The Elitist Artists of Twitter


I’ve met a very weird group of artists on Twitter who are socially left but at the same time of the mentality of a 80’s yuppie when it comes to greed. The game developer for the coming game called Beyond Good & Evil 2 created a fun contest for gamers to be apart of the game. Create a character, submit the character, and if they used the character design somewhere in the game, they would pay you money. The elitist and entitled artists of Twitter had a field day with this. They called “exploitation” and then gave excuse after excuse why they themselves were being put out of work because a game company was having a contest. They made it sound like that the people submitting the work were giving them, as “professionals” a bad name, because they were doing the work for free. I guess none of these top shelf “artists” ever met a Realtor who markets and spends time and money trying to sell house. If the house doesn’t sell, that Realtor does not get anything and is out of all of that time and marketing cost. But no… The Twitter Artist is above the little people who do work to make money. They feel entitled to having cash in hand before they commit a single pencil to paper…or whatever easier than hell digital medium they are working in. They go on and on about protecting their community… from a fun CONTEST for Gamers in a Gamer Community. But wait… Then they said, “You do know artists are gamers too so this is how it should be.” So the Twitter Artist community were basically just appropriating the gamer community and telling them how things should be done. Pathetic.

Marketing-101-Branding (1)

Anyone who has ever really marketed themselves (Marketing 101 and Personal Branding) knows that pro bono work, in writing, design, and yes… ART… can lead to bigger and better things that pay down the line. Getting your name out there, promoting your work, and getting recognition isn’t “free work” or exploitation, it’s self promotion. The limited and narrow minded view of the Twitter Artist believes that everyone will want your work for free then… because to them, everyone, is some evil group opposed to their elitist, hive minded, entitled and closed off community. Or they think that by you promoting yourself in this way takes away paycheck from their more deserving hands. They’re pretty much wrong on every aspect of this from the top down. They no jack about self promotion and believe that looking out for their elitist community is better than putting yourself as an individual into a place where you come out ahead. The mentality is one of failure for these people.

They all ask why no one else took my side in this debate and that’s an easy one, the main person who brought this up, is someone they follow. So the entire group of these Twitter Artists have this failure mindset. Sure the ring leader is telling you followers to look out for the community and beware any pro bono work because in the end, that keeps your name out of the picture and is less competition for the elitist snob telling you to do so. The ring leader cornered the pond and is keeping you lackey’s down. I say pond because the imprint from this person is nothing anyone has ever heard of anyway. Maybe someone in the crime streets of Chicago but no one in the mainstream has heard of this publisher or cares about the smack they put out. So this person is just a big fish in a small pond with Twitter followers who don’t get that they are being duped. It’s not the big company running a contest duping you people, it’s your Twitter overlord.

Speaking of  the game… If you submit your work, they are not looking for polished, or complete work. Just a basic design you like. You aren’t being asked for a backstory, print ready design, or anything like that. Just a character you think might work well in that universe, and winners will get to see their design in the game, and get paid if it is used. It’s a good contest that fuels gamers to be more artistic and get involved in their own community. So anyone who tells you differently is just one of the elitist and entitled who are jealous that their way, is not the only way in this world.

FYI: A community has NEVER put food on your table or paid your bills. If doing something free helps you out later but does deny someone else a paid gig… tough. All it shows is that you were smarter than they were. Therefore YOU deserve the reward.


Anthony Bourdain RIP (61)

Much like with Chris Cornell, this one hit me like a gut punch. There are certain celebrities you look up to and you feel like they have everything worked out and are completely happy. Then they kill themselves and you are left with this strange feeling that is somewhere between sadness and anger. Sadness because they are gone and anger because they did this to themselves. It’s an odd dynamic to come to grips with. To this day, I no longer voluntarily play Soundgarden music, and that was once my favorite band. It’s my anger over the fact that he had it all and he gave it up. It’s such a waste.

With Anthony Bourdain, it was his writing style and the narration of his writing style that was so damn impressive. His words just drew you in and you wanted to go on that adventure. It was a loose style too. In other words, he made jokes, and inserted his thoughts and choice swear words into the narrative and that made it all the more real. Will I be able to watch his travelogue still? I don’t know. I hope I can because he was about so much more than just the food of his destinations.

