Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/21/18

Hawkgirl joins the JL…If Hawkgirl was always drawn like this… She’d be more popular than Wonder Woman even. Just saying…

Twitter as a News Narrative

I may need to dump a few news sources I use as I’m tired of them turning to Twitter to “make the news.” I saw that their is OUTRAGE that Netflix’s new Chef’s Table only showcased one female pastry chef. Just OUTRAGE!!! SHOCK!!! ANGER!!! Then I read that it was crowd sourced idiocy from the Twitter sheep. Normal “this is the news thing to do now” is to go cherry pick Tweets to create a narrative, to package as a story. I’m sorry but Twitter users tend to be hive mind dopes who get angry when the day begins, and then pissed off when it ends at night. Twitter is the MOST negative cesspool calling itself a social network. Yes.. even more cesspoolish than Facebook. We don’t need “news” from crowd sourced hive mind morons clogging up the streams.

It’s getting hard to find any “real news” anymore. If an article mentions that it takes info from social networking or that social networking is somehow involved in the story, then it’s basically a BS article. Yes, I know we have a president that uses the cesspool platform but that does not mean that news should use Twitter as some source or gateway to everything else. More and more I’m just toning out completely.

The Curse of the Civil War Gold

Last night’s episode was really reaching. From the square being overlaid with a confederate flag to actually thinking there would be gold safe deposit boxes of a closed bank. I mean… any bank that closes is going to check every box before they shutdown and close up shop. So far, nothing they are trying would convince me to fork over money to bankroll the expedition. Next week they are going out to Utah, to check a goldmine owned by one of the players in the missing gold. The thought is that this guy bought the goldmine as a front to launder the confederate gold. What if he really had a good goldmine and that was where his excess riches came from??? Besides… finding gold in a goldmine doesn’t prove that a boxcar containing gold is buried in a lake. How can you make that assumption? This show doesn’t have the narrative and interest that Oak Island has, though I’ll continue to watch just to see how it “pans out” (pun intended).

Facebook Misused Data and Everyone Goes Crazy

Meanwhile Snowden once revealed that the US government spied on its citizens (and still is doing it) and there was crickets. I’ve seen more press about Facebook data, a “ha ha non news social cesspool” site, in just this week than news media covered for the entire Snowden release. Seriously… if you think this FB story matters in the least and that you “care” about it, but shrugged off the Snowden release, then you are an idiot. Plain and simple.

Tonight is the Season/Series Finale of X-Files

Since Gillian Anderson has said that she is done after this season, for good, I’m hoping they wrap up the mythology tonight. Who am I kidding. The last season they left it on a major cliffhanger and then came back with this season which made the last season either a Scully dream or something taking place in another timeline.

Seriously though… They really need to wrap it up for these characters if this is it. Personally… I think the first X-Files movie is still the real end of the series. They probably should have just left well enough alone.

Update: David Duchovny is calling this the “Cliffiest of all hangers.” (sigh)……..

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/20/18

Another Symptom of Overpopulation

More violence. The more people there are, the more violence you get. The more people who identify with some group dynamic, the more arguments and violence follow between the various groups. You can watch the news and put 2 and 2 together here. Humans are too stupid to limit the population numbers so your only hope is to live and let live while realizing that this stupid dream of everyone liking one another is just that: stupid. Just tolerate one another, but throw this “acceptance” crap out the window. Forced acceptance leads to violence in some fashion.

Another School Shooting…

Banning guns isn’t the solution but who cares? You ban guns and the shootings will still continue with ILLEGAL guns. We have a mentality issue in this nation. Kids no longer respect anything. Parents either can’t actually parent (You are NOT your kids friend, you are a parent and when kids do wrong they should be punished for it), or the parents are too damn lazy and should have never been parents in the first place. For this reason and the reason above, I’m definitely pro-choice. If kids don’t fear doing wrong with their parents, do you really believe they will fear the police? Nope. This society has babied the kids, protected them from everything, removed the ability for parents to actually punish kids and then are surprised by this stuff… Cause and effect… logic… reason… thrown out the window because we can’t bruise little Johnny’s demon seeded ego.

