Assisted Black & Red Spider Rescue Knife

Everyone needs a good knife. From opening packages to prying things out, and then even for unintended consequences… Enter the Assisted Black & Red Spider Rescue Knife. It has a quick spring action so the blade swings out quickly and locks into place. The  blade itself is half serrated and of black stainless steel. It has a black aluminum handle with the spider cutout design. That design is a selling point to me because after all… The design does resemble my favorite super hero: Spider-man.

The knife itself is sharp, feels good in the hand, and also has a seat belt cutter and glass breaker on the end. So if you are ever trapped in your car, you have an escape measure. The flip side has a “pen-like” slide clip so you can carry it on a belt or slipped over a pocket. All in all not a bad buy for $11.00 from Amazon.

The Bottle Ninja – While not a Sword, it is pretty Cool

The Bottle Ninja popping the cap on a
SweetWater 420

While not a real blade or even a sword, I found this Bottle Ninja on Amazon for right around $10. I figured that I needed a bottle opener in the man cave at the bar and this little device looked cool and will uncap a bottle like the best of them. The Bottle Ninja made quick work of the cap on the SweetWater 420 above.


So I bought some Sais. I didn’t particularly have anything specific in mind other than I’ve always wanted a pair just to have. So for this purchase I wasn’t really looking for anything high priced that would break the bank or anything like that. Just some nice looking Sais.

For those that don’t know… A Sai is a traditional weapon used in Okinawan Martial Arts. Unlike the ones you sometimes see in the movies, a Sai is not a blade and it doesn’t have a sharp point the majority of the time. Most often, it is octagonal with a rounded tip. The Sai is believed to have started off as a farming tool. However, it makes a pretty dynamic weapon and those trained on them can not only show off some impressive movies, but they could do some serious damage with them too.

The Sais that I got are 21′ inches in length and chrome plated. They feel pretty good in the hand and about the only move I know is how to swing them inward so the tips face back and the handle faces forward. And then of course flipping them out again. Hey… I’m no Raphael!!!

In the media you would usually see Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Elektra from Marvel comics (Daredevil) using them. Although, once again, in the media they are usually made into an edged blade with a sharp tip. I guess it just makes it more dramatic.

You can usually find a pair for anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars. I guess it just depends on how much you like this weapon and if you just want it for display or if you are an actual practitioner. I’m exactly sure what the point of balance should actually be but I do know that it is measured by your forearm and that it does come in several different lengths.


Tips for Sword Collecting

Just an FYI Warning for anyone that wants to get into sword collecting.
If you just want a wall hanger display sword then it doesn’t matter. But if you are looking for a functional sword then research really does matter. Key words that you want to see and look out for are words like: Full Tang, Carbon Fiber, Spring Steel. Things to run from are: Half tang or rat tail tangs that are spot welded, stainless steel, and generally a $30 sword is going to just be bad. Do not swing these things or try to cut something. Leave them on your wall only.

PLEASE… Do not buy a sword from Amazon either, unless you know exactly what and who you are buying from. Amazon is filled with swords from bad dealers like BudK or CutleryUSA (same thing), they make knock offs and pure crap. So if you see something you like on Amazon, do your due diligence and RESEARCH it.

Starting out you need info so do some research and go to SBG – Sword Buyers Guide :
My Armoury:

Buy from places such as:
True Swords:
Kult of Athena:

You can check out reviews online from notable and trusted people like Skallagrim:

And SBG has a ton of videos and reviews too. Something for everyone. So enjoy the journey and have fun collecting.


Hanwei Kouga Ninja-To

My Hanwei Kouga Ninja-to was that latest sword I had acquired. When it comes to the Ninja Sword that is ingrained into the minds of everyone, this one fits the bill perfectly. The overall length is 34 3/8 inches and the blade is 22 3/4 inches making this the shortest bladed Ninja sword I have and it has a full tsuka. It is lite and it is FAST!!!

Size comparison to the Oniyuri

It is double pegged thtough the full tang and differentially quenched to an edge hardness of 60HRc (1566 high carbon and magnesium spring steel). The wrapping looks beautiful and the tsuba is exactly the size you would look for when looking for the Ninja style, as in the 80’s movies we all know and love. If you want to know what I think about the stupid “straight versus curved blade” see HERE. Those offended by those of us who like them both are just dramatic little children with nothing better to do than whine and complain.

 This one is available right now at Kult of Athena and if it is one you want then buy it now because they sell fast and then it takes a long time for them to come back in stock. I’ve waited close to a year and half to finally get this because it has been sold out everywhere!!!

Sword Stands

Sword Stands can be hit and miss. But I’ll tell you a secret. No one cares about the stand. It should be black and functional. Period. So don’t waste money on solid wood or something that costs an arm and a leg. Find something cheap and functional and call it a day.

This is a tower stand that I bought on Amazon and in my search for the stand, I read review after review either liking it or absolutely hating it. The people that hated it were those that thought a $40 stand (that’s including shipping) should be solid wood and a timeless piece of furniture “art”… or something. Suffice it to say… expectations from those that didn’t like it defied common sense. It’s a $40 stand for crying out loud… it’s a freaking DEAL.

Like some reviews said, a split in the front happens from where the feet are screwed in to each pillar. Can I see them? Sure. Can I see them from standing 3 feet away? Not so much. For people worried about this, use a sharpie and problem solved.

It did not come with directions, as other reviews stated. Not a problem for basic “common sense” math skills. The 4 longest screws are for the feet. The 8 mid screws are for the 2 cross beams. Easy as that.

“It’s too light”, was another issue brought up. You put swords on it. That weighs it down. It’s not going to tip over with out some outside help.

Basically, anyone complaining was just crazy. This is a good looking stand, holds my swords, and is as sturdy as I could ask for.

This frees up my single stand for my crown jewel Oniyuri. Which looks really good displayed on the box in which it came in. And hey look… the new stand has extra space. I guess I need to fill those slots up.

Full Tang vs. Rat Tail Tang

Full Tang – Mekugi pegs

When looking for a functional sword you want to see that it has a FULL TANG. In other words, the blade is one solid piece and goes through the entire handle of the sword. It can be kept in place via mekugi pegs (katana) or peened on the end (medieval style). But it must be part of the solid blade.

Full Tang – Peened

A rat tail tang is usually a small piece that goes through the handle and is spot welded onto the blade. That point where it is spot welded is most likely the spot where it breaks when being swung around or when taking a hit. That means the blade will most likely go flying out and could possibly injure or kill someone or even you. You never want to swing or use a rat tail tang sword for cutting. EVER. If you like fantasy swords, then 9 times of of 10 these wall hangers or SLO’s (Sword Like Objects) will have a rat tail tang. Below are examples of a rat tail tang: