My Comic Book Reviews are on the Move So Follow Along!!!

I know some people have been following my blog for the comic book reviews that I’ve been doing weekly so I’m throwing this post up here to let people know that going forward they are going to be published on the site Techaeris.


This was an excellent opportunity and a fun way to reach more viewers and introduce them to comics that aren’t just the “big 2.” I’ve got to share my Valiant and Image love with the world!!!

My first review has been published on the site already, the review for the latest Bloodshot Salvation #10, so click on over to read it. I have a few more reviews going up over the next few days and then of course the reviews later in the week of this Wednesday’s new releases. So book mark the site and keep an out for the latest tech and pop culture news, as well as my reviews over there.

You can also keep up with my comic book reviews on Twitter, as I’ll share them over there, and you can now see those Tweets on my blog to the right (for desktop).

As far as here, I’ll still be posting the normal stuff I always have and other comic book related things. Such as the Diary of the Bat short stories I’ve been posting lately. People seem to really be liking them and that’s awesome to see. Rest assured… this site isn’t going dark.


The Elitist Artists of Twitter


I’ve met a very weird group of artists on Twitter who are socially left but at the same time of the mentality of a 80’s yuppie when it comes to greed. The game developer for the coming game called Beyond Good & Evil 2 created a fun contest for gamers to be apart of the game. Create a character, submit the character, and if they used the character design somewhere in the game, they would pay you money. The elitist and entitled artists of Twitter had a field day with this. They called “exploitation” and then gave excuse after excuse why they themselves were being put out of work because a game company was having a contest. They made it sound like that the people submitting the work were giving them, as “professionals” a bad name, because they were doing the work for free. I guess none of these top shelf “artists” ever met a Realtor who markets and spends time and money trying to sell house. If the house doesn’t sell, that Realtor does not get anything and is out of all of that time and marketing cost. But no… The Twitter Artist is above the little people who do work to make money. They feel entitled to having cash in hand before they commit a single pencil to paper…or whatever easier than hell digital medium they are working in. They go on and on about protecting their community… from a fun CONTEST for Gamers in a Gamer Community. But wait… Then they said, “You do know artists are gamers too so this is how it should be.” So the Twitter Artist community were basically just appropriating the gamer community and telling them how things should be done. Pathetic.

Marketing-101-Branding (1)

Anyone who has ever really marketed themselves (Marketing 101 and Personal Branding) knows that pro bono work, in writing, design, and yes… ART… can lead to bigger and better things that pay down the line. Getting your name out there, promoting your work, and getting recognition isn’t “free work” or exploitation, it’s self promotion. The limited and narrow minded view of the Twitter Artist believes that everyone will want your work for free then… because to them, everyone, is some evil group opposed to their elitist, hive minded, entitled and closed off community. Or they think that by you promoting yourself in this way takes away paycheck from their more deserving hands. They’re pretty much wrong on every aspect of this from the top down. They no jack about self promotion and believe that looking out for their elitist community is better than putting yourself as an individual into a place where you come out ahead. The mentality is one of failure for these people.

They all ask why no one else took my side in this debate and that’s an easy one, the main person who brought this up, is someone they follow. So the entire group of these Twitter Artists have this failure mindset. Sure the ring leader is telling you followers to look out for the community and beware any pro bono work because in the end, that keeps your name out of the picture and is less competition for the elitist snob telling you to do so. The ring leader cornered the pond and is keeping you lackey’s down. I say pond because the imprint from this person is nothing anyone has ever heard of anyway. Maybe someone in the crime streets of Chicago but no one in the mainstream has heard of this publisher or cares about the smack they put out. So this person is just a big fish in a small pond with Twitter followers who don’t get that they are being duped. It’s not the big company running a contest duping you people, it’s your Twitter overlord.

Speaking of  the game… If you submit your work, they are not looking for polished, or complete work. Just a basic design you like. You aren’t being asked for a backstory, print ready design, or anything like that. Just a character you think might work well in that universe, and winners will get to see their design in the game, and get paid if it is used. It’s a good contest that fuels gamers to be more artistic and get involved in their own community. So anyone who tells you differently is just one of the elitist and entitled who are jealous that their way, is not the only way in this world.

FYI: A community has NEVER put food on your table or paid your bills. If doing something free helps you out later but does deny someone else a paid gig… tough. All it shows is that you were smarter than they were. Therefore YOU deserve the reward.


Diary of the Bat – Entry 2


Above art by David Despau

Bruce Wayne – Entry 2

At what point do the demons inside actually consume you? When did I let them take the reigns of my life and bottle up the outside face of myself so that the cape and cowl were all that were really left of me? When did living mean that to feel, I had to feel the bleeding knuckles from removing the filth, come home with a body wracked with pain from over exertion, or even come home depressed from a night that was actually quiet? At some point the demon, the bat… took over and consumed me.


