New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 3/28/18

Saga #50 (Image)

I can state with 100% authority that Saga is my favorite monthly book to read. This issue starts out with… sex. Specifically Marko going to town down under on Alana. Hey, it’s date night!!! They discuss whether they should really run or if they should take the reporters deal for a new life. They know they have to run run though because both Alana and Hazel would never be able to stay satisfied with staying on one planet for the rest of their life while in hiding. Meanwhile Robot and his son are handing over the political intrigue to the reporters so they can take the deal and get a new life, hidden from King Robot. Hazel takes in some practice fighting and magic time and is disappointed that the “family” is splitting up and she blames Robot for taking the deal. Robot’s son is planning on doing what “all adults do when they get into trouble… runaway.”

The quality of this book is like no other. On the one hand, I WANT more every month but on the other, I wouldn’t want to hurt the quality of the book by having more rushed out. These characters really have become as close to real as characters can get from the page. This book is simply amazing. Pick it up and pick up the entire series. It is worth it!!!

Spawn #284 (Image)

My second favorite read of every month is Spawn. This issue is CREEPY. The art is wonderfully horrifying too. We the reader don’t know what Spawn’s plan is right now but in this issue, he allows the police/government to capture him. Though, they can’t get his mask off, take X-rays of him, or identify him in anyway. So the police fly off the handle and beat him when he refuses to answer questions. With no pulse, and not moving, they take him down to the morgue to be autopsied and have his mask cut off. The last panel is of the saw getting closer to the mask. What a way to end on a cliffhanger and leave me wanting more!!!

X-O Manowar #13 (Valiant)SMDH… It’s the same rudimentary art from the last issue. None of the beautiful paintings or sweeping scenes that this series started with. And the really bad part… This doesn’t explain how the armor broke free of the force field in the last issue. It makes the stand alone bounty hunter issue completely worthless because it wraps up their story in a much too easy way. It wraps up the entire series 1 – 13 to date with a tidy bow even offering up the reason why Aric left Earth in a couple of panels. It’s like, they had to wrap it up quick and neat and do it as fast as possible in this last issue before Aric heads back to Earth for the coming Harbinger Wars 2. It even goes through several panels dedicated to wrapping up all of the politics of the world that Aric failed to rule when he was on the throne. Everything is pretty damn perfect there now.

This second volume of X-O Manowar started off promising but over the last several months completely went off the rails. The last several issues (since that wasted bounty hunter set up) have felt scattered and now completely rushed. Why can’t we have a better artist for this too??? The art looks like it would fit better on the Sunday newspaper comics panels. It just doesn’t live up to the art that this book started off with.

We’ll see how the next book goes. I’ve been waiting for this next one (issue #14) just because the cover art looks so damn good, but if the interior art is more of the same and the story doesn’t quickly move to something interesting… I may end up dropping it. We will see…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/27/18

The World Wide Censored Web (WWCW) BAN EVERYTHING!!!

Ban the Russians from buying ads because Americans might be easily persuaded. Ban the sex workers from placing ads because adults should be protected from paid sex. Ban the cryptocurrency ads because… I have no clue. Ban foul language from Xbox Live because the EARS SHALL BLEED!!! BAN EVERYTHING because people are fucking wussies now. The internet is becoming a cesspool of banned territories in order not to offend anyone. Other than using the web for digesting media… it’s pretty much worthless for everything now. It’s getting to the point of being regulated to death. The companies who keep the keys to the internet are only too happy to be the government’s whores on censorship policy too. More people are hurt and more freedoms are restricted through regulation of the internet but you safety pin wearing safe spaces sitting PC SJW’s are getting exactly what you want. A censored web that is worthless for free thought and speech.

The left is DEMANDING the Second Amendment be Repealed

For the morons in the peanut gallery… The 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendment and is also in place as a check on our government becoming oppressive. So if you want 2A repealed then you are ignorant and quite literally anti-American.

We need to END all Money going to Vietnam

I just saw the sick way these monsters treat dogs. Boiling them alive to eat with the thought that the more pain they are in the tasty they are. Just disgusting. Everyday humans sicken me more and more. The futility of being able to stop monstrous humans from the vile things they do to animals makes one feel powerless. Of course we won’t end aid or do anything because this sick society thinks we have to “coexist” and all that garbage. Shit, the people over here kill dogs and cats in kill shelters weekly because humans are on this planet are an unenlightened virus.

