Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/29/18

Harbinger Wars 2 #1 (Valiant)

Harbinger Wars 2 has kicked off and the sides are being drawn. Basically LiveWire and her Secret Weapons with the Renegades vs… well… Everyone. And we knew it would happen but the time is coming when this war puts LiveWire on opposing sides of Ninjak. The ultimatum has been set between Collin and Amanda and we already know this war is happening so… Excellent art throughout and the event of the summer, so check it out!!!

Saga #52 (Image)

Children just do whatever they please… In this case Squire has ran off. Prince Robot IV doesn’t find out right away because he is out enjoying his final moments with Hazel, Ghus, and Petrichor before they go into hiding. Again… The art, as always, is beautiful and the story already has you. This is THE comic book space opera soap opera. So good and so damn addictive!!!

Ninja-K #7 (Valiant)

Technically not a new comic this week, but my subscription on Comixology screwed up the week before and neglected to send me this one. So luckily I found out about it while surfing the Comixology site.

This issue is setting up for a magical show down but the great thing here is seeing Ninjak’s and LiveWire’s relationship growing (even though the above Harbinger Wars 2 is going to rip it apart). Also, we get a “sort of” Unity team up, which is nice. And we get to see Ninjak speak on his true feelings about his dislike of working with Punk Mambo. Oh… And Dr. Mirage is here too. It’s another excellent issue. Just hope my subscription doesn’t screw it up again next month!!!

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/23/18


X-O Manowar #15 (Valiant)

Aric is headed back to Earth but the armor wants to remind him of how worthless humanity is, so this is a flashback tale to times before Aric ever had the armor. The art inside is just as beautiful as that of the cover art… however… this is a flashback issue. So no real X-O Manowar here. For much of this run, Aric has been separated from his armor in some way and all I can think of for a reason, is the Superman effect. X-O Manowar is just too powerful of a character and the current writer doesn’t seem to be capable of figuring out how to let him be full on X-O and have an enemy.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like the current writer but as we have seen from years and years of Superman, only certain writers can get powerful characters correct and make them interesting. The other nagging feeling is that this is just more “filler” in the lead up to Harbinger Wars 2. I’ve said this about this series and the current Bloodshot series lately, and it just feels like both are offering up filler to hold off on doing anything exciting until the summer HW2 event has completed.

HW2 looks to be awesome but I feel like X-O needs a new writer for a fresh infusion and a change of pace. Hopefully the main event this summer will lead to that.



Solo: A Star Wars Story (Review – NO Spoilers)


Solo: A Star Wars Story, is an awesome movie that is action packed from start to finish. If I had to offer up a complaint it’s the cinematographer (it’s always the cinematographer!!!) for using those damn gray/blue filters that make everything so damn dark. Otherwise, it is an excellent heist film in the Star Wars universe where you get to see the Kessel Run, Han meeting Chewie, the winning of the Falcon in a card game, and so much more!!!

Those bullet points above are NOT spoilers because we know from previous movies they happen. So go see Solo!!!



Amazon (like I said) is Close to Picking up the NEXT Season of The Expanse

I said in a previous blog post that ONLY Amazon could do this because Netflix is getting all jaded and ONLY forking over billions for original content. The days of hoping Netflix can be a show’s saviour are over.

However Amazon already had streaming rights to The Expanse so it only made sense for them to pick up the show. There really was no other saviour but Amazon for this show. Happily, it looks like we will get the 4th season (and hopefully more) thanks to Amazon!!! Fingers are crossed!!!

