace” at anytime from anywhere so that’s a plus. Great art and the story is cyberpunk as anything so I’m still loving this series. Guess what? This was actually last month’s issue so this month’s issue supposedly hits next week!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/5/18

YouTube CREATED the Shooter

YouTube enabled these nobodies with no skills to make massive money and then YouTube changed the rules, pulled the rug out from under these people who became dependent on that very money, and you see the results from yesterday’s shooting on the Youtube campus. Granted, she was bonkers for doing what she did but her indictment and ranting on YouTube was spot on.

Let’s also take time to note that California has heavily restrictive gun laws and they didn’t stop her from shooting up a gun free campus. Let’s also note that authorities were warned by her family that she was probably going to do something and those authorities did nothing because law enforcement takes place AFTER the crime.

Trump Tariff Tantrums and Social Threats

Can someone turn this guy off? Take his damn Twitter away? Is it 2020 yet? His tariffs are stupid and now there is a trade war with China who just placed tariffs right back on us and all this does is raise the prices to consumers. So dumb. Then you have Trump attacking companies like Amazon via Twitter and causing it monetary damage as well as Amazon investors, even after Trump was told by the USPS that the Amazon contracts make them money. Trump was a colossal mistake. I’m tired of hearing about his Twitter tantrums and markets tanking over his dumb rants. His economic policies could quite possibly be worse than his predecessor… That is a horrifying thought but one that appears to be true.

The Magicians Season Finale

What a good episode!!! What a great season!!! Julia went from hedge witch to Goddess and then gave up the power for the sake of magic to return, only to be screwed by the Dean of Brakebills and the very devious library. Our fellowship of magicians were made to forget everything as the ultimate evil escaped Blackspire castle and now hunts them down. All of this and now we must wait until 2019 when the show returns (already renewed thankfully!!!). Seriously… Everything about this show is just awesome!!! If you haven’t caught it yet, catch up with the first 2 seasons on Netflix and then the 3rd season will probably be released just before the 4th season starts to play on SYFY. You won’t regret watching it!!!

Since Removing Social Media from my Phone…

I haven’t been checking social media… at all. It’s been great. You appreciate things more. From the music you hear to the pages in a book you read… that feeling of not “sharing” an opinion instantly, and actually taking the time to think and enjoy something, is a wonderful thing. Outside of this blog, which I don’t write in everyday, I really don’t have a desire to add to the noise in a social media platform now. It’s just a wasted time suck black hole echo chamber of nonsense.

That’s the Stream… Streamline it!!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/1/18

Hashtag Warrior Nonsense and the Boycott Brigade

Hashtags and social media protests are just noise. The media likes to make these into a story and proclaim that this is how the world thinks but really… not so much. More and more we are seeing that the social media outrage is from a minority of people. Even these Parkland protests for ignorance which admittedly had a lot of people, (not many actual kids) show up, are not the majority of popular thought. They are hashtag warriors which are an annoyance at best. Twitter is the biggest offender here. They get a majority of morons on Twitter (which is a minority for the entire country) Tweeting nonsense and then the media jumps on it because for some reason Twitter is viable news (it’s not for the most part), and you have your Hashtag Warrior story right there. Boring…

Then you have the Boycott Brigade on both sides who are trying to manipulate media and advertising by getting together their lame boycotts. These people on both sides are so damn tiring so…

I’ve Removed Social Media from my Phone

I can’t take these people anymore. I don’t want to see these things throughout the day anymore. I’ve got my Kindle app, Comixology app, Marvel Universe app, WordPress app, and Amazon Music Unlimited app, plus access to tons of other sites and media that have nothing to do with shitty social media. Social media is just useless… one big echo chamber that has no possible chance of changing anyone’s mind. Just people who want to rant to others and in turn be validated through “likes.” It’s just one big waste of time to get into debates with people and it does nothing anyway. That’s if you can reach anyone outside the echo chamber which for the most part… you can’t. It’s just regurgitating crap that others would regurgitate and 90% of the time it’s political crap. It’s not fun. It’s not worthwhile.

American Jedi

My word… what am I watching??? There are people who identify as Jedi and it is a recognized religion in some countries. It’s the 4th biggest religion in the UK. There are even Sith who are into BDSM and oppose the Jedi… This is a documentary I came across on Sling TV and it’s sad really… It’s another case of people who give up their individuality to join some ‘group dynamic” so they can create a group identity. Whether it is religion, race, gender/sex, or sexual orientation… no one wants to be an individual anymore. They want to be just another sheep in whatever group they “fit into.” So pathetic. Be an individual. Be YOU. Ignore the group dynamic hive mind mentality. I guess they need some gray Jedi then (No, they don’t… that’s a joke for the pic above)… Oy vey!!!

I Found One Punch Man Dubbed Episodes Online

I’ve watched some that were subbed but honestly, I like watching dubbed so I don’t have to read while the cool art flashes by on screen. So using Bing Video, I’ve finally found sources that have the episodes. The dubs are really good too, Netflix has the sub so it’s odd that they don’t have they dubbed ones too. Oh well… I’m glad I found them!!!

