New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 4/4/18

God Complex #5 (Image)

Only one new comic in my subscriptions released this week and that is God Complex #5 from Image. In this issue, Seneca has become a halfbreed in recreation and resurrection from death from the last issue. The “Gods” have given him this gift but he’s not too happy about it. Then again he’s in complete pain because the cybernetics haven’t meshed with his organic system just yet and all he cares about doing is getting back out there to fight the Trinity. A cool new feature he gets is his ability to go into “cyberspace” at anytime from anywhere so that’s a plus. Great art and the story is cyberpunk as anything so I’m still loving this series. Guess what? This was actually last month’s issue so this month’s issue supposedly hits next week!!!

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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