The idiocy of the Republicrats

I shouldn’t have opened up the news today. I’m liable to get a neck sprain from SMDH too much. First up:

The $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending budget.

What the hell??? Remember when Republicans were supposed to be about cutting spending??? Not anymore. They already removed the caps that were set in place (remarkably that was under Obama) and now they have increased the budget by another trillion in just 6 months to $21 Trillion in debt. THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE.

We need cuts across the board from military to social programs to healthcare. When the budget bubble pops, none of these things will get any funding. So would you rather have smart economics that keep the nation running or be a selfish prick for whatever program you champion and demand more spending???

For more on this very bad Bill, read (HERE)

Second up:

This insane and fear mongering FOSTA bill passes. The bill makes it a federal crime for prostitutes to create online ads for their services. It also holds the sites, such as social media, responsible too. This doesn’t make it easier to stop trafficking (which by percentage is so small of an issue that it is laughable that it is being fear mongered like this). Actual traffickers will now go underground to the dark web where it will be even more impossible to find them. Actual sex workers who now share info on clients to say safe and do their own thing independently, will now go back to the streets and be under control of pimps that bring in clients. Women selling sex being beaten by pimps is an actual cause and effect scenario from this stupid bill.

If John Smith wants to pay for a prostitute and the prostitute takes the money voluntarily then I see no reason why this “contract” is illegal. Does this affect my life in any way, shape, or form? No. As long as it is voluntary, no human is being harmed, no property is being harmed, and no animals are being harmed, then let people do whatever they want. Let them be adults, make their own choices, and live with the outcomes. Government does not need to be in the equation. This is another case where government just made things worse for many more people than it protects. And it is another hit to freedom of speech too.

Let’s also not forget that probably a majority of the “representatives from both sides” are seeing prostitutes in DC. They just don’t have the guts to stand up to an opponent using the line, “You voted against protecting children from sex slavery.” Which is a BS line that would be used for some BS thirty second sound bite because the voters are too stupid to understand nuance. Our whole political system is BS now. From the representatives all the way down to the uninformed voters who refuse to actually see nuance beyond the 30 second sound bite.

For more on this very bad Bill read (HERE)

We have representatives that demand the government be nosey for some holier than thou reason, or they use the excuse of “save the children” because they know they can take the smallest issue and demagogue that to death to get a much larger ban on something else that has nothing to do with the original issue at all. Then they fund spending to enforce it, which adds more to the debt. The kicker though is that the voters are too stupid to be the last check and balance to any of this because the voters are like sheep, easily coerced to do what their “side” tells them, no questions asked.

I’m voting libertarian for any President, Senate, or Congressional seat from now on. If the libertarian candidate is a wackadoodle then I’ll just abstain from voting. I can’t in good conscience vote for Republicans or Democrats. The Republicrats are just too damn evil.

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

One thought on “The idiocy of the Republicrats”

  1. I can’t say I blame you, I will have a hard time at the ballot box next time, that’s for sure. Probably lots of write-ins and definitely the voting OUT of incumbents…


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