Alfred worries that I will be the last of my line. He knows this is true, but he still worries all the same. I can’t think of bringing a wife, let alone a child, into the madness that is the bat. I feel like I have disappointed the old man daily. He virtually raised me and he wanted me to be so much better than I turned out. He’d never admit to this but I can sense his feelings on the matter. If I could have been like Clark, then I have a feeling that the old man would have been quite proud then.

Speaking of Clark, he was in town a few days ago with his wife Lois. They were beaming, happy, all smiles. Meanwhile, I had a mask on my face that to them, only resembled a smile. I envy Clark to a certain degree. He wants to have it all, and he won’t let any internal demons stop him. He’s a pure boy scout through and through. He revels in the light while I exist in the dark.

The sun has started to set. I keep looking out the window in anticipation of what I may find tonight. This isn’t good. This really isn’t who I wanted to be or how I wanted to live my life. But how can I stop?


-Jason Falter (2018)

Diary of the Bat – Entry 1


Above pic: BATMAN SOLITUDE by AdmiraWijaya

Bruce Wayne – Entry 1

My therapist… No… Bruce Wayne’s therapist wanted me to keep this record of my thoughts. As a way to work through some of the anxiety and frustration I’ve been experiencing. Whether that is frustration as Bruce Wayne or myself… I’m not altogether sure. Listen to me… My “being” is so convuluted that I can’t even refer to myself as myself anymore. Who am I really?

I’m that demonic night-being that prowls the dirty and stink filled alleyways of Gotham in the hope that I can protect those that must exist within it’s tainted embrace. All so that maybe just one poor soul can break free of this godforsaken city… It sure won’t be mine.

Just last night, no… This morning… I felt the adrenaline rush when I heard a scream echoing through the suffocating streets. I wanted, needed… there to be some darkness in the air and when that scream pierced the blackness of the night, I felt purpose in my soul. So am I going out night after night to help others or to make myself actually feel something within?

I had arrived in no time to the scene of the crime. There was a hooker on the ground, scratched up knees and elbows, with her skirt ripped from the bottom. Standing over her was a skinny thug in a black and yellow Gotham City Rogues taco cap, ripped and torn skinny jeans that looked two sizes to tight, and a red tank top, finished off by brandishing a switchblade. It was just an instant but I recognized the change and it was startling. I felt disappointment that this was all that I was facing. A worthless street punk that I would break in mere seconds. 12 seconds to be exact. The only 12 seconds of the night where I felt alive.


By the time dawn broke, I was back at the cave. I stripped out of my second skin and made my way up the steps to the mansion. Every step felt heavy and I could feel the weight upon my shoulders increase as I traversed those cut stone steps. I poured a bourbon and sat half naked in my study as the sun slowly rose. I didn’t have the energy to climb another flight of stairs to the second story of the mansion and make my way to the bedroom. It was as if my costume, my second skin, was the energy that enveloped me and now I was a shell of a man with no purpose, sitting in the warm light of a new day. Completely dead to the world.

-Jason Falter (2018)


Anthony Bourdain RIP (61)

Much like with Chris Cornell, this one hit me like a gut punch. There are certain celebrities you look up to and you feel like they have everything worked out and are completely happy. Then they kill themselves and you are left with this strange feeling that is somewhere between sadness and anger. Sadness because they are gone and anger because they did this to themselves. It’s an odd dynamic to come to grips with. To this day, I no longer voluntarily play Soundgarden music, and that was once my favorite band. It’s my anger over the fact that he had it all and he gave it up. It’s such a waste.

With Anthony Bourdain, it was his writing style and the narration of his writing style that was so damn impressive. His words just drew you in and you wanted to go on that adventure. It was a loose style too. In other words, he made jokes, and inserted his thoughts and choice swear words into the narrative and that made it all the more real. Will I be able to watch his travelogue still? I don’t know. I hope I can because he was about so much more than just the food of his destinations.

So to a great storyteller, awesome writer, and a person who exposed me to more than just the food of other countries… Rest in peace.

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 6/6/18

Spawn #286 (Image)

It’s a prison issue. Take out the biggest bruiser in the yard, get noticed, and then the warden sends you deeper into prison hell. The art is still awesome though this story is taking forever to unfold. At least we get to see an enemy from way back in the beginning, though he isn’t looking so good these days. I just want this particular storyline to wrap up. We were doing so good with the Cyan storyline and I’d rather go back to that.

Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #2 (Image)

While the last issue was more of how this particular Spawn came to be, this issue focuses on Witchblade. The art is beautiful but 2 issues of set up is a bit much. I’m ready to see these two fighting together. I do hope they skip the now cliche of having the two “heroes” fight first and then teaming up. That dynamic is getting so old. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the heroes always fighting each other.