Avengers: Infinity War (NO SPOILERS)


This is an epic once in a life time movie and the first part of the magnum opus that will end in Avengers 4 (May 2019). This is Marvel’s version of Empire Strikes Back. If you cry at movies, bring a hanky. Lot’s of people in tears when leaving the movie, even after sitting through the credits for the VERY important one scene at the very end. For those that have not read the comic book arc this is based on, this will be harder for you because you have no idea what is to come. For those who have read it, and knew this reckoning was coming, you will leave in a dark place but ready for the battle ahead.

Make no mistake, this is Thanos’ story. And one that is ripped right from the comic book. Truth be told, he actually has a very good point when you really think about things. Unlike the misguided hunters who believe it is their duty to cull animal populations, but scoff when the same is said about humanity, Thanos does NOT stand on a foundation of hypocrisy and he believes all life must be culled by 50%. So if you hunt, look in the mirror at your own hypocrisy. I don’t believe Thanos is correct in his undertaking but be that as it may, he has a VERY good point about overpopulation. No species should be culled or hunted by another intelligent being may be my belief, it isn’t his. But I digress… It is up to the cast of characters of the Marvel Universe to try and stop Thanos.

There are battles on an epic scale. There is the most moving music to ever be featured on film. Yes, the Avengers music may even hover higher than that of Star Wars now. You have to see this movie because it is very true, no other movie ever made is this epic. And this is only part one.

As a side note, The Scarlett Witch has really become one of my favorite characters and she is definitely one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.
GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!


The March of Ignorance

Pure Ignorance.

There was a March of Ignorance today. Tide pod eating children that are ignorant about the rights this country was founded on, and the history of this country, as well as a ton of other safety pin wearing politically correct social justice warriors, marched in complete ignorance. They don’t understand that the only reason they can march is because we have these rights that keep the government in check. The second amendment is not in place for hunting. It is in place as a check on the government should they ever become oppressive of the citizenry. Restricting access and banning them is quite literally the first act of oppression. You say that can’t happen? Tell it to people in Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, and Ecuador. The government’s of those countries restricted weapons and turned on the people in recent years. You say, well, it can’t happen here. Wrong… Half the voting population is sympathetic to the dictators, socialists, and communists that did those things in those countries. That proves right there that the 2nd amendment is more important than your feelings and banning things.

Let’s talk real issues. Banning and restricting guns does nothing. Bad and crazy people will do harm regardless. The gun is not the issue. They’ll just use a car or make some bomb. Saying guns are the issue is the ignorant and easy answer because the weak PC social justice warriors think everything in life should be easy and fair and have a simple solution. These SJW are more of the issue than anything. Life is not fair. Your intolerant beliefs and push to make it fair is just that: intolerant. You don’t get to have your way.

Let’s talk crazy people. Oh we can’t. We must use the term “mentally ill” and treat crazy people like normal people by pretending they are not crazy. Then instead of locking crazy people up in asylums that have all been closed down, we give them psychotropic drugs that usually just sedate their crazy or push them into wildly crazy mood swings. But we can’t say this because saying it may offend a crazy person’s feelings. We can’t target the issues because the safety pin wearing ignorant SJW’s of the world make it impossible to do so. Then when the psycho goes bat shit crazy, the ignorant SJW’s blame an inanimate object, and march to remove rights from millions of people who have nothing to do with the issue. This is the SJW whacked out logic for fixing issues. They take a march of ignorance for gun control and never blame the actual psycho who did the crime. It’s unbelievable!!!

Let’s not forget that they target the NRA for being lobbyist yet they ignore Planned Parenthood who kills more unborn human lives than any other group in this country on a yearly basis. Planned Parenthood is a lobbyist and they are receiving $500 million for the next 8 months, of taxpayer money. The law says that this money can’t be used to provide for abortions but you would have to be a world class imbecile to believe that it isn’t. That’s their number one activity. The Democrats are beholden to this murdering group. The Republicans may be lobbied by the NRA but the NRA isn’t killing anyone. (Full Disclosure: I am Pro Choice but the government should not pay for any healthcare at all. Period).

Speaking of lobbying… We have a government that is for the people and by the people with the right of the people to petition that government. That’s what lobbying is, petitioning the government. The very crux of our system is for politicians to represent the people. The members of the NRA are people. They have every legal right to lobby the government.

I’m just so sick and tired of the safety pin wearing, intolerant, social justice warriors who think that the population must accept them and be controlled by their opinions. It doesn’t work that way. We should all tolerate and be civil with each other but quite honestly… We should not accept people who we disagree with. We should not cater to those who are intolerant of our beliefs. Live and let live is the right thing to do but this “coexist” crap is just that… crap. The PC SJW’s are the most intolerant people out there and they would march in ignorance to scrap the rights of everyone who disagrees with them on any issue. I say enough. You don’t get your way. You don’t get to act like you intelligent when you your very foundation is one of hypocrisy. The best thing that can happen is that these easily offended PC fools are just ignored and scoffed at for their weakness and their idiocy. These people don’t think with logic but dwell on feelings that cause irreparable damage to this country when acted upon. They are truly the most intolerant and ignorant of the population.

The idiocy of the Republicrats

I shouldn’t have opened up the news today. I’m liable to get a neck sprain from SMDH too much. First up:

The $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending budget.

What the hell??? Remember when Republicans were supposed to be about cutting spending??? Not anymore. They already removed the caps that were set in place (remarkably that was under Obama) and now they have increased the budget by another trillion in just 6 months to $21 Trillion in debt. THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE.

We need cuts across the board from military to social programs to healthcare. When the budget bubble pops, none of these things will get any funding. So would you rather have smart economics that keep the nation running or be a selfish prick for whatever program you champion and demand more spending???

