Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/12/18

The Republicrats have Arrived!!!

This bipartisan budget deal that was just pushed through is reckless and disgusting. The Republicans sold out so they could get military spending and in the process gave the Democrats a blank check on social spending. FYI: We the people pay for everything. So the constituents that WANT stuff have no issue in getting their elected leaders to take your money and use it for whatever military or social program they have in mind. Meanwhile YOU waste the effort and the time and hours of your life in trade for that money that they just rip away. The most selfish people on this planet are those for higher taxes and higher spending.

This little action should also fall under the “shame on me” saying. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You see, back when W was first in office, he had a dominate congress and senate in the first 2 years, which when faced with dominance, went into spend mode. Then all of that tea party resistance stuff happened and Republicans had to fight their way back, in the hope that there could be some sort of fiscal responsibility in this country before it was too late. Cut to now and we see it was all lie. You also can’t blame it 100% on the RINO’s either because the voters I’ve seen online today are defending this. You know what that means? GAME OVER.

We don’t have enough educated voters to turn the tide. The majority of the people out there selfishly want the military or social spending, deficit talk be damned. When the country falls like Rome or austerity measures are enacted like in Greece… The military will suffer and the social programs will all be gone. But that’s what you reckless and irresponsible people deserve.

I’m ready for that AI uprising already. Let a computer take control because we have seen that humans are incapable of governing.

(Sidenote: The Trump $1.5 Trillion infrastructure spending plan is coming soon and I’m sure the Republicrats from both sides will be drooling over this and fully ready to pass it recklessly through.)

I Really Can’t Defend DC Anymore…

A standalone Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix? A Lobo movie directed by Michael Bay? Shazam? Did anyone ask for any of these movies or even really want them? Never mind the fact that Suicide Squad will still have Jared Leto as Joker. DC’s movie map is just a perplexing mess in my view. Wonder Woman 2 may actually be the only interesting thing coming out of DC on the horizon. I liked Justice League and even BvS but this roadmap is just all over the place. I really don’t think a Joker movie is going to sell well either. The movie execs may not be able to see it but fandom is rather bored with Joker. Hey… it happens. I see more bombs in the future for DC.


The Star Trek Discovery Season Finale and the Enterprise

Season one has been awesome and the season finale was a great way to cap it all off. When the Enterprise comes on screen… (the feels)… I can’t wait for Season two now!!! All of the naysayers for this show have been totally off base, most having never watched the requisite 3 episodes to really get a feel for it. This is the Star Trek I’ve wanted since first watching the Original series. BRAVO for Star Trek Discovery season 1!!!

FYI: Ad Blockers are now a Valuable Tool against Security Risks

Ads are now being infected, on major sites, to deploy malware that can use your system in the mining of cryptocurrency. All you have to do in some cases is browse to one of these sites and you are infected. Google and the other ad platforms are doing nothing about it either. So lets be real here… Are any of these sites or companies going to clean up your machine, help protect your identity when info is stolen, or do anything to really stop this? NO. So screw them… Be smart and use an Ad Blocker. It’s time sites out there found better ways of monetizing than through advertising.

Don’t tow the line… Just read the stream…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/8/18

Cyberpunk Dystopia

I was worried there for a few minutes. Under leftist Democrats we would have moved toward a more dystopian cyberpunk world via their bad policies and the crack down on their own citizens. We would all truly be high tech and low life, just like all of the stories. But then they lost control and that hellish dystopia began moving away. Leave it to the good old Republicans to get us back on track though, with this really bad bipartisan budget bill that will spend us into bankruptcy. I can safely say that we are back on track for the US collapse and dystopian living!!! Thanks worthless politician overlords!!!