The Surprise of there NEVER being a Surprise Party


I’ve always wanted a surprise birthday party. It’s never happened though. I’ve thrown surprise birthday parties for people. I’ve dropped subtle hints here and there but alas… I think that ship has sailed. The closest to having one (or so I thought) was in the mid 90’s. At the time we had a big group of friends that congregated together on an almost constant basis. That past winter and the current summer I had gotten a few surprise birthdays to go down. So when my day was coming… I was almost sure of it. So sure, because out of the norm, our group all made up excuses to be doing things completely out of the norm for each of them. It was almost bad how bad the excuses were!!! So from early morning though the afternoon I was ecstatic. I knew all of my friends were going to throw something big. As 6 pm arrived, people started to take off on these stupid excursions though. All of a sudden, I realized that there was nothing happening. I had made no secret of the day, in the lead up to that very day, and no one bothered. In fact, no one even really remembered until all the various parties were about to take off and I said something to the effect of, “Yeah right, you’re not going there, right? This is like a surprise birthday thing right?” To which they replied they had forgotten and wished me a Happy Birthday. Then the various sub groups departed to do their thing. I think I just went home and watched a movie.

That wouldn’t be the last time either. For some strange reason, people just tend to forget my birthday altogether. There was one year where absolutely no one remembered. I thought I would get a call or even a well wished greeting but nothing. Never mind getting gifts or having a surprise party, can I get a “Happy Birthday?”

When Facebook came along, I’d then get the “Happy Birthday” post since FB reminded people. I actually made my birthday private this year, since I’m not on FB all that much. Yet, I still went over their to check it out on that day and not surprising… nothing. Even my best friend forgot this year (again actually). I don’t know what it is precisely but I’m completely invisible and in the background. I’ve given up on there ever being a surprise birthday party (never mind the fact that most of the group of friends has pretty much dispersed at this point). I have become the invisible Ninja.

It is what it is… But when that day hit his year, like every year, I did fantasize about that surprise party I’ve always wanted. Maybe next year… Yeah right… Oh well… At least Bing remembered and gave me a whole screen/wallpaper with motion all that day to enjoy!!! THANKS Microsoft/BING!!!!!!!!


Streamline (Stream of Thought) 5/19/18


The Royal Wedding

We got up this morning at 6:30 am and tuned into CBS to watch the Royal Wedding. I liked it a lot. I liked seeing the cast of Suits and other celebs pointed out. I liked watching the British spectacle mixed with American ease. It was fun.

I saw some snarky social media things online and it instantly reminded me of why I’m no longer participating (posting or tuning in daily) in the social media nonsense. I so hate social media these days. Nothing but a dumpster fire of snark.



Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season Finale

FINALLY we have a good episode!!! Too much of this back half of the season was basically just Agents of Dark Hallways. The title of this episode was “The End” and truthfully, it should have been. But… It was renewed for another 13 episodes. This left off in a good place and renewing it really just makes it filler. I would have been happy if this was really the final episode. I have no clue how they will drag it on from here.


The Expanse - Season 2

Please Amazon Prime… Pick up The Expanse!!!

I’m going to be really sad if this show does go the way of Dark Matter and Blood Drive because SYFY is a shitty network. I’m hopeful that Amazon Prime will pick it up, since they already have the streaming rights to past seasons. Netflix is too focused on putting out a million things that are all original content, so I think even bothering with them is a lost cause at this point. I love Netflix but honestly… Their game plan for the future is really bad. At certain point, bills will be due to pay for all of this “original content” and their subscriber growth will have plateaued. So, for this reason, I hope the producers of The Expanse concentrate on getting Amazon Prime to pick them up.



Google just GO AWAY!!!

I used to be “all in” when it came to Google but now… I can’t stand this company. It’s the biggest “1984, Big Brother, out of touch, and evil company” that exists today. From this creepy duplex AI robo-calling to their “Selfish Ledger,” where they want to use everyone’s information to force people to act and be a certain way… Google is just EVIL. People need to wake up because Google is a really bad company to have anything to do with.



SYFY Drops The Expanse


Remember when Dark Matter was cancelled by SYFY last year because SYFY only had first run LIVE viewing rights? Turns out, the same is true of The Expanse, and since SYFY can’t make any money streaming it, they are dropping it. Our lesson should now be that we check the viewing rights for any show SYFY greenlight’s because if they don’t have them then expect a 3rd year cancellation.

