Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/26/18

Jessica Jones S2 (Netflix)

I finished JJS2 this weekend. I had thought that I may pass this season up since there was no real villain but… I watched it and because of the mystery involved, I enjoyed S2 more than I enjoyed S1. I liked all of the character arcs and the mystery really holds it altogether. S2 to me, felt like a more solid and complete offering, than S1 did. I would definitely recommend it.

IT Healthcare Regulations and Compliance

It’s no secret that doctors and nurses are leaving the healthcare field due to massive overbearing rules and regulations but when it comes to the IT side of things… I’m ready to jump ship too.

Just some of the idiocy:

No IT equipment in server closets. So no spares in case something goes down. The sad part… we have no other space at any of the facilities to store our stuff. So we’ll have to use couriers and be couriers for something as idiotic as a mouse.

Nothing must touch the ground. All PC’s must be on a rolling cart. Last week, before this week came and everything had to be out of the server closets, pallets had to be used to lift up spares stuff. So we ordered pallets and now we will have pallets holding nothing because everything must be out.

All wires must be tied up from the ground. Basically… wires that don’t look neat can be written up by some outside government agency.

There is a contact, who will call another contact, should a surge protector be needed. The surge protector must have a sticker saying that it is “APPROVED.” Only surge protectors from this mysterious group may be used.

No Dust Free Air cans anywhere on premises. A patient may get a hold of one and blow air into another patient’s face. WHAT???

Drive an hour to move a mini PC that virtually anyone on the staff can move, but new rules state they cannot move any equipment. Nevermind, that there is (was) a spare PC on site if one should go down, so the staff could swap out the bad one. So basically, drive 2+ hours (round trip) with traffic to do a 5 minute move. Oh yeah… this was the first year that they actually LOWERED the mileage rate they pay. I’m not happy about using my vehicle to drive out for a lower rate on a job any monkey with an opposable thumb can do. It’s lame.

There is literally no space for IT anywhere in this company. I and another person are stuffed into a 220 Sq Ft store room and they want to put another 3 people in there with us. Fire Code forbids this, you have to have at least 100 Sq Ft per person. But hey… we can ignore regulations where the IT people are concerned. WTF???

I’m over it… I’ve had it up to the brim. I’m definitely looking for things outside of the healthcare field. The above is just a small measure of the idiocy these days. We actually spend more time in compliance than dealing with tech now. Ever since we were bought by a major hospital system, the slide has been happening, but just in the last year it has been beyond ridiculous.

Marvel’s Spider-man (XD) Animation

I bought the first season on Amazon Video and it’s pretty good. The animation looks good, the characterization for Peter and Spidey are on point. All in all… It’s a good show that both adults (Spidey fans) and kids can enjoy. It’s light years better than the last animation which was the cheesey Ultimate Spider-man cartoon. I love the Ultimate Spider-man comic books but the cartoon are was horrible and completely hokey. Basically: Unwatchable. So this one at least brings it back to a level of watchability that has been missing. I’ve only watched a few episodes so far, but so far so good.

It’s NOT the Dog’s Fault

I saw in the news where a family dog “bit and shook” a kid to death while they were playing in the backyard. Sadly, the stupid humans will most likely kill the dog, but if we really had logic in this worthless society we could almost 100% point to the kid having pulled the dogs tail, ears, or stepped on his paws. The dog then thinks it is under attack and rightly defends itself. But we live in a stupid society where humans are idiots and parents take no responsibility in watching their brats. Fuck humans. Unintelligent and lazy. So no… I feel no compassion for the parents. Pathetic parenting from pathetic humans. RIP to the dog who only tried to defend itself.

This Nation is Consumed with Sex and Hypocrisy

Trump had sex with this porn star person, while being married and the sensationalism is on full display. Deja vu… Clinton had sex with Lewinski and others while married and the sensationalism was on full display. This will be the news cycle because this worthless society doesn’t care about any policy. Nope, they only care about who is fucking who and it fuels their choices. Humanity and, as said above, this society, is so damn dumb.

I’d like to End this Post on something Good…

But humanity has put me in a bad mood today. So I’ll leave it as it is… That’s the Stream, stay safe and avoid other humans. They’re NOT good people.

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Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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