My Quest for the Grail comes to an END

Knightfall (History) may get a second season but I doubt very much that I will be along for the ride. The show was plagued by cliches (the been there, done that, love triangle), overly dramatic dialogue, and sets that looked like… sets. Not to mention that later shows put in twist upon twist in an effort to be clever, though it came off as more annoying. The sets really annoyed me from the beginning. I understand they had a fire early on that destroyed many of the sets but regardless, the sets looked too “perfect” and clean. It wasn’t like Game of Thrones where the sets look lived in and aged. Therefore scenes never really felt very real. Then you have the love triangle between the Templar Landry, the Queen, and the King. Why? Just why??? A point of real contention for me was the dull blades. They were so rounded that their bluntness showed in every scene. I understand using a dull blade for fight scenes but when you are just standing around with your sword out, at least have a semi sharp edge. The viewers can see this stuff pretty damn clearly in HD. They also tried to inject a fantasy aspect into it with the grail but the writers seemed to be too scared to go the extra mile with it. Either the grail in the end was a fake or it never worked. Sadly… I just do not care. I have to also say, in the 9th episode Landry was kneecapped with a massive hammer and the very next episode he’s running into battle. That may have been the most fantasy part of the whole series. Who needs the grail when you have magical kneecaps?

Venom Teaser Trailer

Why is Sony making this?

Ars Technica has been Expunged

I used to really like this site for tech but… They’ve gone off the deep end in “blogging editorial reporting” now. Pretty much every piece is an opinion rant or has a political slant in some way. It’s like, “Hey, come here to our site so you can read our whining and depressing Millennial rants.” So they have gone the way of Engadget, The Verge, and so many before them…

What’s this? What’s this I see? G+ Engagement!!!

It’s not the rollicking good times of old but I have been having more engagement on G+ of late. More so than on Twitter and Facebook. Actual convos!!! My blog has also been getting more hits from G+ than either of the other 2 services. I don’t know if it is a fluke, flash in the pan, or what… but it’s been nice. G+ has a long way to go to get back to what it was. Even finding interesting people to follow is almost impossible these days because their Discovery and People tabs are colossal mess. Showing me people to follow who I already unfollowed because they are no longer active on the service is just dumb. So I’m taking this uptick with a grain of salt and a load of caution.

Funko Pop… POPPED!!!

I used to love collecting these things but honestly… They are just releasing too many now. Also, the ones with variations are not that varied. One had a cigar and the other didn’t for one of the Halo ones coming out. So unless there is a series 2 of Mr. Robot Pops, I think I’m done collecting them. I honestly just cannot keep up…

This Stream has POPPED!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/6/18

If a Tree Falls in a Forest…

But no one is there to hear it… Does it make a sound? Let’s find out.

Conan is coming to Amazon Prime

News broke yesterday that Conan is in development for Amazon Prime. The best part… It’s supposed to be based on the original stories by Robert E. Howard. For many Arnold Schwarzenegger is the default Conan, and while I love those movies, that really wasn’t the Conan that you read in the books. I do hope that they go for the Frank Frazetta style from the classic art and comic book covers. And please… don’t make him just use one special sword. Conan uses whatever weapons are available to him in whatever area of the world he is in. I hope this turns out good!!!

Spinning Wheels

I have a revision to do for my NaNoWriMo book and then I need to finish my Cyberpunk book… but I’m not feeling the writing process right now. It’s like the wires are crossed in the brain or something and that leads to a shutdown, reboot, and continuous loop. Plus I’m seconding guessing myself on the revision. I think I despise the revision process the most now. Writing the book… no biggie… revising it… what a damn drag.

I Need an Adventure

I really feel like this little cube in a closet that is my work environment is taking its toll on me. No natural light, no air flow, white noise and either too hot or too cold temps from the vents. It’s quite “cell-like.” After 5 years in an office with a big window and natural lighting, where I never turned on the office lights, this cell has been quite hellish in comparison. Like the Queen song went… I want to break free!!! Ergo an adventure. Somewhere not confined inside a closed space for hours and weeks on end. What that adventure could be… well… I have no idea??? I just know I need one. I feel like I’m missing out on living life because every week revolves around work. Sleeping, eating, any free time is all at the whims of this place right now. There must be more than just working the hours of life away. There has to be…

What do you want to eat tonight?