Can the Aliens come out to play now?

Seriously… we need a really good alien invasion or at least a first contact scenario where things on this rock change. Maybe a transfer program where people from here are transferred to somewhere else. There are just way too many humans on this rock now.

Google being a Gateway to Subscription News

Supposedly… this is to combat “fake news” but we’ve seen the “real news” caught passing out fake news so many times in the last decade that this means nothing. CNN alone has been caught telling lies on numerous occasions just in the last year. This is just Google trying to get a part of the subscription revenue, and then branch out since the ad bubble is growing… and it will break.

The Millenials are Hypocrites

Online you see all of this “equality” talk and how women demand not to be sexualized and then comes spring break… the pictures from the beaches start rolling in and well… which is it?

Truth be told… the women at the beaches are the majority. They want to have fun just like a man. They want to be sexy and pretty and look good to men, just like men want to work out, have some muscles, and sculpt some perfect hair to impress women. The ones complaining online about all of this are the ones who gave up, have a chip on their shoulders, and are sitting at home in front of a screen whining while life passes them by. Hey… it’s the truth.

Dear Tech Sites,

There are more companies out there than just Google and Facebook. Would it hurt to cover other tech instead of the daily propaganda press releases from these two?

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/19/18

The Google Search Engine is Busted and it will just get Worse

We proved it was busted Saturday night during our ScannerDrome podcast, using my blog. We took snippets of blog entries I wrote, pasted them in both Google and Bing. Bing gave my direct post link as the first link EVERY time. Google on the other hand, gave links to words within the snippet, gave links to blank wordpress sites (we believe are links to “likes” on the blog,” and finally, did not go direct to the actual blog post entry (one entry was found buried under all of the crap it offered up first). FACT: Google Search is broken.

My guess is that because I don’t allow ads on my blog, Google refuses to rank and send my blog out. We checked and it is indexed, so this is Google, in their algorithm, purposely omitting my site. All I can say is, STOP using Google search people. Google search is just an advertising engine to bring in money to Google. At one time it was the best search engine but no more. Use Bing, use DuckDuckGo, use anything else if you want actual relevant links that have not been paid for just to get a head of the line in a Google ranking.

Trump wants to Execute Drug Dealers

Facepalm… While drug dealers may sell drugs, they are not forcing drug users to use them and to overdose. I am 100% against this kind of idiocy that penalizes someone else for the responsibility of another. Why are we constantly making excuses and setting aside where responsibility resides? Then… Trump’s message is purportedly about opioids. Opioids are normally “prescribed” drugs. Users get addicted, and have more prescribed or people say they need more and then sell them. I can’t see putting people to death for either intention here.

I’m all for the tax cuts but Trump and his death to drug dealers, installing hunters on a international conservation group, and tariffs (which are just consumer tax increases) is too much. When 2020 comes, I’ll be voting for the Libertarian candidate and the Democrats can do what they will when Trump is booted for this craziness. The Republican party is this weird mishmash of Trumpisms now and it’s way more wishy washy and policy broke than it has ever been before. Obama and Trump are what you get when you don’t have an actual policy. Just 2 Cult of Personalities that voters (who also lack policy knowledge) voted for in an American Idol-like capacity. We are not a smart nation.

Side note: I’m all for the death penalty against humans who are trophy hunters and animal abusers.

Wolverine of the 80’s & 90’s versus Wolverine of the 2000’s

I’ve been reading some of the old back catalogue of The Uncanny X-men and the Wolverine from the 80’s & 90’s is so much more hardcore (and cooler) than the Wolverine of the 2000’s. Old school Wolverine had a gray morality scale and hazy code of conduct. If you were outside of this, he would rip you up and you would be dead. The dude didn’t give 2 shits or a squirt of piss about hardly anything outside his own view. He was the loner that also had a bond with certain members of the team. The Wolverine of the 2000’s feels soft by comparison. I wonder if the “movie version” had an impact on softening up how the character was written?

