Amazon (like I said) is Close to Picking up the NEXT Season of The Expanse

I said in a previous blog post that ONLY Amazon could do this because Netflix is getting all jaded and ONLY forking over billions for original content. The days of hoping Netflix can be a show’s saviour are over.

However Amazon already had streaming rights to The Expanse so it only made sense for them to pick up the show. There really was no other saviour but Amazon for this show. Happily, it looks like we will get the 4th season (and hopefully more) thanks to Amazon!!! Fingers are crossed!!!

SYFY Drops The Expanse


Remember when Dark Matter was cancelled by SYFY last year because SYFY only had first run LIVE viewing rights? Turns out, the same is true of The Expanse, and since SYFY can’t make any money streaming it, they are dropping it. Our lesson should now be that we check the viewing rights for any show SYFY greenlight’s because if they don’t have them then expect a 3rd year cancellation.

The Expanse - Season 2

The studio that makes The Expanse are going to try and shop the show’s fourth season around but I don’t have a lot of hope for a new home to be found. After all, Dark Matter had even more viewers and no one picked it up. If this was the time of the up and coming of Netflix, Prime, and HULU then there may have been a shot. As it stands, those “saviors” don’t go for left overs much these days. Especially expensive leftovers. The truth is… It’s better to not hold out hope of a savior for the show and then if it does happen, enjoy it as a surprise.


It also seems like SYFY is announcing this now, after only 5 episodes have aired in season 3, in the hopes of actually killing it’s chances of being picked up elsewhere. If people see that the show has been canceled now, then many will just drop it now. The ratings for the last half of the season tank, and then the metrics are worthless. It’s a pretty shitty thing for SYFY to do.

I’ll finish off this season, watch the final season of 12 Monkey’s and Killjoys, and that just leaves The Magicians left for me to view on SYFY. I may not even bother with George R.R. Martin’s Nightfliers because the chance for cancellation is just to great on this channel. SYFY needs to learn that you can’t just dump on the core viewers like this. Pretty much all of the goodwill SYFY fostered over the last decade has now been drained right out. It’s a pretty pathetic game plan if you ask me.


My Broken Angels (Altered Carbon Sequel) Casting

Altered Carbon on Netflix was awesome and now it’s time to think of casting for Broken Angels, the sequel to Altered Carbon. If you’ve read the book, then you know that Takeshi Kovacs is in a new sleeve and he’s on another planet with a cast of characters looking for an Alien ship. So let’s cast this thing…

Roger Cross (Dark Matter) as Takeshi Kovacs

Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher) as Tanya Wardani

Steve Howey (Shameless) as Jan Schneider

Ed Stoppard (Knightfall) as Matthias Hand

Those are my picks… Now Netflix, make it happen!!!

Altered Carbon (Netflix) – Review (NO Spoilers)

Altered Carbon on Netflix is simply a masterpiece of Cyberpunk film making. It follows the book (Written by Richard K. Morgan) fairly well, adding and changing things in certain places for the sake of the series narrative. Don’t worry… If you loved the book (REVIEW HERE) you will be VERY happy with these 10 episodes that cover it.

I believe I sat there smiling for several episodes just because I was finally able to see these characters come to life. I’m not going to go over the plot, you can click on the book review linked above, as that is the same. The characters and acting was wonderful. The sound and atmosphere through the CGI was beautiful. I’m serious when I say that this may be the BEST show I’ve ever watched on the Netflix platform. We all know Bladerunner has been the film to judge all Cyberpunk on since its inception but I do believe that Altered Carbon surpasses both Bladerunner and Bladerunner 2049 for creating a fully fledged world that is both interesting in the genre and makes the viewer believe that this world could exist. If you are a true Cyberpunk fan then you will love this show.

Strangely this is the first time I’ve binged something and I feel like going back to watch it again because it was so damn good!!! I’m beyond ready for Netflix to green light the sequel book: Broken Angels, and get that underway. So if you haven’t checked out Altered Carbon on Netflix yet… GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams REVIEW (NO SPOILERS)

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams has arrived on Amazon Prime and I’m ready to dive into the cyberpunk techno sci-fi fun of it. I’ve been waiting for this ever since it was originally announced. The reviews have been better than current seasons of Black Mirror (that’s not hard to beat these days) so here we go:

Real Life (Episode 1)

Real Life starts out with a female cop in the future (Anna Paquin – X-men). She’s a lesbian with a flying car and some cool tech gadgets. She escaped a tragic event and her guilt is eating her up. So her girlfriend offers to let her try a new device that her company is working on. This device will make it seem like you have a completely different life. When she goes into this new life, within her head, she’s back in 2012 and she’s a billionaire male (Terrence Howard – Empire). His company is working on a device that interacts with the mind and gives the user the ability to have second life also. Our main character then becomes confused between 2 different worlds and can’t figure out which world, is the real world, and which life, is the real life.