It’s the age old question and the number reason why I want the powers that be to create a “Nutrition Pill” that gives one the needed daily nutrition while making one not feel hungry at all. Just think about it, no more back and forth on what you should eat that night and no more wasting an hour or so with prep, cook, and actual eating. Just pop an N-tab and go…

That’s the Stream…

Streamline Supplemental 2/5/18

I’ve Lost my Social Media Mojo

I may start to play around with how I do this. Social media doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all for my blog. I get some views from it but ever since G+ collapsed I’ve been in the void as far as social media is concerned. These sure are not like the good old days of having 5,000+ followers on my profile and 27,000+ followers via Collections. I can’t make up any ground on Twitter because I’m fairly sure that you need to either be a celebrity or only talk politics 24/7/365. Facebook, as stated before, is mostly IRL friends and family so I don’t really have much in common with them. G+ currently has some funky algorithm glitch where the stream never really updates. So I’m not even sure how many people are seeing a new post there. So yeah… I’m not sure if it is even worth the time to go post up my blog entries in any of them now.

Maybe it’s for the best. I’m worn out on social media as it is. This blog is just becoming more of a way to exorcise the daily thoughts instead of just turning them over and over again in my head and continuously thinking about them. More of a journal blog to no one in particle. I’d be lying though if I said that I didn’t miss those high engagement G+ days. Those were some good times. Lots of conversations, engagement, and thoughts exchanged.

Everyone has a soapbox now. Why share a news story even? What comes from that? The conversation now is generally snark or a 50/50 split of people in agreement or people that disagree. Then I have to ask myself, why should anyone listen to what I say? Who am I, that my words even matter in the least to any discussion? Sadly they don’t… ergo the void that is. But really, my words shouldn’t matter. They are only words from my perspective. My opinions. My theories. I use logic and reason to come about my thinking but most people out there… don’t. Most people use feelings to come to a decision on everything. So right away, any words of logic and reason are factored out.

I don’t know what the answer is, nor do I know the goal either. I don’t even know who the audience is supposed to be anymore??? On G+ it used to be circles of “like-minded” individuals but that entire dynamic is missing from all of the social platforms now, including G+. I guess the answer is a resounding: I DO NOT KNOW!!! If so… Then really? What’s the point of social media???

That’s the Supplemental… If anyone reading this has any answers, feel free to comment.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/5/18

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The teaser debuted last night. The trailer was released today. It looks good to me. I’m excited. The negative internet however… Well.. Negativenet via Social Negativity sites couldn’t wait to slam it. They of course slammed it based on a very short teaser for a coming trailer. There were sites that rushed out “story analysis.” It’s things like this that make me despise the internet, the various sites, and the negativity of virtually everyone on the internet. How about, you wait for the trailer, decide for yourself if you want to see it or not, and then let it go? Instead, we get people who automatically go negative and then have to try and persuade others quickly that something is bad. I’m so over it.

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Someone posted up some pictures of this show from the 80’s. It was basically Indiana Jones for TV. In other words it was a great show. I posted in the comments the picture of my DVD set and that I had always loved this show. But of course… someone has to ruin the entire convo about this show and post information that we all already knew about the star Stephen Collins. News Flash… I don’t care. What happened in his personal life and his crimes does not ruin great stories and a great show. If I don’t care about a celebrities politics, do you really think I’m going to let something else in their “real life” detract from the show? Nope… sorry.

Once again… This is the shitty internet. Everyone knows about Stephen Collins. The person that posted up the comment and the link to the old story just wanted to be an asshole and douse a good conversation on a fun show. It’s like, “Whoa… whoa… whoa… These people are having too much fun reminiscing about this. Let me just kill their discussion. They probably know about this but let me just remind them.” Like I said… asshole.

51% Automation means… We WILL need a New System

When the world hits 51% automation we will need a new system to live by. Don’t get me wrong, I love capitalism and the free market and I champion it all of the time. Having said that, reason and logic will dictate that when we cross the threshold for automation, those excellent systems that have served us well for so long will no longer work. If half the population is jobless, there is now no one buying anything. When workers can be created from workers who are already automated, your workforce with “humans” drops. I think it would be better for people right now to think about how these changes that will take place and how a new system can work versus getting to that point and thinking, “Well shit, we really do have an issue here.” Truth be told, that is what will happen though. Those on the left will push for action right now while those on the right will push for no action or thought of it ever. Both are 100% wrong. We need a plan and a gradual movement to that plan. No fast action and no apathy of the change will ever work. Dealing with illogical humans though, means we’re screwed.

