Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/21/18

Hawkgirl joins the JL…If Hawkgirl was always drawn like this… She’d be more popular than Wonder Woman even. Just saying…

Twitter as a News Narrative

I may need to dump a few news sources I use as I’m tired of them turning to Twitter to “make the news.” I saw that their is OUTRAGE that Netflix’s new Chef’s Table only showcased one female pastry chef. Just OUTRAGE!!! SHOCK!!! ANGER!!! Then I read that it was crowd sourced idiocy from the Twitter sheep. Normal “this is the news thing to do now” is to go cherry pick Tweets to create a narrative, to package as a story. I’m sorry but Twitter users tend to be hive mind dopes who get angry when the day begins, and then pissed off when it ends at night. Twitter is the MOST negative cesspool calling itself a social network. Yes.. even more cesspoolish than Facebook. We don’t need “news” from crowd sourced hive mind morons clogging up the streams.

It’s getting hard to find any “real news” anymore. If an article mentions that it takes info from social networking or that social networking is somehow involved in the story, then it’s basically a BS article. Yes, I know we have a president that uses the cesspool platform but that does not mean that news should use Twitter as some source or gateway to everything else. More and more I’m just toning out completely.

The Curse of the Civil War Gold

Last night’s episode was really reaching. From the square being overlaid with a confederate flag to actually thinking there would be gold safe deposit boxes of a closed bank. I mean… any bank that closes is going to check every box before they shutdown and close up shop. So far, nothing they are trying would convince me to fork over money to bankroll the expedition. Next week they are going out to Utah, to check a goldmine owned by one of the players in the missing gold. The thought is that this guy bought the goldmine as a front to launder the confederate gold. What if he really had a good goldmine and that was where his excess riches came from??? Besides… finding gold in a goldmine doesn’t prove that a boxcar containing gold is buried in a lake. How can you make that assumption? This show doesn’t have the narrative and interest that Oak Island has, though I’ll continue to watch just to see how it “pans out” (pun intended).

Facebook Misused Data and Everyone Goes Crazy

Meanwhile Snowden once revealed that the US government spied on its citizens (and still is doing it) and there was crickets. I’ve seen more press about Facebook data, a “ha ha non news social cesspool” site, in just this week than news media covered for the entire Snowden release. Seriously… if you think this FB story matters in the least and that you “care” about it, but shrugged off the Snowden release, then you are an idiot. Plain and simple.

Tonight is the Season/Series Finale of X-Files

Since Gillian Anderson has said that she is done after this season, for good, I’m hoping they wrap up the mythology tonight. Who am I kidding. The last season they left it on a major cliffhanger and then came back with this season which made the last season either a Scully dream or something taking place in another timeline.

Seriously though… They really need to wrap it up for these characters if this is it. Personally… I think the first X-Files movie is still the real end of the series. They probably should have just left well enough alone.

Update: David Duchovny is calling this the “Cliffiest of all hangers.” (sigh)……..

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