My Comic Book Reviews are on the Move So Follow Along!!!

I know some people have been following my blog for the comic book reviews that I’ve been doing weekly so I’m throwing this post up here to let people know that going forward they are going to be published on the site Techaeris.


This was an excellent opportunity and a fun way to reach more viewers and introduce them to comics that aren’t just the “big 2.” I’ve got to share my Valiant and Image love with the world!!!

My first review has been published on the site already, the review for the latest Bloodshot Salvation #10, so click on over to read it. I have a few more reviews going up over the next few days and then of course the reviews later in the week of this Wednesday’s new releases. So book mark the site and keep an out for the latest tech and pop culture news, as well as my reviews over there.

You can also keep up with my comic book reviews on Twitter, as I’ll share them over there, and you can now see those Tweets on my blog to the right (for desktop).

As far as here, I’ll still be posting the normal stuff I always have and other comic book related things. Such as the Diary of the Bat short stories I’ve been posting lately. People seem to really be liking them and that’s awesome to see. Rest assured… this site isn’t going dark.


New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 6/6/18

Spawn #286 (Image)

It’s a prison issue. Take out the biggest bruiser in the yard, get noticed, and then the warden sends you deeper into prison hell. The art is still awesome though this story is taking forever to unfold. At least we get to see an enemy from way back in the beginning, though he isn’t looking so good these days. I just want this particular storyline to wrap up. We were doing so good with the Cyan storyline and I’d rather go back to that.

Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #2 (Image)

While the last issue was more of how this particular Spawn came to be, this issue focuses on Witchblade. The art is beautiful but 2 issues of set up is a bit much. I’m ready to see these two fighting together. I do hope they skip the now cliche of having the two “heroes” fight first and then teaming up. That dynamic is getting so old. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the heroes always fighting each other.

Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/29/18

Harbinger Wars 2 #1 (Valiant)

Harbinger Wars 2 has kicked off and the sides are being drawn. Basically LiveWire and her Secret Weapons with the Renegades vs… well… Everyone. And we knew it would happen but the time is coming when this war puts LiveWire on opposing sides of Ninjak. The ultimatum has been set between Collin and Amanda and we already know this war is happening so… Excellent art throughout and the event of the summer, so check it out!!!

Saga #52 (Image)

Children just do whatever they please… In this case Squire has ran off. Prince Robot IV doesn’t find out right away because he is out enjoying his final moments with Hazel, Ghus, and Petrichor before they go into hiding. Again… The art, as always, is beautiful and the story already has you. This is THE comic book space opera soap opera. So good and so damn addictive!!!

Ninja-K #7 (Valiant)

Technically not a new comic this week, but my subscription on Comixology screwed up the week before and neglected to send me this one. So luckily I found out about it while surfing the Comixology site.

This issue is setting up for a magical show down but the great thing here is seeing Ninjak’s and LiveWire’s relationship growing (even though the above Harbinger Wars 2 is going to rip it apart). Also, we get a “sort of” Unity team up, which is nice. And we get to see Ninjak speak on his true feelings about his dislike of working with Punk Mambo. Oh… And Dr. Mirage is here too. It’s another excellent issue. Just hope my subscription doesn’t screw it up again next month!!!

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/23/18


X-O Manowar #15 (Valiant)

Aric is headed back to Earth but the armor wants to remind him of how worthless humanity is, so this is a flashback tale to times before Aric ever had the armor. The art inside is just as beautiful as that of the cover art… however… this is a flashback issue. So no real X-O Manowar here. For much of this run, Aric has been separated from his armor in some way and all I can think of for a reason, is the Superman effect. X-O Manowar is just too powerful of a character and the current writer doesn’t seem to be capable of figuring out how to let him be full on X-O and have an enemy.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like the current writer but as we have seen from years and years of Superman, only certain writers can get powerful characters correct and make them interesting. The other nagging feeling is that this is just more “filler” in the lead up to Harbinger Wars 2. I’ve said this about this series and the current Bloodshot series lately, and it just feels like both are offering up filler to hold off on doing anything exciting until the summer HW2 event has completed.