Super Bowl

This was the first Super Bowl since the early 90’s that I did not watch. Not because of any of these political boycotts. I just don’t care for either team and the rules are so watered down and convoluted now (for player safety) that I just don’t find the sport very fun. Solution: Make players sign a medical waiver. If you want to get paid X amount of money, you’ll sign this waiver stating that you understand the effects it could have on you. You will also sign away your ability to sue the league. Either the player signs or they don’t play. Period. That won’t happen though. Instead it will just get duller and duller. I probably watched less than 2 full games of playing for the whole year, if even that. Like I said… I just don’t find any excitement in it anymore.

That was a great Sci-fi weekend

I binged the excellent Altered Carbon on Netflix, got a new episode of the excellent Star Trek: Discovery (the season finale is next week!!!), and checked out several classic ST:TNG episodes which were fun to revisit. Too bad it wasn’t a long weekend… Monday came and was such a spoilsport to the sci-fi flow. Oh well…

Speculation Media

I’m bringing this term into being. I just read the headline, “Why Amazon should buy CBS” over on Recode. It’s a tech sight that is really just tech blog articles. In other words, it’s not news. It’s tech opinions from people with no journalistic ability whatsoever… Like Engadget, The Verge, IO9, Gizmodo, and any other number of blogging sites. So now a blogger from that site has the idea that Amazon should buy CBS because a couple of weeks ago, a speculator that speculates decided that Amazon should buy Target and that led to hundreds of stories on, “Is Amazon going to buy Target?” This is how “news” works these days. Doesn’t matter if it is technology, pop culture, US News, politics… just a bunch of opinionated bloggers writing speculation that other opinionated bloggers pick up on and add their own twist too. All brought to you by the internet. It’s sad, but I believe very little reported news anymore. It all usually turns out to be BS in the end.

That’s the Streamline… Blog you tomorrow…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/2/18

Captain Marvel (Shazam)…. (DC)

Let’s talk about Captain Marvel, not the good female Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics, but the Captain Marvel Shazam DC character. Admittedly, Captain Marvel… screw this, let’s just call him Shazam… Shazam was a hit… once… in the 40’s. He was more popular than Superman even. Fast forward to today and I have to wonder, does anyone even care about this character? DC is making a movie about him with Zachary Levi (Chuck) playing him and details keep coming out (like how they don’t want to confuse him with Marvel’s now better known Captain Marvel so he will be Shazam) about casting and I really have to ask… Is anyone excited about this character or this film??? If so, why?

As for me… I never cared for this character. I think I had the Mego toy as a kid because I already had Superman, Batman, and Spider-man so why not? Nothing in this character’s history is remotely interesting to me. I don’t know if he will be part of the DCEU or not but I hope not. He’s just not a very compelling character in 2018.

Sleep 10 Hours a Night?

Before electricity humans slept roughly 9 to 10 hours a night. A new study just released, says that, that is what we should be getting or we incur “sleep debt.” Here’s the thing… Working means roughly 10 hours are used up for work and commute. So 10 hours for sleep gets you to 20 hours. Don’t forget an average of 1 hour for food prep and eating dinner. Now you are at 21 hours. Getting ready for bed and normal household chores are probably another hour, and that gets us to 22 hours. Your free time may then be 2 hours per day. Personally… I think we need to re-evaluate the lame 40 hours per week work schedule that makes no sense in a technological world. With the advent of technology, our work hours were supposed to go down but I know I have over 40 hours per week on most weeks. Companies instead used technology to get more out of the people so instead of humans getting better hours, the companies got more income. Just get us to the point of having the magical Star Trek replicators and no one needs to have a job then. Is your replicator going bad? Just replicate a new one before it does.

Individuality of the 90’s

In the 90’s, everyone fought to be seen as individuals. No one wanted to be typecast and thrown into some group because being in a group meant you were a follower who had given up your identity. 2018… You must segregate and identify yourself by your sex/gender, race, religion, or orientation or you are a threat to a group mind safe space mentality to the sheep who can not handle individuality and free thinking.

