Bushido Musashi – Koga Black Ninja Sword

This sword is my first “Ninja sword.” the Bushido Musashi – Koga Black Ninja Sword w/ a full Tang. The previous link will take you to Trueswords.com where I bought it. This sword is very nice and my first fully functional and sharp sword.

Now I know the “Ninja-to” straight sword never existed in historical Nippon (Japan) but I was growing up in the 80’s and this was the Hollywood sword that introduced a generation of us to the Ninja. Regardless of the historical accuracy, it’s a cool damn sword.

This one is longer than a “traditionally thought of” Ninja-to (Overall 40 3/4 inches as opposed to 34 1/2 inches). Even so… it cuts like a trooper. Even the thick Bamboo (yes bamboo grows in Georgia and is quite common) cuts effortlessly. The blade is black in looks very nice. Carbon Steel and a full tang held in place by 2 mekugi pegs, this is a fully functional blade.

I bought it for $59.99 which is a SUPER deal!!! Sword Buyers Guide is like the Bible of websites for sword collectors and the review of this sword is HERE.

If you want an affordable Ninja sword that looks very nice and is fully functional then this is one should definitely check out.

My First Tai Chi Sword

The next sword I bought was a Tai Chi sword. Chinese in nature and really I just liked the look of it with the white saya (sheath) and white hilt or handle. It also had the cool Yin & Yang symbol in the guard the I just liked the look of it.

This sword could be used for practice forms in Tai Chi but it’s not a good candidate for swinging around fast and cutting. The tang is not full and the blade is completely dull. This one for me is for display purposes only. Even so… I still like the look of it.

Excalibur – Sword of Kings (Display)

The first sword I bought was the replica Excalibur sword which really isn’t much of a replica at all. Nothing like the Discerner which is an exact copy of the Excalibur movie sword, but cheap and affordable. In other words it has a pommel and a wire wrapped handle. It’s nice to look at and the blade, while stainless steel, looks good when showing it off for just display purposes. I wouldn’t go swinging it around or trying to cut anything, but just for display purposes it looks nice.

While I’d love to have the Discerner… That price tag is just too high for my blood. This little wall hanger will do when it comes to Excalibur. Although… there are cheaper options on Kult of Athena and the temptation to grab one may just come back… Who knows?

*I’m not linking the site it was bought on because I had trouble with them in getting this sword shipped even.

The Samurai Set

My first swords were a Samurai set given to me by my Mom for a Birthday… or maybe it was Christmas… present. I forget which one. Suffice it to say, I was surprised. This took place long after I’d grown up and gotten married. So I’ve always been a lurker on Sword sites and forums but I still had not pulled the trigger on buying my own.

This set is for display only and came with a display stand. Made of stainless steel and I’m pretty sure they have rat tail tangs because there are no mekugi pegs (the pegs that secure the handle to the Tang), so swinging or cutting are strictly out of the question. The set looks nice and we have them displayed on the top shelf of my wife’s home office.

All in all, they display well and look very nice.

The Bokken’s that Started it All

My first Bokken was the smaller Wakizashi (above). I got this when I was a kid, in I believe Lincoln Nebraska (way back when I lived there) or Omaha (I forget). I’m not sure how old I was, probably in 3rd or 4th grade at the time. It was during a vacation and my Mom took me to a Martial Arts/ “Ninja store”. I remember waiting in line to buy this, and at that time it was coolest thing in the world. There were some teenagers in line ahead of us and they were buying the “Ninja claws” for climbing in an actual “Ninja” class they were taking… Freaking blew my mind that there was an actual “Ninja class” somewhere!!!

The Wakizashi came with the tsuba and the habaki which in English speak is the hand guard (tsuba) and the little piece over the blade and next to the tsuba (habaki) which was a plastic-like white band. Unfortunately I could never get the habaki to fit down the wood blade so my bokken Wakizashi only has the tsuba.

Let’s just say, after I got this I was a fucking NINJA. I’d slide the Wakizashi through the shoulder strap on my black jacket so I could carry it over my shoulder and on my back just like the Hollywood Ninjas taught all of us. I was Sho Kosugi from Revenge of the Ninja!!! I was cool. Anyway…

When we moved to Atlanta and I came across this bokken katana (longer than the Wakizashi) at a Pier One Imports and had to have it. Thankfully my Mom bought it for me. It took some hard work but on this one I was able to slide the habaki all the way down to the tsuba. Now I was a freaking Samurai like Hatchi Man from Thundercats. Once again… I was awesome… Anyway…

Both are solid wood and I’ve used both on occasion in the middle of the night to go check on an unidentified noise. Some people use a bat… I used a bokken.

Spider-man #1

 It’s hard to believe that this comic is now 27 years old. I remember, when I bought it (them), that it was a time when comics were booming. Todd McFarlane was THE artist of the time (still one of the greatest today) and this was one of the most eagerly anticipated comics in modern times. 