So to a great storyteller, awesome writer, and a person who exposed me to more than just the food of other countries… Rest in peace.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 5/19/18


The Royal Wedding

We got up this morning at 6:30 am and tuned into CBS to watch the Royal Wedding. I liked it a lot. I liked seeing the cast of Suits and other celebs pointed out. I liked watching the British spectacle mixed with American ease. It was fun.

I saw some snarky social media things online and it instantly reminded me of why I’m no longer participating (posting or tuning in daily) in the social media nonsense. I so hate social media these days. Nothing but a dumpster fire of snark.



Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season Finale

FINALLY we have a good episode!!! Too much of this back half of the season was basically just Agents of Dark Hallways. The title of this episode was “The End” and truthfully, it should have been. But… It was renewed for another 13 episodes. This left off in a good place and renewing it really just makes it filler. I would have been happy if this was really the final episode. I have no clue how they will drag it on from here.


The Expanse - Season 2

Please Amazon Prime… Pick up The Expanse!!!

I’m going to be really sad if this show does go the way of Dark Matter and Blood Drive because SYFY is a shitty network. I’m hopeful that Amazon Prime will pick it up, since they already have the streaming rights to past seasons. Netflix is too focused on putting out a million things that are all original content, so I think even bothering with them is a lost cause at this point. I love Netflix but honestly… Their game plan for the future is really bad. At certain point, bills will be due to pay for all of this “original content” and their subscriber growth will have plateaued. So, for this reason, I hope the producers of The Expanse concentrate on getting Amazon Prime to pick them up.



Google just GO AWAY!!!

I used to be “all in” when it came to Google but now… I can’t stand this company. It’s the biggest “1984, Big Brother, out of touch, and evil company” that exists today. From this creepy duplex AI robo-calling to their “Selfish Ledger,” where they want to use everyone’s information to force people to act and be a certain way… Google is just EVIL. People need to wake up because Google is a really bad company to have anything to do with.



Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/21/18

Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe

Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe episode 1 of 6 of the webisodes debuts today at 11AM EST on A new episode will be ready to view each day at 11AM until all parts have aired. will have the viewing rights for a short time so please GO WATCH THESE EPISODES!!! Us Valiant Comics fans have been waiting a long time for this web series to finally hit. The anticipation is HUGE!!!

Agents of Shield… Ready for The End

The final episode of the season/series is titled The End and I’m ready for The End. The budget must be next to nothing this year because virtually every scene takes place in a dark hall. This was understandable for the first part of the season when they were in space but now back on Earth… It’s just getting boring and dragging on and on. It feels like the writers either lost what made this show fun to watch or the limited budget just doesn’t allow for anything good to actually happen. Therefore.. I’m ready for it to just end.

The Internet… Ruined by Troll Comments

Someone posted some cool pics of their trip to Israel online and I wish they would have been able to disable the comments. Sure enough… some troll posted that it was “Palestine.” I guess you could lump him in with the millions of other dumbfucks who never learned anything about history and don’t realize that there is no Palestine. Just because you make up a name doesn’t make it a place. But I digress. This is why I increasingly try to avoid comments and debate on the web now. Instead of just letting people enjoy this other persons trip and the pictures they took, he had to be an ultra douche and chime in with his stupid comment.

For the record… The Palestinian side… get’s all of their water, food, electricity, and aid subsidized by Israel. So if they hate Israel so much… I’m a-ok with cutting this all off and letting them fend for themselves. That’s what a real country would do.

I got nothing else for today… Enjoy the Weekend… This has been the Streamline!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/19/18

Stars Doing Bathroom Selfies

WHY? I don’t get it. I saw this one by Jennifer Lopez this morning, in a news article covering it (again… WHY? Why is the news covering stars doing bathroom selfies)??? Don’t get me wrong here either, I have a lot respect for Jennifer Lopez. She works her ass off (and it stays on just fine :)) so she deserves all the glory. However… I just don’t get why stars take these pictures and then post them out to the world? As a matter of fact… Why does anyone post bathroom selfies??? It doesn’t even have to be stars. People… You do know that virtually EVERY phone has a front facing camera lens on it… right??? Just stop with the tacky bathroom selfies already!!! And news media… this isn’t news!!!