We need a Loser Pays Reform for People who Sue others

Do you know how many frivolous lawsuits would never be brought forth if we had this one simple rule? People would think twice about suing others for every reason under the sun. If you lose, then you pay for not only your legal fees, but the legal fees of the defendant, and any fees the court has to put forth. This makes too much sense though, so it will never be enacted.

I just Typed up an entire Diatribe that I Deleted

I’ll look at writing that same diatribe down the line should expected events I’m hoping to happen, have hopefully happened. I have to say… it does help to write stuff up just to remind one’s self and enforce one’s needed resolve in a course of action. So hopefully some good things down the pike!!!

Speaking of Diatribe… there once was a cool industrial band in the 90’s called Diatribe. I don’t think they lasted long but the one album I had by them had some cool music and cover art (above)!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/16/18

Bureaucratic Nonsense

I find it funny how some companies get so wrapped up in “metrics and rules and regulations” that they end up actually harming themselves. They think that being the overlord number crunchers can make them more efficient and more streamlined when the majority of the time it is the exact opposite. They tie themselves into bureaucratic red tape where outside thinking and problem solving is not allowed. The company gets less friendly toward both customers and employees alike. Customers are met with strict rules that are unbendable and employees are forced to enforce those unbendable rules even when they make no sense and a viable solution is available.

I’ve been in 2 of these types of situations with companies that started out much more open and free but moved toward the dire metrics that became overbearing and oppressive. In both cases it was either a CTO or CEO who brought in this old school oppressive metric micromanagement that hurt the customer experience and also drove away employees. It’s not fun to watch it happening from within. You see employees dreading to go work and never smile, who a year before were all smiles. Customers take note of this. If the employees are not happy, then the attitude travels down to the customers and they will end up not being happy. The “metric minded” have only themselves to blame because they treated their employees like robots and layered processes of odd regulation over regulation that really have nothing to do with the job itself.

If you are in some sort of management or an “O” title, and you strictly rely on metrics, YOU are doing it wrong. From a process perspective and a human perspective. You have to allow for creative thinking and variables in all things, even the workplace. If you don’t… You’ll drive both your employees and the customers away.

Species all over the Earth are Dying…

The number one reason for this: Human Overpopulation.

There are people that keep pushing human overpopulation as having been debunked but none of the science they use is relevant or even real. They disregard facts at every turn. Human Overpopulation is a real issue and people need to face the facts that this world cannot keep providing for all of us. Should other species have to suffer and die off because of humans who selfishly keeping popping out babies? I’m all for a child tax. As in, you have a child, you pay a yearly tax. You have 2 children, it goes up. You have three, or more and it keeps going up. We need to make it so having excess children is looked down upon instead of rewarded with subsidies and assistance.

Also you have devastating crap like trophy hunting. The fact that the current international conservation board has been stacked with pathetic hunters should be a massive red flag. A side note… Hunters ALWAYS use the fake ass excuse that culling the numbers gives the species more room to grow… If that is the case, then the same method should be viable in humans correct? You can’t have it both ways. That would be hypocritical.

Podcasting and Youtube Live

I’m debating about starting a seperate podcast/Youtube Live show from the one I am currently in. It would also revolve around sci-fi, superheroes, comics, film, tech, and media but be more about talking about the dynamics and reviewing the media instead of going step by step through a particular show. When I say reviewing, I mean picking out certain parts of the show to talk about instead of spelling out the entire show on air. Each show/movie/comic/book reviewed would take roughly 10 minutes or less to do. Then you would also have general talk on the latest sci-fi and tech. So somewhat like I’m involved with now but a bit more tight and controlled. And no alcohol or cussing during the show. I’m aware that a swear word may slip out now and then but overall I would like to keep it controlled. I don’t see any reason for alcohol to be highlighted on a sci-fi show and more and more I see it as something that spirals out of control in the live shows out there. Maybe great for a show that is about the subject but not so great when stuttering about black holes or a character’s motivation. I kind of want to keep it at an hour or an hour and 20 at most.. I’ve been thinking about how people listen and I think that amount of time would be pretty good for an actual allotted podcast time.