Dear Vaxxers on the Right

You keep rightly saying the world is using too many antibiotics and that it is making them less useful but then you demand that everyone be vaccinated when the same dynamic applies to vaccines and the body’s immunity. You know… hypocrisy and shit…

The Luck of the Draw

Some people just get all of the luck. I was looking up some actors on this excellent show called Hard Sun (HULU). Think Seven with a sci-fi-ish tinge to the mix. Anyway, both the main male and female leads have done it all. Male: TV, Movies, Music. Female: TV, Movies, Modeling. It makes me think about the failures of having a music career where there was never any luck to be had even after putting steps forward. Same with wanting an art career. Back then, if you didn’t do art school, then people told you to just forget about every doing comics. We didn’t have the internet back then to look up the artists and find that many never went to art school. Our teachers drilled it into us though. I doubt my art was up to par anyway. I see so many artists online that just bury me when it comes to drawing. Still… You always think, “What if X happened that time and something took off?” Then of course you always wonder, “I wonder what it would be like if I was doing something I loved to be doing?” If wishes were fishes…

Enough dreaming on the line… Stream it…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/26/18

Jessica Jones S2 (Netflix)

I finished JJS2 this weekend. I had thought that I may pass this season up since there was no real villain but… I watched it and because of the mystery involved, I enjoyed S2 more than I enjoyed S1. I liked all of the character arcs and the mystery really holds it altogether. S2 to me, felt like a more solid and complete offering, than S1 did. I would definitely recommend it.

IT Healthcare Regulations and Compliance

It’s no secret that doctors and nurses are leaving the healthcare field due to massive overbearing rules and regulations but when it comes to the IT side of things… I’m ready to jump ship too.

Just some of the idiocy:

No IT equipment in server closets. So no spares in case something goes down. The sad part… we have no other space at any of the facilities to store our stuff. So we’ll have to use couriers and be couriers for something as idiotic as a mouse.

Nothing must touch the ground. All PC’s must be on a rolling cart. Last week, before this week came and everything had to be out of the server closets, pallets had to be used to lift up spares stuff. So we ordered pallets and now we will have pallets holding nothing because everything must be out.

All wires must be tied up from the ground. Basically… wires that don’t look neat can be written up by some outside government agency.

There is a contact, who will call another contact, should a surge protector be needed. The surge protector must have a sticker saying that it is “APPROVED.” Only surge protectors from this mysterious group may be used.

No Dust Free Air cans anywhere on premises. A patient may get a hold of one and blow air into another patient’s face. WHAT???

Drive an hour to move a mini PC that virtually anyone on the staff can move, but new rules state they cannot move any equipment. Nevermind, that there is (was) a spare PC on site if one should go down, so the staff could swap out the bad one. So basically, drive 2+ hours (round trip) with traffic to do a 5 minute move. Oh yeah… this was the first year that they actually LOWERED the mileage rate they pay. I’m not happy about using my vehicle to drive out for a lower rate on a job any monkey with an opposable thumb can do. It’s lame.

There is literally no space for IT anywhere in this company. I and another person are stuffed into a 220 Sq Ft store room and they want to put another 3 people in there with us. Fire Code forbids this, you have to have at least 100 Sq Ft per person. But hey… we can ignore regulations where the IT people are concerned. WTF???

I’m over it… I’ve had it up to the brim. I’m definitely looking for things outside of the healthcare field. The above is just a small measure of the idiocy these days. We actually spend more time in compliance than dealing with tech now. Ever since we were bought by a major hospital system, the slide has been happening, but just in the last year it has been beyond ridiculous.

Marvel’s Spider-man (XD) Animation

I bought the first season on Amazon Video and it’s pretty good. The animation looks good, the characterization for Peter and Spidey are on point. All in all… It’s a good show that both adults (Spidey fans) and kids can enjoy. It’s light years better than the last animation which was the cheesey Ultimate Spider-man cartoon. I love the Ultimate Spider-man comic books but the cartoon are was horrible and completely hokey. Basically: Unwatchable. So this one at least brings it back to a level of watchability that has been missing. I’ve only watched a few episodes so far, but so far so good.

It’s NOT the Dog’s Fault

I saw in the news where a family dog “bit and shook” a kid to death while they were playing in the backyard. Sadly, the stupid humans will most likely kill the dog, but if we really had logic in this worthless society we could almost 100% point to the kid having pulled the dogs tail, ears, or stepped on his paws. The dog then thinks it is under attack and rightly defends itself. But we live in a stupid society where humans are idiots and parents take no responsibility in watching their brats. Fuck humans. Unintelligent and lazy. So no… I feel no compassion for the parents. Pathetic parenting from pathetic humans. RIP to the dog who only tried to defend itself.

This Nation is Consumed with Sex and Hypocrisy

Trump had sex with this porn star person, while being married and the sensationalism is on full display. Deja vu… Clinton had sex with Lewinski and others while married and the sensationalism was on full display. This will be the news cycle because this worthless society doesn’t care about any policy. Nope, they only care about who is fucking who and it fuels their choices. Humanity and, as said above, this society, is so damn dumb.