 I met Todd McFarlane at the big yearly comic show in Atlanta. In 1990, that show was actually bigger than the now massive Dragon*con which was just a small little affair across the street. After Todd had signed tons of books, he stuck around for awhile and my friend and I were able to talk with him for a bit. We had asked him, if he knew how many spiders he had drawn on the number 1 cover, and he wasn’t sure. So he told us to count them, and then give him our answer and addresses and that he might see if he could make a contest out of it. I’m not sure if it ever became a contest, but it was very cool to meet my artistic hero of the time. He was very cool, answered all of our questions, and joked around with those that had stayed after the signing. 

 Spider-man number 1 had several variants. The sealed version, the regular version, the black and silver version, the black and gold version, and then there may have been a few more. I got my “regular version” signed by both Todd McFarlane and Jim Salicrup (editor). As far as prices… They  can go from anywhere from $45 – thousands depending on signatures and CGC grading quality. Honestly… I probably wouldn’t even bother trying to sell a comic without getting a CGC grading for it. The market for comics is way down and at least a CGC grading will give you some leverage in selling. Like anything, you will most likely not get retail, so don’t even think about that. You will get under the top speculated pricing because the retailer will need to make money selling it to someone. Having said that, no, these comics are not for sale!!! 

 Another cool thing about this Spider-man #1 is that the cover recently became a shirt which can be found at Target. I think that out of all of my comics collection this one still brings back the most memories. Seriously hard to believe it is 27 years old now!!! 

My Current Comics Subscription List through Comixology


Ninja-K (Coming in November from Valiant): This is the next series in the Ninjak line. Which is my current favorite character to read. The last series was excellent and just came to an end recently. Ninjak #0 just came out as a recap and jumping on point for the new series. I highly recommend this one!!! Get the prior series too!!! Excellent writing and amazing art.


X-O Manowar (Valiant): This is the second series of X-O Manowar (in the Valiant reboot). The first series was excellent and this one picks up sometime in the future, from where that series ended. We don’t know how or why Aric of Dacia is where he is but I’m sure it will all be revealed as keep going. We pick up with Aric on another planet, trying to live a normal life without the X-O armor, when he is pulled into a massive war.


Harbinger Renegade (Valiant): The current series continues to follow our favorite bunch of psiots as they try to keep it all together. As far as I’m concerned, the Harbinger story line is the best group superhero story line in comics today. It’s intricate and complex but it always seems to reward you with a great payoff.


Rapture (Valiant): This was a 4 issue series that just came to an end. It’s hard to explain this one if you don’t know anything about the Valiant Universe. Basically, the Geomancer has assembled a Valiant team (Ninjak, Punk Mambo, Shadowman) to stop a demon from breaking through the Deadside into the Liveside on the Tower of Babel.


Faith and the Future Force (Valiant): This is another 4 issues summer series that features Faith in the lead role. Faith has to assemble a team of virtually every Valiant character to stop a villain that is changing time. Anyone who has read the Faith series will know that there are a ton of pop culture references and humor that a Faith book excels at doing.


Secret Weapons (Valiant): This is another 4 issue summer series that features my favorite female hero: Livewire. This one has been fun because Livewire is looking for the unfortunate psiots who have been activated, but their powers are far over in left field (talking to birds, turning to immovable stone, Etc…). It also shows more of that romantic connection between Livewire and Ninjak that we are all cheering for!!!


Bloodshot Salvation (Valiant): This is Bloodshot’s third series and the first was just released. So far it sets up the characters and is getting us introduced to how things will move forward. So we’ll see how it goes.


Spawn (Image): You know who he is. Issue 300 is on the horizon and with it, it will become the longest independent comic to be published. Good stuff!!!


Scooby Apocalypse (DC): Someone did a “What if the Scooby gang was in the Zombie Apocalypse” photo shoot, and I believe that is where this idea came from. This is the monster apocalypse, where almost all the people in the world have been transformed into monsters. This is close to Rated “R” Scooby here. They kill the monsters and they fight to survive. It’s better than watching The Walking Dead… Just saying…

As you can see… Most of what I collect is in the Valiant Universe. I haven’t collected new issues of my favorite superhero (Spider-man) ever since Marvel retconned his history by ending the Peter/MJ  marriage. I still see that as the biggest travesty to ever happen in comics. I don’t have any current Marvel subscription because they have double downed into the SJW political nonsense to the point where it is annoying as hell. I like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) way better than their comic universe these days. Both Marvel and DC keep rebooting in odd ways too. At least with this Valiant run, they started everything over with no connection to the past run. That’s really the only way to reboot a universe. Valiant also seems to have the most adult story lines and the best art out there right now. It really is a refreshing and awesome universe to read stories in. Check it out if you get a chance!!!