I’m not sure if this will even be Youtube because this fits better for podcasting in audio which I am starting to have more interest in anyway since Youtube is becoming a cesspool. I still have to hammer out the specifics and find co-hosts to gab with on this thing so no ETA on when this will happen. Strictly in the planning stages right now.

So Does Gwyneth Paltrow only do Marvel Movies now?

I was just thinking about this and it seems like she is only playing Pepper Potts these days in Marvel movies. She hasn’t done anything else that is really big or even critical. I mean… I kind of understand, you already made it big, you have a successful “lifestyle” company, and you really don’t need to act anymore… then again, Jessica Alba has a similar situation and she is still acting in movies and about to start a television series. I think it would be nice to see Gwyneth Paltrow in something again. For awhile there I had her pegged as following a similar path to that of Nicole Kidman, who is rightly considered to be almost royalty now in Hollywood terms. Maybe when all of the Avengers movies have ran their course she’ll pop up in something again.

I would consider going to Art School for Fun… if the price wasn’t BS.

Seriously… The Art Institute and even SCAD are priced more expensive than a traditional 4 year college where you can get a degree that has infinitely more possibility in getting you a paying job. We already know the education system in this country is priced insanely wrong. We know that college itself is almost becoming a scam because it teaches zero real world experience now. How the hell can any art school charge $32K per year with a straight face???

For traditional colleges, the first two years of “general education” need to be scrapped. This should be covered in the last two years of high school. Most college degrees should be 2 years and done (exceptions being medical and law degrees for example). Colleges are basically fleecing people for the 2 years of general courses and the sad part is that this shit is standard and no one will bother changing it. To make matters worse… Why are you taking general courses at an art school?????????

This country has a real education problem and I don’t see anyone even trying to change it because all of these “colleges” just want the money. There really is no excuse for the high price of tuition in a regular college let alone one for art. It’s pretty sad really but our society refuses to use logic and reason for figuring out anything. We’re real good at fleecing though.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/15/18

Toys R Us Drama Queens

Toys R Us is closing but so what? This is what the people of the 90’s always wanted. The end to the big box stores that came in and destroyed the mom & pop shops that were local. The internet has created this new dynamic where now you can go online and order what you want or you can go to local mom & pop shops that are popping up and thriving once again. These local shops are also utilizing the internet too. This is a GOOD thing. Look at music (vinyl is a niche and propelling music store sales, soon CD’s will be back as Apple is closing down it’s MP3 album buying later this year), specialty bookstores are popping up and people are buying books from these local places, this will also happen to toy stores. You will see small local toy shops coming back to the market that specialize in products.

It’s like people have such short term memories and all they want is to to be a drama queen and whine about stuff these days. I hope Best Buy and Gamestop are next on the chopping block. Get these big box stores and predatory chains out of here and bring back the local shops that catered to the customers.

A Wrinkle in Race Card Dropping

The director of A Wrinkle in Time (Ava DuVernay) is blaming RACISM for the bad reviews and low numbers. Hey dumb dumb!!! You got beat by Black Panther… THE BIGGEST BLACK MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! You can NOT cry racism because your movie just sucked. You can NOT cry racism if a better movie walked all over you. Take you racism card and get the hell out of here. We need less of these bad directors who whine and make excuses for their poor work and more directors who take ownership of failure and success.

Is Julia the Key Character in The Magicians?