I blame the internet. Social media and the internet didn’t create a place for individuality to flourish but instead created an echo chamber vector for like minded people to come together and be intolerant of everything outside their core belief or identification system. It didn’t create a place where people could learn about others and have higher engagement or disagreements where both sides ended by saying, “I respect your opinion but I disagree, lets go get a beer and talk about something else.” Instead, it fostered the mentality of “I am right, you are wrong, and I will get my mob echo chamber to destroy you.”

More and more… I just want to leave social media completely. Just use the internet for a vector to media (books, comics, movies, TV) and general information. I’m just over the countless “groups and followers” who are all complete dumbass intolerants. They can have their safe spaces and safety pins in their hollow and sheltered lives.

I’d rather be an individual and a free thinking person that creates my own identity instead of just another sheep who follows their group mindlessly.

The Path (HULU)

I wish I had better news on The Path but… I really liked where The Path was headed in season 1 and 2 but for Season 3… not so much. Eddie has embraced his status as the new cult leader of Meyerism after 2 full seasons of battling the cult itself. Then (like Knightfall), we get these “magical elements” sprinkled in but the writers don’t seem to be too keen on going all out fantasy with it. So you get this half assed… well is it really magical or is it just in their heads? Episode 5 was released Wednesday and I just realized I haven’t watched it yet. Which leads me to believe that (again… like Knightfall) I’m losing interest in it.

It may be a case of losing touch with the characters. We could identify with Eddie in S1 and S2 because we were cheering on his plight to escape the cult. With him taking over the cult, we have an inside operation taking place and Eddie and Cal fighting for who will lead it, while there is no one actually saying, “Hey this is a bloody cult, we should leave!” Granted, Sarah seems to be being groomed to be the one to leave it next but even then, the way it is being done seems contrived. She grew up devout in Meyerism, ran the moevent all last season, did dirty things that were illegal to keep it funded, and now… after losing power, she loses her faith??? I’m just not buying it. We don’t even have Detective Abe anymore. So the government investigation is just over now? See… I can’t identify with a cult. I get people trying to leave one or bring one down but the show is now putting the viewer in the position of picking who in the cult they should side with for the greater glory of the cult itself. I don’t like that. It’s a cult for crying out loud.

The Memo Release

I’ve read The Memo and Comey and Yates should see prison time but that won’t happen. This entire fantasized Trump/Russian collusion investigation should end but that won’t happen. What will happen is both sides are going to whine, moan, and complain over this because both sides have a narrative and facts mean nothing. If the corrupt government agencies didn’t come down due to the Snowden release (arguably the biggest corruption in our governments history), then this memo will have very little effect. The memo shows clearly that the Clinton campaign (maybe not Clinton herself but who knows???) was colluding with the FBI and other agencies inside the Obama administration to spy on Trump. But what of it??? Maybe if the people had been pissed and demanded change from the Snowden release, then maybe these FISA courts and US citizen spying issues would have been changed earlier. But no… the sheeple just went on with their daily lives and then this memo comes out and they are surprised??? Do humans have any capacity to link things together with common sense or logic anymore or do they prefer to hide in their “strawman comebacks” and actual argument issue deflection? Common sense and using logic will get you called the strawman, meanwhile corruption runs rampant. Our society is so stupid sometimes. SMDH…

Star Trek The Next Generation… Hope they had an iRobot Roomba

I’ve been watching some old episodes of ST:TNG recently and I have to say… I hope they had some iRobot Roomba’s that came out at night to vacuum the massive amount of carpet on the Enterprise. That ship is ALL carpet. Looking back on it now, it’s very “swanky” vs Expeditionary or even “ship-like.” They’d be screwed if someone went down to an M class planet and came back with some super potent dust mite!!!

That’s all I’ve got for today… I’m going to get the Stream out of here!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/31/18

The Flu Sick People

Why are these people not staying home? It’s like a flu mind field of people at work. People are coughing, sneezing, and have labored breathing but they are still coming to work (they’ve all had the flu shot too). They say you can spread this shit up to 4 or 5 days after showing symptoms too. Pretty soon, the healthy people will need to stay home just so they don’t get sick from these people hellbent on coming to work. If you are sick… GO HOME!!!!!!!!