That’s the Stream… Catch you on the flip side…

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 3/28/18

Saga #50 (Image)

I can state with 100% authority that Saga is my favorite monthly book to read. This issue starts out with… sex. Specifically Marko going to town down under on Alana. Hey, it’s date night!!! They discuss whether they should really run or if they should take the reporters deal for a new life. They know they have to run run though because both Alana and Hazel would never be able to stay satisfied with staying on one planet for the rest of their life while in hiding. Meanwhile Robot and his son are handing over the political intrigue to the reporters so they can take the deal and get a new life, hidden from King Robot. Hazel takes in some practice fighting and magic time and is disappointed that the “family” is splitting up and she blames Robot for taking the deal. Robot’s son is planning on doing what “all adults do when they get into trouble… runaway.”

The quality of this book is like no other. On the one hand, I WANT more every month but on the other, I wouldn’t want to hurt the quality of the book by having more rushed out. These characters really have become as close to real as characters can get from the page. This book is simply amazing. Pick it up and pick up the entire series. It is worth it!!!

Spawn #284 (Image)

My second favorite read of every month is Spawn. This issue is CREEPY. The art is wonderfully horrifying too. We the reader don’t know what Spawn’s plan is right now but in this issue, he allows the police/government to capture him. Though, they can’t get his mask off, take X-rays of him, or identify him in anyway. So the police fly off the handle and beat him when he refuses to answer questions. With no pulse, and not moving, they take him down to the morgue to be autopsied and have his mask cut off. The last panel is of the saw getting closer to the mask. What a way to end on a cliffhanger and leave me wanting more!!!

X-O Manowar #13 (Valiant)SMDH… It’s the same rudimentary art from the last issue. None of the beautiful paintings or sweeping scenes that this series started with. And the really bad part… This doesn’t explain how the armor broke free of the force field in the last issue. It makes the stand alone bounty hunter issue completely worthless because it wraps up their story in a much too easy way. It wraps up the entire series 1 – 13 to date with a tidy bow even offering up the reason why Aric left Earth in a couple of panels. It’s like, they had to wrap it up quick and neat and do it as fast as possible in this last issue before Aric heads back to Earth for the coming Harbinger Wars 2. It even goes through several panels dedicated to wrapping up all of the politics of the world that Aric failed to rule when he was on the throne. Everything is pretty damn perfect there now.

This second volume of X-O Manowar started off promising but over the last several months completely went off the rails. The last several issues (since that wasted bounty hunter set up) have felt scattered and now completely rushed. Why can’t we have a better artist for this too??? The art looks like it would fit better on the Sunday newspaper comics panels. It just doesn’t live up to the art that this book started off with.

We’ll see how the next book goes. I’ve been waiting for this next one (issue #14) just because the cover art looks so damn good, but if the interior art is more of the same and the story doesn’t quickly move to something interesting… I may end up dropping it. We will see…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/27/18

The World Wide Censored Web (WWCW) BAN EVERYTHING!!!

Ban the Russians from buying ads because Americans might be easily persuaded. Ban the sex workers from placing ads because adults should be protected from paid sex. Ban the cryptocurrency ads because… I have no clue. Ban foul language from Xbox Live because the EARS SHALL BLEED!!! BAN EVERYTHING because people are fucking wussies now. The internet is becoming a cesspool of banned territories in order not to offend anyone. Other than using the web for digesting media… it’s pretty much worthless for everything now. It’s getting to the point of being regulated to death. The companies who keep the keys to the internet are only too happy to be the government’s whores on censorship policy too. More people are hurt and more freedoms are restricted through regulation of the internet but you safety pin wearing safe spaces sitting PC SJW’s are getting exactly what you want. A censored web that is worthless for free thought and speech.

The left is DEMANDING the Second Amendment be Repealed

For the morons in the peanut gallery… The 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendment and is also in place as a check on our government becoming oppressive. So if you want 2A repealed then you are ignorant and quite literally anti-American.

We need to END all Money going to Vietnam

I just saw the sick way these monsters treat dogs. Boiling them alive to eat with the thought that the more pain they are in the tasty they are. Just disgusting. Everyday humans sicken me more and more. The futility of being able to stop monstrous humans from the vile things they do to animals makes one feel powerless. Of course we won’t end aid or do anything because this sick society thinks we have to “coexist” and all that garbage. Shit, the people over here kill dogs and cats in kill shelters weekly because humans are on this planet are an unenlightened virus.

Dear Vaxxers on the Right

You keep rightly saying the world is using too many antibiotics and that it is making them less useful but then you demand that everyone be vaccinated when the same dynamic applies to vaccines and the body’s immunity. You know… hypocrisy and shit…

The Luck of the Draw

Some people just get all of the luck. I was looking up some actors on this excellent show called Hard Sun (HULU). Think Seven with a sci-fi-ish tinge to the mix. Anyway, both the main male and female leads have done it all. Male: TV, Movies, Music. Female: TV, Movies, Modeling. It makes me think about the failures of having a music career where there was never any luck to be had even after putting steps forward. Same with wanting an art career. Back then, if you didn’t do art school, then people told you to just forget about every doing comics. We didn’t have the internet back then to look up the artists and find that many never went to art school. Our teachers drilled it into us though. I doubt my art was up to par anyway. I see so many artists online that just bury me when it comes to drawing. Still… You always think, “What if X happened that time and something took off?” Then of course you always wonder, “I wonder what it would be like if I was doing something I loved to be doing?” If wishes were fishes…

Enough dreaming on the line… Stream it…