For more on this very bad Bill, read (HERE)

Second up:

This insane and fear mongering FOSTA bill passes. The bill makes it a federal crime for prostitutes to create online ads for their services. It also holds the sites, such as social media, responsible too. This doesn’t make it easier to stop trafficking (which by percentage is so small of an issue that it is laughable that it is being fear mongered like this). Actual traffickers will now go underground to the dark web where it will be even more impossible to find them. Actual sex workers who now share info on clients to say safe and do their own thing independently, will now go back to the streets and be under control of pimps that bring in clients. Women selling sex being beaten by pimps is an actual cause and effect scenario from this stupid bill.

If John Smith wants to pay for a prostitute and the prostitute takes the money voluntarily then I see no reason why this “contract” is illegal. Does this affect my life in any way, shape, or form? No. As long as it is voluntary, no human is being harmed, no property is being harmed, and no animals are being harmed, then let people do whatever they want. Let them be adults, make their own choices, and live with the outcomes. Government does not need to be in the equation. This is another case where government just made things worse for many more people than it protects. And it is another hit to freedom of speech too.

Let’s also not forget that probably a majority of the “representatives from both sides” are seeing prostitutes in DC. They just don’t have the guts to stand up to an opponent using the line, “You voted against protecting children from sex slavery.” Which is a BS line that would be used for some BS thirty second sound bite because the voters are too stupid to understand nuance. Our whole political system is BS now. From the representatives all the way down to the uninformed voters who refuse to actually see nuance beyond the 30 second sound bite.

For more on this very bad Bill read (HERE)

We have representatives that demand the government be nosey for some holier than thou reason, or they use the excuse of “save the children” because they know they can take the smallest issue and demagogue that to death to get a much larger ban on something else that has nothing to do with the original issue at all. Then they fund spending to enforce it, which adds more to the debt. The kicker though is that the voters are too stupid to be the last check and balance to any of this because the voters are like sheep, easily coerced to do what their “side” tells them, no questions asked.

I’m voting libertarian for any President, Senate, or Congressional seat from now on. If the libertarian candidate is a wackadoodle then I’ll just abstain from voting. I can’t in good conscience vote for Republicans or Democrats. The Republicrats are just too damn evil.

A Middle Ground Solution to Gun Rights & Gun Control


I would be willing to have a more literal ruling of the second amendment. The 2nd amendment was created as a check on the federal government. The federal government cannot have all of the guns. If they do, then the people can be oppressed.

A correct interpretation, and one I would be okay with, is for States to create State Militias. The federal government has zero oversight of the state ran militias. The federal government has zero control over how the state runs them. Period. It is a check on federal power.

Local state citizens would be background checked and admitted by the state to their state ran militia. With admittance, you can buy semi-automatic rifles through the militia. Someone kicked out of the militia would not be able to keep their semi-automatic weapon. Citizens who are non-militia can still buy handguns, shot guns, and single shot rifles under current gun laws. These cover your home protection.

This is a middle ground solution and one that actually conforms to the 2nd amendment in how it was written. I doubt we will ever get either side to see the logic or reason in it because just as with climate change, both sides have gone to their corners to forever be in an unending standoff. Partisan children on both sides.

Also: All guns should be coded with biometrics and DNA locking. Common sense through technology. 



Tolerance in NOT Acceptance

I can tolerate Islam but I don’t like it. I view it as a cult. The moment it becomes radical or someone defends radical behavior… I have no respect for them. I can tolerate Trans people but I don’t like what they do. I believe it to be a mental disease. We shouldn’t glorify mental illness. And we damn sure shouldn’t bend our daily lives and routines for them. But if someone wants to go play pretend… feel free, it’s your life, but don’t pretend like society should accept you. Fact: XX and XY can not be changed. That, my friends, is SCIENCE. I can tolerate liberals, but I’ll never… NEVER… see your point of view in most things. We can be friends, go have a beer, shoot the breeze… but I will resist and fight your policy beliefs at every turn. Point being… People can tolerate things but there is no reason whatsoever to HAVE to accept things or be okay with things. Tolerance does NOT mean acceptance. Live and let live until the line is crossed. For Islam, that line is radicalism and wanting to change the morals and laws of this country to be like those third world hell hole nations. For Trans issues, that is demanding to be accepted and demanding laws be passed to force that acceptance. For liberals, like I said, we can be friends but your policies and priorities for the most part are opposite of mine. People can work together without being forced to accept one another or be forced into this stupid Utopian PC SJW term of “inclusion.” Liberals have made it so we can’t say these things out loud and tolerant libertarians and conservatives have let it slide for so long that those liberals have taken advantage of the word play. No longer, I will tolerate certain things but I will not accept them. And if you don’t like it… I really don’t care.
PS: If anyone tries to categorize you as some “ist” or  “phobe” name… Then you know that person is just an intolerant ass who wants to force acceptance of his/her beliefs over yours.

Liberty & Freedom Start and Stay with Individual Rights

 I absolutely love this meme that the Libertarian Party is pushing on social networks.

I’m so sick of people segregating themselves into groups and then fighting for “their” group. Just STOP already and fight for the Freedom and Liberty of the INDIVIDUAL!!!

Those that fight for a group are most of the time demanding or fighting for something to be taken away from another group. Fight for the individual and then you see that, that is where the true freedom is. I shall not oppose my will on you nor shall YOU oppose your will on me. I can tolerate YOU, and YOU can tolerate me. You don’t have to accept me, you don’t have to like me, just be an adult and tolerate me and I shall do the same for YOU.

Imposing YOUR will on me through law, legislation, and taxation is the SAME thing as stamping down my liberty and freedom. If it doesn’t concern YOU, why should you care? If it isn’t hurting YOU, why should you care?

Fight for individual rights and then you fight for FREEDOM & LIBERTY!!!