I’m beginning to think so. Being that she was originally the the only one one of our cast that was denied entrance into Brakebills, she has become, by far, the most powerful Magician, even having the magic of a god within her now. She also seems like the most level headed of the crew followed up closely by Margo. The rest have a lot of demons to exercise. At least Quentin isn’t massively depressing this season. The show remains one of the top shows on TV as far as I’m concerned. It’s got the fantasy and the right amount of humor that works perfectly for what it is. I’m glad it has already been renewed for season 4!!!

The Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami Florida

Just looking at the bridge pictures (even the one above where there is a machine supporting it) you can see it is odd, like the center is weighted down. It’s quite long and there is no center support…. Duh… SCIENCE people!!!

That’s the Stream for Today!!! Catch you NEXT TIME!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/14/18

RIP Stephen Hawking

He was a brilliant man who rightly championed the cause of man getting off this rock through space exploration. At the same time, he will no longer be able to fearmonger about my ultimate plans for an AI uprising or a much needed alien invasion. Seriously though… may your return to starstuff open up the universe to your brilliant mind!!! We have truly lost one of the great visionaries of this blue dot.

Ignored by Google

I think I figured out why my site/blog gets more hits from Bing and DuckDuckGo than from Google… I have no ads and will not put ads on it. Google doesn’t like a site that doesn’t display their ads so they ignore it in search. The only way anything of mine comes up on Google is if you type in “The Ninja Writes” directly. Even then, a Tumblr page of the same name ranks before me. Again… Google is all about servicing ads, pandering to marketing fools, and getting money for clicks and views. Google is not about the user, the content, or making the internet better. Honestly… I can’t understand why anyone still uses them for search even??? Their first page is almost completely sponsored and paid for links. They routinely throw up old links from prior years. They are very bad at actually linking relevance with search terms now. They once were a great search engine but now… You’re fooling yourself if you think they are still good.

As far as this site… If you like anything you read… PLEASE feel free to share it out to others.

The California “Net Neutrality” Bill is Basically an Anti-Free Market Bill

In other words… only a communist scum could like that bill. Say goodbye to your T-mobile binge on. Say goodbye to perks like free Netflix or Hulu promotions. The Bill kills zero rating, a dynamic that has created massive competition and has lowered the cost of data across the board for cell phone users. Can California be anymore stupid? Don’t answer that. Of course they can. “Net Neutrality” was NEVER about “keeping the web open.” If you use government “regulations” (keyword here: REGULATE), then you are automatically killing the free web and competition via government idiocy.

Hopefully, if this retarded law passes in California, then only California will be subject to the higher costs that will come with it. It’s so sad that the morons for Net Neutrality can’t think past a dumb slogan and understand “cause and effect” logic. The human race is truly made up of a majority of stupid.

That Book Stuff…

I have my NANOWRIMO Horror/Occult book to still revise and edit and then I have my long in the works Cyberpunk book that needs a major rewrite after I have become absolutely convinced that two sections where certain scenes take place just suck. NEVER get mad at George R.R. Martin for being slow with Game of Thrones PLEASE!!! Because it’s not easy, let me tell you. I haven’t felt like working on either for weeks now. Hmmmm…. Writing or doodling manga? Let me doodle. That’s been the course of things lately. Honestly… I’m not sure if I’ll ever get these out. If I self publish and they each sell one copy then I’ll be in the negative for time and money. Everything is a damn gamble. I’m fairly certain that no one from my social media sphere is buying just based on the fact that most of them are political junkies and not sci-fi fantasy people. Even the sci-fi fantasy people need convincing to try anything that doesn’t have “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” attached to it. They complain that that is all they get and then when new stuff is out there they poo poo on it because it isn’t like one of those two titles. Humans… I need some sort of “aha” moment to break the writers block maybe… Who knows???

United Airlines is a Cesspool

Whoever the lower than life employees were that had the passengers put the Boston Terrier in the overhead compartment, where it died, are bottom feeders on the chain of life. The company itself can easily be described as a “crap hole.” Another story just came out that they flew one family’s dog to Japan instead of Kansas. WTH??? NEVER fly United. Boycott that terrible evil company.

