Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/16/18

Bureaucratic Nonsense

I find it funny how some companies get so wrapped up in “metrics and rules and regulations” that they end up actually harming themselves. They think that being the overlord number crunchers can make them more efficient and more streamlined when the majority of the time it is the exact opposite. They tie themselves into bureaucratic red tape where outside thinking and problem solving is not allowed. The company gets less friendly toward both customers and employees alike. Customers are met with strict rules that are unbendable and employees are forced to enforce those unbendable rules even when they make no sense and a viable solution is available.

I’ve been in 2 of these types of situations with companies that started out much more open and free but moved toward the dire metrics that became overbearing and oppressive. In both cases it was either a CTO or CEO who brought in this old school oppressive metric micromanagement that hurt the customer experience and also drove away employees. It’s not fun to watch it happening from within. You see employees dreading to go work and never smile, who a year before were all smiles. Customers take note of this. If the employees are not happy, then the attitude travels down to the customers and they will end up not being happy. The “metric minded” have only themselves to blame because they treated their employees like robots and layered processes of odd regulation over regulation that really have nothing to do with the job itself.

If you are in some sort of management or an “O” title, and you strictly rely on metrics, YOU are doing it wrong. From a process perspective and a human perspective. You have to allow for creative thinking and variables in all things, even the workplace. If you don’t… You’ll drive both your employees and the customers away.

Species all over the Earth are Dying…

The number one reason for this: Human Overpopulation.

There are people that keep pushing human overpopulation as having been debunked but none of the science they use is relevant or even real. They disregard facts at every turn. Human Overpopulation is a real issue and people need to face the facts that this world cannot keep providing for all of us. Should other species have to suffer and die off because of humans who selfishly keeping popping out babies? I’m all for a child tax. As in, you have a child, you pay a yearly tax. You have 2 children, it goes up. You have three, or more and it keeps going up. We need to make it so having excess children is looked down upon instead of rewarded with subsidies and assistance.

Also you have devastating crap like trophy hunting. The fact that the current international conservation board has been stacked with pathetic hunters should be a massive red flag. A side note… Hunters ALWAYS use the fake ass excuse that culling the numbers gives the species more room to grow… If that is the case, then the same method should be viable in humans correct? You can’t have it both ways. That would be hypocritical.

Podcasting and Youtube Live

I’m debating about starting a seperate podcast/Youtube Live show from the one I am currently in. It would also revolve around sci-fi, superheroes, comics, film, tech, and media but be more about talking about the dynamics and reviewing the media instead of going step by step through a particular show. When I say reviewing, I mean picking out certain parts of the show to talk about instead of spelling out the entire show on air. Each show/movie/comic/book reviewed would take roughly 10 minutes or less to do. Then you would also have general talk on the latest sci-fi and tech. So somewhat like I’m involved with now but a bit more tight and controlled. And no alcohol or cussing during the show. I’m aware that a swear word may slip out now and then but overall I would like to keep it controlled. I don’t see any reason for alcohol to be highlighted on a sci-fi show and more and more I see it as something that spirals out of control in the live shows out there. Maybe great for a show that is about the subject but not so great when stuttering about black holes or a character’s motivation. I kind of want to keep it at an hour or an hour and 20 at most.. I’ve been thinking about how people listen and I think that amount of time would be pretty good for an actual allotted podcast time.

I’m not sure if this will even be Youtube because this fits better for podcasting in audio which I am starting to have more interest in anyway since Youtube is becoming a cesspool. I still have to hammer out the specifics and find co-hosts to gab with on this thing so no ETA on when this will happen. Strictly in the planning stages right now.

So Does Gwyneth Paltrow only do Marvel Movies now?

I was just thinking about this and it seems like she is only playing Pepper Potts these days in Marvel movies. She hasn’t done anything else that is really big or even critical. I mean… I kind of understand, you already made it big, you have a successful “lifestyle” company, and you really don’t need to act anymore… then again, Jessica Alba has a similar situation and she is still acting in movies and about to start a television series. I think it would be nice to see Gwyneth Paltrow in something again. For awhile there I had her pegged as following a similar path to that of Nicole Kidman, who is rightly considered to be almost royalty now in Hollywood terms. Maybe when all of the Avengers movies have ran their course she’ll pop up in something again.

I would consider going to Art School for Fun… if the price wasn’t BS.

Seriously… The Art Institute and even SCAD are priced more expensive than a traditional 4 year college where you can get a degree that has infinitely more possibility in getting you a paying job. We already know the education system in this country is priced insanely wrong. We know that college itself is almost becoming a scam because it teaches zero real world experience now. How the hell can any art school charge $32K per year with a straight face???

For traditional colleges, the first two years of “general education” need to be scrapped. This should be covered in the last two years of high school. Most college degrees should be 2 years and done (exceptions being medical and law degrees for example). Colleges are basically fleecing people for the 2 years of general courses and the sad part is that this shit is standard and no one will bother changing it. To make matters worse… Why are you taking general courses at an art school?????????

This country has a real education problem and I don’t see anyone even trying to change it because all of these “colleges” just want the money. There really is no excuse for the high price of tuition in a regular college let alone one for art. It’s pretty sad really but our society refuses to use logic and reason for figuring out anything. We’re real good at fleecing though.

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