Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/29/18

Harbinger Wars 2 #1 (Valiant)

Harbinger Wars 2 has kicked off and the sides are being drawn. Basically LiveWire and her Secret Weapons with the Renegades vs… well… Everyone. And we knew it would happen but the time is coming when this war puts LiveWire on opposing sides of Ninjak. The ultimatum has been set between Collin and Amanda and we already know this war is happening so… Excellent art throughout and the event of the summer, so check it out!!!

Saga #52 (Image)

Children just do whatever they please… In this case Squire has ran off. Prince Robot IV doesn’t find out right away because he is out enjoying his final moments with Hazel, Ghus, and Petrichor before they go into hiding. Again… The art, as always, is beautiful and the story already has you. This is THE comic book space opera soap opera. So good and so damn addictive!!!

Ninja-K #7 (Valiant)

Technically not a new comic this week, but my subscription on Comixology screwed up the week before and neglected to send me this one. So luckily I found out about it while surfing the Comixology site.

This issue is setting up for a magical show down but the great thing here is seeing Ninjak’s and LiveWire’s relationship growing (even though the above Harbinger Wars 2 is going to rip it apart). Also, we get a “sort of” Unity team up, which is nice. And we get to see Ninjak speak on his true feelings about his dislike of working with Punk Mambo. Oh… And Dr. Mirage is here too. It’s another excellent issue. Just hope my subscription doesn’t screw it up again next month!!!

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