I Feel Like I Should Leave Off on Something HAPPY

So here’s a cat with a Catwoman. Creator unknown…

That’s the Stream for today, and I’m outta here!!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/13/18

Manga Art

I bought a manga art book just because I want to learn how to “draw the manga way.” Since starting to draw again, I must admit, I’m pretty terrible at drawing right now. Nowhere near where I was back in school. I’ve always liked the manga and anime style so it’s like starting over to a degree. I was doing “eyes” last night. Over and over and over again. My big crux is the neck to shoulders and creating movement in form. Well… that and if I create a figure, then putting the face on the figure instead of starting with the face which I’m learning is a no-no. Oh yeah… I suck at drawing the hair too. This could be a lost cause really but oh well… I’d love to have my own style of art somewhere between manga and classic Western comic book art… unfortunately right now it all looks pretty… meh… to me.


Just read an article on “brand reputation,” and not surprisingly Google dropped from 8 to 28 (that’s what happens when EVERYTHING you do is half assed). Anyway, it’s an article on brand reputation and I made the mistake of scrolling down too far to where I could see the comments. Guess what the comments were about? Politics, Trump, and Clinton. SERIOUSLY??? The story had absolutely NOTHING to do with politics but people chose to insert that subject. You people who do this kind of thing really have no life.

Star Wars The Last Jedi

It’s out today on digital and I just bought it over on Amazon w/ the bonus content. I know this movie had a lot of people against it, but in the end that was just the steam rolling power of “Negativity Media” which in my opinion was wrong. YOU can let Rotten Tomatoes and shitty crowd sourced reviews think for you or you can just go see it yourself and decide. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! If you didn’t… that’s you. We really don’t have to agree.

Speaking of Star Wars…

Ghus (from Saga (Image Comics)) > Porgs (SWTLJ)… Just saying… Granted they are different creatures completely, Ghus is not a bird… just a resemblance. Oh.. and Ghus came first.

The Westworld 2 Crowdsourced Plots and Twists

Can I just say… Lost was the first show to do this and to this day I regret ever watching that show. Creators should NOT be using crowdsourced plotlines and twists to work from. It doesn’t work. Lost proved that it doesn’t work and all you get from it is one big letdown. The other sad fact… 50% of the comments on the article talking about this hate the idea and 50% love the idea… So it’s basically the same normal 50% split you get on all things internet now. Crowdsourced opinions and reviews almost always break down a 50% line now. That’s another reason you can’t trust the “%” of virtually anything online anymore.

For the first season of WW, I watched it in real time via HBO through Amazon Channels. This time, I’ll wait until they are all out and then subscribe for a month and binge it. WW is no GoT, so watching in real time is not necessary… especially if there is now crowdsourcing involved.

I Hear Tool has NEW Music Coming…

Honestly though…Does anyone care? I’m pretty much out of my Tool phase. I’ve liked the band since their very first EP was released but I can honestly say that I haven’t been a big fan of anything they have done in the new millennium. I think that with the closing out of the 90’s, I sort of closed out my “dark and depressing” phase. Hell… I can hardly stand to listen to any of the industrial music that I used to listen to from that time period. It’s just boring and depressing now. I also saw Tool play LIVE in the mid 90’s and it is a boring show. They basically stand perfectly still (Maynard sometimes goes into a surfing stance) but it plays out EXACTLY as if you were listening to the album. In other words, the stage show isn’t all that interesting to “watch.” I’m not so sure “today’s listening public” can even tune in for an 8-10 minute musical opus with the lack of attention spans these days. Tool just kind of seems like a band that time may have passed by. I’ll take a listen to the new album (if it ever does come out) if it is on Amazon Music Unlimited but if the gist is the same as their last few… it will be a one and done listen. Now if they can somehow change it up… Be epic without being depressing, be mature, without being massively art house… then this could be great. We’ll see…