It’s an intriguing story and filled with some really good actors. The premse brings up some good questions about determining what is real and what is just a very vivid dream (which we have all had, but we get to wake up), when it comes to mind altering technology that really doesn’t seem very far fetched these days.

Autofac (Episode 2)

Autofac is a factory that can make anything. After a massive war plunges the world into a post apocalyptic setting, the AI of the autofac continues to produce supplies, unneeded by the last remaining population that is walled off by exclusion zones and left in a small area surrounded by pollution from the factory. The humans come up with a plan to get into the factory and detonate nuclear bombs within so that they can finally be free of it. Little do they know, their existence is linked to the autofac in ways they could never imagine.

As with the first episode, this one draws you in and makes you want to find out just what is going on. Again, there is a twist to it, as so many anthology shows now do. I found myself looking for the twist while watching, and it did turn out to be what I suspected, though it also had an interesting monologue between the factory AI and the main female protagonist which I did feel, made the ending work and feel like a completed story.

Human Is (Episode 3)

Human Is stars Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Essie Davis (The Babadook) as a top level couple for the state on are far flung future of Terra (Earth). The air has been poisoned and the people live in the rock of a cliff and bio-domes that protect them from the harsh air. In order to keep the air from being 100% poisonous, they must mine a purification trait from other planets. In this case, they are stealing from an inhabited planet. When Cranston’s character comes back from an excursion from this planet changed, we are faced with the question of, “What is to be human?”

This episode is much more sci-fi than cyberpunk in the setting and the fact that it deals with alien lifeforms. I’m not sure if there is supposed to be a twist or not, even so, it doesn’t need nor rely on that plot device for this story. At 3 episodes into Electric Dreams, this has been my favorite episode so far. The acting and the visuals were above par and the “feel” of this world, from the maze beneath the city to different camera angles, all added to the interesting and enrapturing atmosphere.

Crazy Diamond (Episode 4)

Crazy Diamond stars Steve Buscemi and frankly… I didn’t get this one. The humans are either “Jacks” or “Jills” and inhabited by a synthetic soul (or something). Their habitats are constantly falling into the sea and there is a gate guard that is a “pig lady,” a chimera of a human and a pig. The story is confusing to say the least. Also… the main people are dress in a 70’s future way while these rogues who want the “synthetic souls” are like 80’s future Flock of Seagulls style.

This one really seems to be more concept over story.

The Hood Maker (Episode 5)

The Hood Maker stars Richard Madden (Rob Stark – Game of Thrones) as a detective in a post apocalyptic world that seems to have shunned technology (back to typewriters), while mutant telepaths called Teeps have become a species that is not trusted by the normals. Someone is making a mask that blocks the Teeps from reading minds and the level of trust between Teeps and normals in tenuous.

This one is good but depressing. Normals distrust Teeps because they can read minds, so normals treat Teeps badly. Teeps want to rise up and destroy the normals and if they do, then it vindicates how the normals feel. In the end, as far as I’m concerned, neither side was “good” or right.

Safe and Sound (Episode 6)

I just completed Safe and Sound (writing these as I complete each one) and as of now, this is my favorite story in Electric Dreams. It’s about technology and government control. It’s about controlling people by limiting freedom and making people think “safe spaces” like schools are a good thing. It’s basically, what happens on this ultra PC, snowflake, easily offended trip we are currently on in reality. So yeah, this one is a MUST SEE.

A mother and daughter move across “the rift” from a bubble city (the people think that those in the bubbles cities are terrorists when they are actually for privacy and freedom), only for the daughter to be manipulated by the government, through technology, to get to the outcome needed. The propaganda that is “safe spaces,” plays a big part in this story and it’s nice to see that someone out there created this story to highlight how bad it is as a propaganda tool. WATCH THIS EPISODE!!!

The Father Thing (Episode 7)

This episode is a straight up, good old fashion “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” show, with maybe a little Stranger Things thrown in. It’s a good episode even though it is pretty straight forward and nothing that hasn’t been done before. Still interesting to watch.

Impossible Planet (Episode 8)

Impossible Planet is the story of a space cruise. An old lady wants to see Earth, long since de-populated, so she hires a cruise there. The 2 people taking her there, instead decide to take her money and take her to a planet they can pass off as Earth. The ending is bittersweet but the episode is really good. This is also a universe that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. It seemed like an interesting place.