State of the Rebuttal

I didn’t watch the State of the Union because honestly…. Oak Island is a much better use of my time. So I also didn’t watch the State of the Union Rebuttal by the Democrats, which appears to have been a colossal misfire. They go and get an irrelevant Kennedy (JFK would be considered Republican today in comparison to how left wing crazy the current batch of democrats are, so the Kennedy connection is tenuous at best these days) that has on too much lip gloss? Anger spittle? Rabies??? To make their futile plea. Futile because the actual stats and facts of what Trump has been doing are all showing positive signs, much to the liberal hive mind consternation. So there you have a Kennedy (a rich democrat family) lecturing on the 1% (they hate the tax cut that everyone is seeing), and “me too” (How many women have the Kennedy’s used, raped, and/or killed?), and just saying irrelevant crap that the whole of the country outside of fantasyland California and New York don’t care about. The current Democrat party is so far left of sane that they are looking like a joke on a grand scale right now.

FYI: I’m only 60/40 in agreement with Trump and I’m not saying the above as some mindless partisan Trump fan. I’m saying it because the democrat party has lost touch with the people in this country. You have a the ACLU coming out today saying that using the word “America” is divisive. All I have to say to that is… How tone deaf can you be???

Speaking of tone deaf… The voters are partisan, so the representatives are partisan. For 8 years of Obama, Republicans sat and scowled at his speeches, so Democrats labeled them anti-American. Now, the Democrats sit and scowl during the Trump speeches and the Republicans label the Democrats anti-American. Then the Republican voters all of sudden have selective memories and swear up and down that Republican representatives stood and clapped for when Obama was right… I’m so sick of the partisan liars on both sides. Disingenuous partisan fools… the lot of them.

SMDH, Facepalm, and WTF???

My work day lately has consisted of those 3 states of being in various forms, several times a day. I’m starting to think that I work in the Twilight Zone. Logic, reason, efficiency… For some reason they no longer apply…


My struggle to keep interest in Knightfall continues. Now that I’m up to date with the episodes… My interest has gradually waned from it. When you watch it back to back, at least you are kept in the moment, but week to week isn’t working out so well for me. I admit, they had a good twist with the daughter and the advisor but that good twist wasn’t enough to prop it up from the regular cliché drama they are reverting too. If you know me, then you probably know that I refer to CW’s DC shows as 90210 in tights, well… I’m starting to feel like Knightfall is becoming 90210 in chainmail. Landry sleeping with the queen and the betrayal of the king who views him as his best friend…. UGH!!!!!!!!! There are only 2 episodes left for season 1 so I’ll finish it up but… I’m not sure I’ll be interested enough for when season 2 comes back.

Jury Duty Summons… AGAIN…

I’m so over these damn Jury Duty summons coming yearly. The founding fathers were wrong about jury duty. For one, it is against my liberty and freedom to be forced to show up for this time waste. Secondly… does anyone really think they actually get a “jury of their peers?” I got news for you… you don’t. We should switch to a system of actual professional paid jurors who want to sit there and listen to these cases and then usher in verdicts. I certainly don’t want to, don’t care to, and don’t need the time suck.

Should I be taken from the big waiting area to the small waiting area, then I may get the question, “Are you able to follow the judges directions fully in making a decision on this case?” To which I will reply, “I don’t foresee an issue but I do know that the supreme court has validated jury nullification and if I disagree with any unfair law, I will make my own decision regardless of the judge’s directions.” Then I will get the boot because they certainly don’t want an independent thinker who knows how the law works sitting up there. I mean… if it was a non-violent drug offense or prostitution or any offense of the law that did not hurt anyone else, I would be a NOT GUILTY vote, regardless of what the judge wants me to decide. SCOTUS defends the position of the jury being the only one to decide so BAM!!! In your face you high and mighty deceivers.

That’s the Stream and I judge this to be the line… Until next time!!!