Superman is like Coke Classic

With Action Comics #1000 Superman is whole again. By that, I mean that he has the classic and timeless suit with the red shorts and normal look, back again. Gone is the “armor-like” look and the all blue tights (thankfully). Look… you people that think the red shorts should disappear… You’re idiots. You’re like the people who once claimed that New Coke was better than Classic Coke. In other words you were just WRONG. Same thing here. Don’t like it? Oh well… go cry in a corner somewhere you wussies.

The Level of Tracking of YOUR Personal Info is Terrifying

The article found (HERE) is a long read but worth it. If you think you are not being tracked, or only being tracked by social networking, think again. Somewhere, there is a full dossier on YOU. This company Palantir, or one like it, probably compiled it. The TV show Person of Interest pretty much told everyone that this was coming.

It’s a slow thought day… So that’s your Streamline for the day!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/18/18

We could get a Real Good Social Media Purge to Take Place

Elizabeth Olsen has now said that she thinks about deleting Instagram everyday and that she doesn’t know why she is still on it. When you read what she says about using it for promotion but then inevitably ends up posting something more private, I’m fairly certain we’ve all been there before. I completely agree with her on the reasons to ditch it. These “influencers” have more in common with advertising than real people and there’s no reason to be influenced by any of these people. When you get paid X amount of dollars to post something you have sold out. Most of these “influencers” are nothing but sellouts pushing crap so they can make money off of your views. Hopefully our very own Scarlet Witch dumps Instagram and maybe that will “influence” others in a different way, dumping it and other social media too.

Season 4 of Bosch (Amazon Prime) is more Excellence

Bosch is by far one of my favorite Prime series. I’m only 3 episodes into season 4 (season 5 has already been greenlit) and I’m enjoying this year’s mystery just as much as past seasons. The bicycle killer in the background, that showed up last year, is also an intriguing hook. He keeps viewers wondering as to if he will be dealt with this season or keep ramping up and be a force to deal with in the next season. I hope Amazon keeps this series going for a long time to come!!!

Hey Comixology… You REALLY NEED a Win10 App

I know the Win8 app was ditched a few years ago but times have changed. Android tablets are DEAD (not including Fire tablets in this). I’d love to use the Comixology app on my Surface as well as currently using it on my Fire 10 but no app. The browser works but the app is really a better solution. With 2 in 1 Win10 devices selling good now (better than Android tablets), you’d think this would be a no-brainer to get the app back out there.

Individuality is Better than Diversity

Diversity is just a bunch of followers congregating into groups that are intolerant of other groups. This whole call for diversity is actually leading to anti-diversity. It’s so lame. People… BE YOURSELF and don’t define yourself by any group. Being an individual is unique and wonderful, while being in a group is really just being an intolerant and closed off follower. Be tolerant of others and remember… anyone who demands acceptance is not entitled to it. More than likely, those who demand acceptance are the most intolerant of everyone else.

Online Bullying… Another BS Term

There is no such thing as online bullying. You can block people. You can ignore people. If you take offense at some no-name online that “offends” you then you deserve to be offended for being the weak and wussy person you are. Didn’t your parents ever tell you about “Sticks and Stones?” Here’s the TRUTH. If people don’t like or agree with another person’s opinion online, that person labels it “bullying.” You can often find these weak willed snivelling people championing free speech in one post and then offended that someone displayed free speech that they don’t like in another. It’s the worthless Millennial Gen-Y generation that can’t cope and instead bask in being victims at everything. Simply pathetic.


Sticks and Stones may break my bones, BUT WORDS will NEVER Hurt ME.

The Green Moon Hoax

Facebook mainly, and then some other social networks have been trending this “Green Moon” nonsense for April 20th… It’s complete nonsense. There is no such thing as a Green Moon but hey… social media and the mindless automatons that share this crap. No wonder the political class manipulate the people like they do. The people are morons.

That’s the Stream for Today…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/17/18

Lost in Space (Netflix)

Binge it… Watch it… Check it out!!! Good stuff!!! I can’t wait until Season 2 hits!!!… which probably won’t be until 2019.

