Anthony Bourdain RIP (61)

Much like with Chris Cornell, this one hit me like a gut punch. There are certain celebrities you look up to and you feel like they have everything worked out and are completely happy. Then they kill themselves and you are left with this strange feeling that is somewhere between sadness and anger. Sadness because they are gone and anger because they did this to themselves. It’s an odd dynamic to come to grips with. To this day, I no longer voluntarily play Soundgarden music, and that was once my favorite band. It’s my anger over the fact that he had it all and he gave it up. It’s such a waste.

With Anthony Bourdain, it was his writing style and the narration of his writing style that was so damn impressive. His words just drew you in and you wanted to go on that adventure. It was a loose style too. In other words, he made jokes, and inserted his thoughts and choice swear words into the narrative and that made it all the more real. Will I be able to watch his travelogue still? I don’t know. I hope I can because he was about so much more than just the food of his destinations.

So to a great storyteller, awesome writer, and a person who exposed me to more than just the food of other countries… Rest in peace.

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