The Commuter (Episode 9)

The Commuter is about a time that never was and a woman who can take people’s pain away. This one really doesn’t have anything to do with technology but it is a deeply involving story where you really feel for the lead character played by Timothy Spall (Harry Potter – Wormtail), whose pain come from a son who is on a road to nowhere. I was surprised to see Tuppence Middleton (Sense8 – Riley Blue) as the character of Linda. I could barely tell it was her with the long dark brown hair since I’m used to her in Sense8 with the shorter blonde hair. It’s a good episode even if it feels more Twilight Zone and less technical.

Kill All Others (Episode 10)

Kill All Others is really the hell of a liberal utopia if it should come to pass. Mob rule and state ran control at all levels. Then you have your added “Google-like” advertising to keep people docile. Those who ask questions are the “others” to be dealt with. It was an excellence episode to cap off the first season of Electric Dreams.

Overall, I enjoyed Electric Dreams more than Black Mirror. It’s not quite as dark and morbid as Black Mirror but still tells you interesting stories, some with twist, and some fairly straight forward. It’s definitely an anthology to check out.

Dark Matter has been Canceled


Word just came through the Twitter-verse that Dark Matter has been canceled. This is a major bummer. Not only was it one of my favorite shows on SYFY but it was one of my favorite shows all around. Viewership looked like it was going up too. So for SYFY to cancel it, and with it going out on a huge cliffhanger, it’s all really disappointing.

I suppose we can hope for a white knight in the guise of Netflix or Amazon Prime to come to the rescue but the chances of that happening are pretty low. The subscription services are well on their way to creating their own shows and not having to rely on shows discarded from other networks to build viewership. So I don’t put much hope in that. Maybe we can get a movie to cap it off? Something like Firefly was able to do? Who knows? All I know is that this was supposed to be a happy DragonCon weekend and this cancellation is like a dark cloud over everything.

Killjoys - Season 2

That leaves Blood Drive and Killjoys who are still waiting on a renewal. Killjoys was already below Dark Matter in viewership so I don’t hold out much hope there. Plus, their Twitter profile hasn’t even been pushing renewal like the Dark Matter profile was actively doing. So that could mean they know what is about to come after tonight’s season 3 finale.


Blood Drive seems to be building good numbers for the first season but as we see with Dark Matter, a growing viewership is not promise of anything. I certainly hope that SYFY isn’t banking on The Expanse because I’m sorry to say, if they follow the books, it will get worse. The books start off excellent but with each following sequel, it just goes down hill fast. Without a Friday Sci-Fi block now… what are they going to give us? Wrestling again? I would hate to see SYFY go back to that.

Suffice it to say… I’m angry right now.

EDIT: Killjoys has been renewed for 2 seasons: 10 episodes each. Now it makes sense as to why the Killjoys Twitter account hasn’t been tweeting to get people to speak up for renewal… sounds like they already knew the outcome. I like Killjoys, but it isn’t as good as Dark Matter, and season 3 has been really dull so far. I think SYFY made a poor decision here but hey… who am I?  

EDIT II: Blood Drive was also canceled. SYFY is just a bummer this year. Giving us all of these good shows and then cutting them short like this…(sigh)…


3 Current Obsessions

Valiant Comics
By far Valiant Comics is my favorite comic book universe. It’s a universe that feels very adult. The art is simply amazing! It blows away the art found in the “big 2” comic universes. The writing is also top notch in comparison to the “big 2” also. My favorite character is Ninjak (an MI6 Ninja). Think Tony Stark meets Bruce Wayne, but so much more compelling. Then there is Rai. Rai lives in 4001 on a massive city satellite called New Japan. Then you have awesome characters like X-O Manowar (Think Thor with alien Iron Man armor), Livewire, and the Eternal Warrior. As far as groups, you have to read everything to do with Harbinger. The story of psiots and the greatest villain, living between shades of gray, called Toyo Harada. Out of Harbinger you get Faith, who has her own series which is a bit lighter but chalk full or geek culture and pop culture references. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Oh… and look for the coming Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe webisodes coming in November!!!
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones has become an event in our house. You pop the cork on a Game of Thrones beer, pour it into your Game of Thrones glass, and enjoy the new episode on Sunday nights. Football Sunday? Nope. Game of Thrones Sunday. We watch it though the Amazon Channels HBO app on Fire TV. It’s an add on channel but you can watch it LIVE and not have to have cable. When this season is over it is going to be so hard to wait for the final season… let alone the wait for the next book. I’m reading the books right now and they are written superbly. Game of Thrones is worth all of the accolades that it gets.
Blood Drive (SYFY)
Blood Drive is one of the best shows on TV just because it is so non-PC. It probably offends little snowflake SJW’s every time it comes on the air. SYFY even lets the “F” word fly when they broadcast it. When you are talking “edgy” this is Grindhouse exploitation edgy. SYFY should be commended for being brave enough to air it. Watch it, Love it, Enjoy it!!!