New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 6/6/18

Spawn #286 (Image)

It’s a prison issue. Take out the biggest bruiser in the yard, get noticed, and then the warden sends you deeper into prison hell. The art is still awesome though this story is taking forever to unfold. At least we get to see an enemy from way back in the beginning, though he isn’t looking so good these days. I just want this particular storyline to wrap up. We were doing so good with the Cyan storyline and I’d rather go back to that.

Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #2 (Image)

While the last issue was more of how this particular Spawn came to be, this issue focuses on Witchblade. The art is beautiful but 2 issues of set up is a bit much. I’m ready to see these two fighting together. I do hope they skip the now cliche of having the two “heroes” fight first and then teaming up. That dynamic is getting so old. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the heroes always fighting each other.

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