Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/20/18

Another Symptom of Overpopulation

More violence. The more people there are, the more violence you get. The more people who identify with some group dynamic, the more arguments and violence follow between the various groups. You can watch the news and put 2 and 2 together here. Humans are too stupid to limit the population numbers so your only hope is to live and let live while realizing that this stupid dream of everyone liking one another is just that: stupid. Just tolerate one another, but throw this “acceptance” crap out the window. Forced acceptance leads to violence in some fashion.

Another School Shooting…

Banning guns isn’t the solution but who cares? You ban guns and the shootings will still continue with ILLEGAL guns. We have a mentality issue in this nation. Kids no longer respect anything. Parents either can’t actually parent (You are NOT your kids friend, you are a parent and when kids do wrong they should be punished for it), or the parents are too damn lazy and should have never been parents in the first place. For this reason and the reason above, I’m definitely pro-choice. If kids don’t fear doing wrong with their parents, do you really believe they will fear the police? Nope. This society has babied the kids, protected them from everything, removed the ability for parents to actually punish kids and then are surprised by this stuff… Cause and effect… logic… reason… thrown out the window because we can’t bruise little Johnny’s demon seeded ego.

Can the Aliens come out to play now?

Seriously… we need a really good alien invasion or at least a first contact scenario where things on this rock change. Maybe a transfer program where people from here are transferred to somewhere else. There are just way too many humans on this rock now.

Google being a Gateway to Subscription News

Supposedly… this is to combat “fake news” but we’ve seen the “real news” caught passing out fake news so many times in the last decade that this means nothing. CNN alone has been caught telling lies on numerous occasions just in the last year. This is just Google trying to get a part of the subscription revenue, and then branch out since the ad bubble is growing… and it will break.

The Millenials are Hypocrites

Online you see all of this “equality” talk and how women demand not to be sexualized and then comes spring break… the pictures from the beaches start rolling in and well… which is it?

Truth be told… the women at the beaches are the majority. They want to have fun just like a man. They want to be sexy and pretty and look good to men, just like men want to work out, have some muscles, and sculpt some perfect hair to impress women. The ones complaining online about all of this are the ones who gave up, have a chip on their shoulders, and are sitting at home in front of a screen whining while life passes them by. Hey… it’s the truth.

Dear Tech Sites,

There are more companies out there than just Google and Facebook. Would it hurt to cover other tech instead of the daily propaganda press releases from these two?

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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