The Surprise of there NEVER being a Surprise Party


I’ve always wanted a surprise birthday party. It’s never happened though. I’ve thrown surprise birthday parties for people. I’ve dropped subtle hints here and there but alas… I think that ship has sailed. The closest to having one (or so I thought) was in the mid 90’s. At the time we had a big group of friends that congregated together on an almost constant basis. That past winter and the current summer I had gotten a few surprise birthdays to go down. So when my day was coming… I was almost sure of it. So sure, because out of the norm, our group all made up excuses to be doing things completely out of the norm for each of them. It was almost bad how bad the excuses were!!! So from early morning though the afternoon I was ecstatic. I knew all of my friends were going to throw something big. As 6 pm arrived, people started to take off on these stupid excursions though. All of a sudden, I realized that there was nothing happening. I had made no secret of the day, in the lead up to that very day, and no one bothered. In fact, no one even really remembered until all the various parties were about to take off and I said something to the effect of, “Yeah right, you’re not going there, right? This is like a surprise birthday thing right?” To which they replied they had forgotten and wished me a Happy Birthday. Then the various sub groups departed to do their thing. I think I just went home and watched a movie.

That wouldn’t be the last time either. For some strange reason, people just tend to forget my birthday altogether. There was one year where absolutely no one remembered. I thought I would get a call or even a well wished greeting but nothing. Never mind getting gifts or having a surprise party, can I get a “Happy Birthday?”

When Facebook came along, I’d then get the “Happy Birthday” post since FB reminded people. I actually made my birthday private this year, since I’m not on FB all that much. Yet, I still went over their to check it out on that day and not surprising… nothing. Even my best friend forgot this year (again actually). I don’t know what it is precisely but I’m completely invisible and in the background. I’ve given up on there ever being a surprise birthday party (never mind the fact that most of the group of friends has pretty much dispersed at this point). I have become the invisible Ninja.

It is what it is… But when that day hit his year, like every year, I did fantasize about that surprise party I’ve always wanted. Maybe next year… Yeah right… Oh well… At least Bing remembered and gave me a whole screen/wallpaper with motion all that day to enjoy!!! THANKS Microsoft/BING!!!!!!!!