Fake News Has Been Around FOREVER

I was reading through some Spider-man comics and in Ultimate Spider-man, they complained about fake news in the 2000 – 2010 era, and then the original early issues of The Amazing Spider-man (60’s) illustrate how fake news is when pertaining to the paper. Moral of the story… Don’t trust the news period. Dig deeper and look behind the sensational reporting for the real story.

Speaking of News…

This whole Cohen/Hannity thing reeks of political strategy. The judge, a known liberal appointed by a liberal with a history of being liberal saw that she was sitting on a goldmine when she saw Hannity’s name. She knew that just by having the name made public, the late night talk show hosts and media would do the rest to associate Hannity with Trump and the other guy who paid off a woman, who were also this lawyer’s clients. And no surprise… last night’s late show liberal mouthpieces did just that. Earlier yesterday, before Hannity even said that he discussed real estate with Cohen, I speculated that it could even be real estate or really anything. However, the general public is what I consider the dumb masses. They only look at the surface of an issue and the political class know this. The general public is easy to manipulate. Once the media and talk shows get their news from the political class, it starts spreading the word, then the dumb masses will start doing the same. So regardless of if it was real estate or whatever… the left has already tied Hannity to the issue within the dumb masse’s minds.

The real kicker… The right keeps protecting the dumb masses that always go against them. It’s not smart to be pro-life and pro-population when the end result is more people against you. That the right refuses to see this… makes them just as dumb.

Speaking of the Right…

I’m getting sick of their anti-environment and anti-animal spiel. The left is bonkers but the right is just as bonkers. Just because the left champions keeping a clean environment and protecting animals, the right has to go to their corner and act like assholes to have an opposite opinion. Both sides do this shit, they can’t agree on anything because then that makes their team look like it is wavering. So sick of it…

The Social Media Purge

A bar called J.D. Wetherspoons has ditched all social media because they believe people are spending too much time on it. All correspondence with them can be had via their website (press releases and news) or in person and on site. THIS is the way things need to go. Here’s the thing… most social media is now bots tweeting, posting, and clogging up the streams. Who cares??? While I may still check social media on the web, I deleted all of it from my phone. I don’t want, nor need, to be in contact with those on Facebook, Twitter, or even G+ every hour, or every minute, of every day. No notification from any of those social media sites is ever imperative that it needs response NOW. Personally… I’d love to see more people take the first step and ditch social media on their phones.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/13/18

Is it 2020 yet?

Are we even going to make it to 2020? I wake up today and His Royal Cult of Personality is sending 12 battleships toward Syria. As any long time reader knows, I was never a fan of Obama, but Trump is just damn reckless and unhinged. He has zero ability to lead and is a pathetic negotiator on the world front. And someone PLEASE!!! Take his Twitter access away!!!

Would you Pay to use Facebook without the Ads and Tracking?

That’s a headline I saw today and honestly… If they made their “Notes Feature” a full featured blogging experience that is accessible via mobile too, then I probably would pay for that and ditch my blogging site. Here’s the thing… Owning a domain and paying for my blog to be free, frees me from being under some corporate control. But the simple fact of the matter is that blogging here does not get the content here… out there. With no ads on my site, Google indexes it but refuses to share direct links to it. Not a lot of people use the WordPress Reader when compared to social media. Really, the only reason I don’t use FB as the blogging platform is because getting to “Notes” requires only using the web. If it was on mobile and if I knew that no ads would display with it, then I would probably just use that.


Lost in Space (Netflix) just hit today, Bosch S4 (Prime) hit yesterday, and I’m in the process of really enjoying a Suits (Prime) binge. I don’t have the time for all of this good stuff!!! I’ll probably pause Suits, start Lost in Space, hit some more Suits after that, and then binge on Bosch before getting back to Suits again. At least I think that is my plan… It could always change upon my whimsy.

