Ahead of the Superhero Curve


I was always ahead of the super hero curve. That’s what comes from being a comic book collector from way back. I was buying and wearing Batman T-shirts a whole year before Batman (’89) came out (that’s about when you could start finding them). I remember in middle school there were others who made fun of me, “What a loser, wearing a Batman T-shirt.) The next year, after the movie was released, guess what? Those same losers who made fun of me, were now sporting Batman t-shirts. And now? Superheroes have blown up!!!


I no longer have those old shirts but I quick Bing image search and I found them (Google…. man you have fallen so far. You didn’t even pick these up). My favorite was the top one with the purple tinge to it, and the street gang beaten up at his feet. Then I liked the second one with the cape hanging down in a cool way. The third one below was a cool swinging depiction which I believe came out after the first two above because I remember other people wearing this one.


My point being… Well… No point really. I just found it funny that the clique morons made fun of me one year and then were doing the same thing the next year. Some of us live like individuals and don’t follow the beaten path while others… they follow us even though they look down on us from their fake platform of superiority. Being an individual is ALWAYS better than being a follower or some member of some group. Just saying…




Author: The Ninja

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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