Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/19/18

The Google Search Engine is Busted and it will just get Worse

We proved it was busted Saturday night during our ScannerDrome podcast, using my blog. We took snippets of blog entries I wrote, pasted them in both Google and Bing. Bing gave my direct post link as the first link EVERY time. Google on the other hand, gave links to words within the snippet, gave links to blank wordpress sites (we believe are links to “likes” on the blog,” and finally, did not go direct to the actual blog post entry (one entry was found buried under all of the crap it offered up first). FACT: Google Search is broken.

My guess is that because I don’t allow ads on my blog, Google refuses to rank and send my blog out. We checked and it is indexed, so this is Google, in their algorithm, purposely omitting my site. All I can say is, STOP using Google search people. Google search is just an advertising engine to bring in money to Google. At one time it was the best search engine but no more. Use Bing, use DuckDuckGo, use anything else if you want actual relevant links that have not been paid for just to get a head of the line in a Google ranking.

Trump wants to Execute Drug Dealers

Facepalm… While drug dealers may sell drugs, they are not forcing drug users to use them and to overdose. I am 100% against this kind of idiocy that penalizes someone else for the responsibility of another. Why are we constantly making excuses and setting aside where responsibility resides? Then… Trump’s message is purportedly about opioids. Opioids are normally “prescribed” drugs. Users get addicted, and have more prescribed or people say they need more and then sell them. I can’t see putting people to death for either intention here.

I’m all for the tax cuts but Trump and his death to drug dealers, installing hunters on a international conservation group, and tariffs (which are just consumer tax increases) is too much. When 2020 comes, I’ll be voting for the Libertarian candidate and the Democrats can do what they will when Trump is booted for this craziness. The Republican party is this weird mishmash of Trumpisms now and it’s way more wishy washy and policy broke than it has ever been before. Obama and Trump are what you get when you don’t have an actual policy. Just 2 Cult of Personalities that voters (who also lack policy knowledge) voted for in an American Idol-like capacity. We are not a smart nation.

Side note: I’m all for the death penalty against humans who are trophy hunters and animal abusers.

Wolverine of the 80’s & 90’s versus Wolverine of the 2000’s

I’ve been reading some of the old back catalogue of The Uncanny X-men and the Wolverine from the 80’s & 90’s is so much more hardcore (and cooler) than the Wolverine of the 2000’s. Old school Wolverine had a gray morality scale and hazy code of conduct. If you were outside of this, he would rip you up and you would be dead. The dude didn’t give 2 shits or a squirt of piss about hardly anything outside his own view. He was the loner that also had a bond with certain members of the team. The Wolverine of the 2000’s feels soft by comparison. I wonder if the “movie version” had an impact on softening up how the character was written?

We need a Loser Pays Reform for People who Sue others

Do you know how many frivolous lawsuits would never be brought forth if we had this one simple rule? People would think twice about suing others for every reason under the sun. If you lose, then you pay for not only your legal fees, but the legal fees of the defendant, and any fees the court has to put forth. This makes too much sense though, so it will never be enacted.

I just Typed up an entire Diatribe that I Deleted

I’ll look at writing that same diatribe down the line should expected events I’m hoping to happen, have hopefully happened. I have to say… it does help to write stuff up just to remind one’s self and enforce one’s needed resolve in a course of action. So hopefully some good things down the pike!!!

Speaking of Diatribe… there once was a cool industrial band in the 90’s called Diatribe. I don’t think they lasted long but the one album I had by them had some cool music and cover art (above)!!!

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Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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