It’s Friday the 13th

Insert obligatory Jason reference HERE

That’s all I have for today…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/12/18

Current Reading: On Basilisk Station by David Weber (1st book in the Honor Harrington series)

So far, at just over 50% through, it’s pretty good. The characters are starting to show themselves. The first several chapters of the book are mostly set up to this universe and quickly go through the process of introducing Honor Harrington to her new command, seeing why the command was forced to Basilisk Station (punishment basically), and what felt like an ongoing info dump. Once we get to Basilisk Station, the characters start coming out and dialogue becomes more prevalent. I always like good dialogue in my books. Books that drone on and on with description telling me what was said between characters, instead of letting characters speak for themselves, usually get on my nerves. So I’m glad that it was only the beginning of this book that I had to deal with that. I have to say, the relationships between the crew really pull you in, later in the book so that’s a winner right there.

There has been talk for a long time about making the Honor Harrington series into either a TV series or a movie series but so far, outside of a comic book, nothing has become of it in other media, which is a shame. It’s a good book and I’d love to see someone like Alicia Vikander take the part of Honor Harrington. She could do the character the justice deserved. Maybe one day…

The Expanse Season 3 Started Last Night

Sadly the books go downhill with each new entry. The first book was excellent. The second book started to drag. The third was just… Well… I ended up reading the plotlines for the rest because it felt like the main plot interest of the story: the protomolecule, became an afterthought. In the books, even Holden’s crew, the main characters become side characters while people like Chrisjen and Bobbie, who are now TV series fan favorites, are not even in book 3. So I’m hoping that the TV show ditches the books for a template and goes off in their own direction. Season 3 is definitely the time to make that split because it is right at the point where book 3 would take over.

As far as last night’s episode… It was pretty good but I get the feeling that some money for this season has been held back. The CGI of Bobbie in her suit, on the outside of the ship, was very “stilted.” The movements looked very unreal. Compared to the CGI of the last 2 seasons, it’s really noticeable. On the plus side… I think the the sound is better now. You can hear the people speak clearer and louder whereas in the past two seasons the sound of “white/space noise” was always way too damn loud.

I actually like Bobbi and Chrisjen’s story better than Holden and his crew. Holden and his crew are dysfunctional now. They are bickering with Naomi over her giving the protomolecule to Fred Johnson (Leader of the OPA). You know they will all get back to being one happy family but you have this “been there, done that” crisis between members that generally follows a formula to being worked out. It’s kind of a drama cliche at this point. Oh well… we’ll see where it goes…

Quick Hits in the News

-Is it 2020 yet? Seriously? I’m so over our current Cult of Personality President. Keep in mind, I didn’t like our last Cult of Personality President that this current one replaced either. Will someone PLEASE take his Twitter away already???

-FOSTA, the slippery slope law that makes advertising prostitution (a consensual contract) a federal crime because 0.03% of cases may be child trafficking was signed into law. This was a bipartisan bill with only Rand Paul (R) and one Democrat rightly voting ney to it. But the rest of morons didn’t want election opponents to use the advertising that they voted no to “helping the children.” I swear… facts take a backseat to a lack of backbone at every turn in DC. Here’s the crux… this is the slippery slope because if they can make this a federal crime, they can easily kill more free speech and make other things a crime as well. No one ever thinks about that slippery slope though. And I’m getting tired of the old, “lets save the children” excuse. All this did was make it harder to save those 0.03% of children because now the people pimping them out will go to the dark web to do it. Government NEVER thinks.

-FYI: Facebook is nothing more than a site where people get together online. I see no reason why they should stop anyone in any country from buying ads. I see no reason to change the way they use info because the users are voluntarily GIVING them this info. I see no reason for government to even be involved with this site that is nothing but a hub for people who know each other. Talk about media drama… *Having said that, we should get a full on opt-out option where if triggered, Facebook, Google, Twitter…. Whatever/whoever… can NOT track you around the web.

-66% of Twitter links that are shared, were shared by bots. What does this mean? It means Twitter has mostly bots Tweeting. It means, that if you Tweet on Twitter, not many “real people” are even watching. It means Twitter is a mess. I’ve deleted all of my Tweets and only use it for Customer Service with companies now. It’s not a good place for conversation, exchanging ideas, or anything fun. And news sites that make news of Tweets are pathetic. If a news story uses crowd sourced Tweets to create a narrative then that news source is bogus. Don’t trust them.