HW2 looks to be awesome but I feel like X-O needs a new writer for a fresh infusion and a change of pace. Hopefully the main event this summer will lead to that.



New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/9/18

Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #1 (Image)

Here comes a nice little crossover series that will have Spawn and Witchblade mingling together. Will they fight or join forces… Or fight then join forces (that seems to be a pretty normal dynamic now). The art looks beautiful and the story in this first issue is basically just setting up Medieval Spawn and that he was once a former king. The land was once green and lush but now evil is everywhere. It’s Spawn though so it’s automatically worth checking out!!!

Scooby Apocalypse #25 (DC)

Whoa… We lose a cast member!!! I was not expecting this. I mean, this series is more adult than the after school cartoon version but we actually see the death of a main cast member in this issue.

This series has really been stellar so far and it works on so many levels. My only complaint is the backup story needs to be dumped so we get more pages of the main story every month. Other than that… I have no issue at all about recommending this. It’s a really good read!!!

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/2/18


Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1 (Valiant)

It begins. The government goes too far and while keeping LiveWire distracted, they go after LiveWire’s Secret Weapon psiots. However, a small power fluctuation allows LiveWire the ability to break the psiot dampening in the building she is in and she learns of the threat to her the Secret Weapons. This is the first shot fired and it pushes LiveWire into the position making a massive move back. In this case, killing all of the electronics in the country. As in EVERYTHING!!! Now the stage is set for the Harbinger Wars 2.


LiveWire is my favorite female comic book character. I love her story. I love that she started out as a somewhat side character and her story naturally progressed to the point where she is one of the most powerful characters in the Valiant Universe. I know that this HW2 is going to put LiveWire and Ninjak on opposite sides (they’re in a relationship) and this is going to be intense when it plays out.

Of special note in this issue, LiveWire is “hearing” everything done through technology and remember in Superman Returns when Superman is hearing everything and trying to tone out all of the voices, she is somewhat in the same boat but I think she is really “hearing” and “seeing” even more. I love the way this “over stimulation” plays out in this issue. I highly recommend jumping on this massive event NOW!!!


Spawn  #285 (Image)

This is a great issue. Spawn is playing the game of being powerless and mute, moving the pieces on the board to achieve his ends. What are those ends? We the reader don’t really know yet but it works. The art is still terrifying and beautiful to behold. I’m loving this journey that Spawn is now on. I’m all in on this ride!!!




New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/25/18

X-O Manowar #14 (Valiant)

This has to be one of the BEST covers of the year!!! I also love that the art inside is now back up to a gold standard. The last several issues, the art had been pretty sub par. I’m happy to say, every panel of this issue looks beautiful.

Aric returns to Earth, just in time for the Harbinger Wars 2 Event that starts next month. We don’t know where the battle lines are drawn but I’m willing to bet that LiveWire and Capshaw are on alternate sides here, both vying for X-O’s to join their side. We also get to see how the armor has grown in character too. I like that the armor can now speak, it makes for more character depth as the armor really is another aspect of the X-O character. You should definitely pick this one up!!!

Saga #51 (Image)

This starts out as more of an in between issue for our characters. We get to see daily events pass as they wait for the reporters to come through on the identity changes for Robot and his kid. Yet, don’t think it is all just normal life playing out. We lose a character in this book and I’m willing to bet there will be some major fallout in the next issue. Saga is still one of the BEST books out there and you can’t help but to be moved by these complex and interesting characters every month. Pick it up!!!