The Expanse - Season 2

The studio that makes The Expanse are going to try and shop the show’s fourth season around but I don’t have a lot of hope for a new home to be found. After all, Dark Matter had even more viewers and no one picked it up. If this was the time of the up and coming of Netflix, Prime, and HULU then there may have been a shot. As it stands, those “saviors” don’t go for left overs much these days. Especially expensive leftovers. The truth is… It’s better to not hold out hope of a savior for the show and then if it does happen, enjoy it as a surprise.


It also seems like SYFY is announcing this now, after only 5 episodes have aired in season 3, in the hopes of actually killing it’s chances of being picked up elsewhere. If people see that the show has been canceled now, then many will just drop it now. The ratings for the last half of the season tank, and then the metrics are worthless. It’s a pretty shitty thing for SYFY to do.

I’ll finish off this season, watch the final season of 12 Monkey’s and Killjoys, and that just leaves The Magicians left for me to view on SYFY. I may not even bother with George R.R. Martin’s Nightfliers because the chance for cancellation is just to great on this channel. SYFY needs to learn that you can’t just dump on the core viewers like this. Pretty much all of the goodwill SYFY fostered over the last decade has now been drained right out. It’s a pretty pathetic game plan if you ask me.


New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 5/9/18

Medieval Spawn and Witchblade #1 (Image)

Here comes a nice little crossover series that will have Spawn and Witchblade mingling together. Will they fight or join forces… Or fight then join forces (that seems to be a pretty normal dynamic now). The art looks beautiful and the story in this first issue is basically just setting up Medieval Spawn and that he was once a former king. The land was once green and lush but now evil is everywhere. It’s Spawn though so it’s automatically worth checking out!!!

Scooby Apocalypse #25 (DC)

Whoa… We lose a cast member!!! I was not expecting this. I mean, this series is more adult than the after school cartoon version but we actually see the death of a main cast member in this issue.

This series has really been stellar so far and it works on so many levels. My only complaint is the backup story needs to be dumped so we get more pages of the main story every month. Other than that… I have no issue at all about recommending this. It’s a really good read!!!

Anon (Netflix)


Let me just start by saying… I would buy this movie. This has the total cyberpunk/Sci-fi/BladeRunner “feel” to it. It has “speculated reality,” as in this is stuff we will probably see in upcoming technology. AR has way more potential than VR will ever have. Mark my words here. The reason… AR gives companies way more advertising potential. Sad but true. Damn marketers and advertisers. But I digress…


Anyway, Clive Owen is a detective who is investigating killings done by a woman who is completely anonymous. She can hack the system and disappear from everything. In this world, you can see the overlay (AR) through your eye and you have a “life record” that records everything. Basically, no privacy at all. So Amanda Seyfried has the ability to hack this system and stay anonymous, which makes her the perfect person to be a contract killer.


The movie has a unique premise, really good acting, and it really draws you in. Bravo to Netflix for grabbing this one. This is truly a quality movie!!! On a side note, why is Amanda Seyfried not in more movies???



Ahead of the Superhero Curve


I was always ahead of the super hero curve. That’s what comes from being a comic book collector from way back. I was buying and wearing Batman T-shirts a whole year before Batman (’89) came out (that’s about when you could start finding them). I remember in middle school there were others who made fun of me, “What a loser, wearing a Batman T-shirt.) The next year, after the movie was released, guess what? Those same losers who made fun of me, were now sporting Batman t-shirts. And now? Superheroes have blown up!!!


I no longer have those old shirts but I quick Bing image search and I found them (Google…. man you have fallen so far. You didn’t even pick these up). My favorite was the top one with the purple tinge to it, and the street gang beaten up at his feet. Then I liked the second one with the cape hanging down in a cool way. The third one below was a cool swinging depiction which I believe came out after the first two above because I remember other people wearing this one.


My point being… Well… No point really. I just found it funny that the clique morons made fun of me one year and then were doing the same thing the next year. Some of us live like individuals and don’t follow the beaten path while others… they follow us even though they look down on us from their fake platform of superiority. Being an individual is ALWAYS better than being a follower or some member of some group. Just saying…