That’s your Streamline for the day!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 4/6/18

Climate Scientists FAIL to put the Puzzle Together

The easy route is to blame man made climate change. I 100% agree that man pollutes and man is irresponsible and should stop doing this but that is not what is happening. If you actually link the movement of change, you see that the cold is moving down over North America for longer periods of time. That same amount of movement can also be seen in Antarctic where one side (the side they measure to prove their global warming point) is melting while ice on the other side is growing at an even fast rate. We have some really bad scientists out there who treat science as a religion and policy as dogma. At one time, the antarctic was hot. Man had nothing to do with that. Climate will always change. The real issue is that people live in the here and now and can’t grasp long term change. Back before man centralized with cities they would migrate as the weather changed. There are too many people now to do that (overpopulation… again). Animals still try and migrate with weather patterns but man has made these gigantic cities everywhere and now that the weather is changing, the animals can’t migrate accordingly. Seriously… The climate change is most likely natural but man IS a problem with pollution and overpopulation which affects how we view it. We need policies to stop pollution. Not idiotic cap and trade ponzi schemes that get government rich and in the business of selling pollution. We also need some sort of way to stop people from breeding the way they are. Human overpopulation is the real threat to this planet and all who exist on it.

The Xbox One NEEDS More Exclusives and some Third Person Hack & Slash Games!!!

I’ve had every generation of Xbox and frankly, this current generation is piss poor where games are involved. That is, unless you love FPS (First Person Shooters). It seems like every game is a damn FPS. Then you take into account that we have seen no new Fable (Microsoft closed the studio), no new Ninja Gaiden (WTF???), no new Prince of Persia (Helloooo anyone out there in developer land???), just nothing compelling at all. Sure, there have been some updated past collections made into HD but we’ve already played them. Where is the cool new stuff??? The PS4 has cool games coming out in waves (all 3rd person and platform) yet we only get the millionth iteration of some FPS nonsense. Microsoft really needs to step it up here. There are more gamers out there besides FPS and sports game gamers.

Governments Making Ransomware Illegal

Michigan has created a law whereby possession of ransomware is now a felony. I bet the hackers are just shaking in their boots… Are politicians really this stupid? Don’t answer that. Yes. Yes they are. Government is such a clusterf**k of idiocy.

Marriage is in the Comic Book Air

A lot of marriages seem to be happening in comic books currently. The two biggest are Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and then Colossus and Kitty Pryde of the X-men. Meanwhile… Marvel is still not putting Peter Parker (Spider-man) and MJ back together and that still bugs the hell out of me. Come on Marvel!!! Out of all the characters that should be together, Peter and MJ should be. OK, maybe Reed Richards and Sue Storm should always be together too but these are the top married couples in comics for crying out loud.

On another note… I’m rereading the Ultimate Spider-man run currently and I’m at the part where Peter Parker broke up with MJ because he feared that him being Spidey would get her killed. So 2 weeks go by and he starts dating Kitty Pryde, because since she is powered up, she can take care of herself. They did make a cute couple… But I digress.

The New Thirty Seconds to Mars Hits Today!!!

I know… I have Amazon Music Unlimited (and I LOVE it!!!) but I bought this in CD form too (same for Imagine Dragons – Evolve), because I wanted to listen to them in the car on the CD player. No… sorry… I’m not buying a new entertainment deck for my vehicle just to stream from my phone. I suppose that will come with the next vehicle I get but until that time, it’s radio and CD. I just got the notification from Amazon that the CD has arrived at home too. Super Excited!!! The Imagine Dragons should arrive tomorrow. That is definitely my favorite album and band right now. You just can’t categorize the interesting fusion of sounds and styles that Imagine Dragons have created. As far as Thirty Seconds to Mars, I’ve heard 2 songs from the album and liked them both… so here’s hoping the entire album is just as awesome!!!

Is it 2020 Yet?

Just asking? I’m not sure how bad his royal Trumpness is going to tank our economy with these stupid tariffs (which amount to skyrocketing taxes paid for by the consumer), but I’m so over this dude.

No need to get in line because you just read today’s Streamline!!!