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/18/18

Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe (#4 or 4) (Valiant)

The final issue that is the companion to the coming web series (to be released in just a few days) is here, and what an action packed conclusion it is!!! If the web series follows this is 4 issue mini series and looks good, then I will be more than happy to see the Valiant world on screen, even if it is the small, small, screen. I have to say, I love the art in this mini series and I actually like Ninjak’s costume better here than in his main series. It really comes off as being very tech ninja, which is what Ninjak is all about. So check this series out and get ready for the web series coming in just a few days!!!

Superman SALE on Comixology

There wasn’t any other new releases in my subscriptions this week so I’d like to point out that Comixology has a massive Superman sale going on in honor of his 80 years. While I already have the physical copies of the Death, Reign, and Return of Superman, I couldn’t resist picking these up again along with some other stuff, like the excellent Birthright and All-Star Superman. So if you like Superman or just want to revisit stuff you had before, now’s an excellent time to stock up on the digital side.

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/11/18

Ninja-K #6 (Valiant)

What an awesome issue and a great jumping on point for new readers. This issue sets Ninja-K vs Ninja-K-2 who was originally chosen to be Ninja-K but who was downgraded when Colin King came along (Why not just make Colin King Ninja-J then Mi6??? But I digress). The art is superb and there is some nice ninja action going on within these pages. It looks like this new coalition is going to be more than Ninja-K can handle so by the sound of it, we’ll be getting some guest stars next month to help Ninja-K out. I have to say, in this new series, this has been the best issue yet and it has me excited for the next one!!!

Bloodshot Salvation #8 (Valiant)

YES!!! Back to the Bloodshot we all know and love after that lazy “artless” last issue. As for the art here, it is beautiful and how Bloodshot art should be done. Much like Ninja-K it also has the realistic painted look which I’ve really come to love. In this issue, Bloodshot and Bloodhound fight through the Deadside to save his daughter. A deal is made that saves her but in the process, Bloodshot and Bloodhound are transported to 4002 AD to assassinate someone to fulfill the deal. This makes sense as the timeline becomes more clear and the reader understands those first issues where the fighting was taking place in 4002 AD. I really hope this is a second wind in the Bloodshot title and that it can sustain it into what appears to be an awesome direction.

Gideon Falls #2 (Image)

This is the second issue of a deep mystery and it’s hard to review. It’s hard to review because I don’t know what is going on yet. The crazy guy in the city that collects nails has his apartment broken into and when he goes to tell his therapist, she doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, The new Father to Gideon Falls is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit and the police think he is crazy because he says he followed Father Tom (the last preacher) out to the Black Barn, which is not there. Father Tom supposedly drowned 2 weeks before. Then Father Tom turns up dead in the woods and he’s holding a nail. It ends with the therapist seeing the Black Barn in the streets of the city. Gideon Falls is just getting started and the horror and “what the fuck” elements are all being layered and put into place. I love the atmosphere and the tension in the book. I really can’t wait to see where it goes!!!

Scooby Apocalypse #24 (DC)

24 issues and Daphne FINALLY says YES to Fred’s marriage proposal!!! And then there is a great disturbance in the fabric of reality as we prepare for something big from the 2 groups of “consumerist monsters” fighting for dominance of the mall. I know I’ve said this before but, The Walking Dead has nothing on Scooby Apocalypse. Great characters, complex motivations, and survival made entertaining vs TWD’s slog fest boredom. Now if only Shaggy gets some courage to tell the woman he likes that he actually likes her…

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/4/18

God Complex #5 (Image)

Only one new comic in my subscriptions released this week and that is God Complex #5 from Image. In this issue, Seneca has become a halfbreed in recreation and resurrection from death from the last issue. The “Gods” have given him this gift but he’s not too happy about it. Then again he’s in complete pain because the cybernetics haven’t meshed with his organic system just yet and all he cares about doing is getting back out there to fight the Trinity. A cool new feature he gets is his ability to go into “cyberspace” at anytime from anywhere so that’s a plus. Great art and the story is cyberpunk as anything so I’m still loving this series. Guess what? This was actually last month’s issue so this month’s issue supposedly hits next week!!!