I’d like to End this Post on something Good…

But humanity has put me in a bad mood today. So I’ll leave it as it is… That’s the Stream, stay safe and avoid other humans. They’re NOT good people.

The March of Ignorance

Pure Ignorance.

There was a March of Ignorance today. Tide pod eating children that are ignorant about the rights this country was founded on, and the history of this country, as well as a ton of other safety pin wearing politically correct social justice warriors, marched in complete ignorance. They don’t understand that the only reason they can march is because we have these rights that keep the government in check. The second amendment is not in place for hunting. It is in place as a check on the government should they ever become oppressive of the citizenry. Restricting access and banning them is quite literally the first act of oppression. You say that can’t happen? Tell it to people in Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, and Ecuador. The government’s of those countries restricted weapons and turned on the people in recent years. You say, well, it can’t happen here. Wrong… Half the voting population is sympathetic to the dictators, socialists, and communists that did those things in those countries. That proves right there that the 2nd amendment is more important than your feelings and banning things.

Let’s talk real issues. Banning and restricting guns does nothing. Bad and crazy people will do harm regardless. The gun is not the issue. They’ll just use a car or make some bomb. Saying guns are the issue is the ignorant and easy answer because the weak PC social justice warriors think everything in life should be easy and fair and have a simple solution. These SJW are more of the issue than anything. Life is not fair. Your intolerant beliefs and push to make it fair is just that: intolerant. You don’t get to have your way.

Let’s talk crazy people. Oh we can’t. We must use the term “mentally ill” and treat crazy people like normal people by pretending they are not crazy. Then instead of locking crazy people up in asylums that have all been closed down, we give them psychotropic drugs that usually just sedate their crazy or push them into wildly crazy mood swings. But we can’t say this because saying it may offend a crazy person’s feelings. We can’t target the issues because the safety pin wearing ignorant SJW’s of the world make it impossible to do so. Then when the psycho goes bat shit crazy, the ignorant SJW’s blame an inanimate object, and march to remove rights from millions of people who have nothing to do with the issue. This is the SJW whacked out logic for fixing issues. They take a march of ignorance for gun control and never blame the actual psycho who did the crime. It’s unbelievable!!!

Let’s not forget that they target the NRA for being lobbyist yet they ignore Planned Parenthood who kills more unborn human lives than any other group in this country on a yearly basis. Planned Parenthood is a lobbyist and they are receiving $500 million for the next 8 months, of taxpayer money. The law says that this money can’t be used to provide for abortions but you would have to be a world class imbecile to believe that it isn’t. That’s their number one activity. The Democrats are beholden to this murdering group. The Republicans may be lobbied by the NRA but the NRA isn’t killing anyone. (Full Disclosure: I am Pro Choice but the government should not pay for any healthcare at all. Period).

Speaking of lobbying… We have a government that is for the people and by the people with the right of the people to petition that government. That’s what lobbying is, petitioning the government. The very crux of our system is for politicians to represent the people. The members of the NRA are people. They have every legal right to lobby the government.

I’m just so sick and tired of the safety pin wearing, intolerant, social justice warriors who think that the population must accept them and be controlled by their opinions. It doesn’t work that way. We should all tolerate and be civil with each other but quite honestly… We should not accept people who we disagree with. We should not cater to those who are intolerant of our beliefs. Live and let live is the right thing to do but this “coexist” crap is just that… crap. The PC SJW’s are the most intolerant people out there and they would march in ignorance to scrap the rights of everyone who disagrees with them on any issue. I say enough. You don’t get your way. You don’t get to act like you intelligent when you your very foundation is one of hypocrisy. The best thing that can happen is that these easily offended PC fools are just ignored and scoffed at for their weakness and their idiocy. These people don’t think with logic but dwell on feelings that cause irreparable damage to this country when acted upon. They are truly the most intolerant and ignorant of the population.

The idiocy of the Republicrats

I shouldn’t have opened up the news today. I’m liable to get a neck sprain from SMDH too much. First up:

The $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending budget.

What the hell??? Remember when Republicans were supposed to be about cutting spending??? Not anymore. They already removed the caps that were set in place (remarkably that was under Obama) and now they have increased the budget by another trillion in just 6 months to $21 Trillion in debt. THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE.

We need cuts across the board from military to social programs to healthcare. When the budget bubble pops, none of these things will get any funding. So would you rather have smart economics that keep the nation running or be a selfish prick for whatever program you champion and demand more spending???

For more on this very bad Bill, read (HERE)

Second up:

This insane and fear mongering FOSTA bill passes. The bill makes it a federal crime for prostitutes to create online ads for their services. It also holds the sites, such as social media, responsible too. This doesn’t make it easier to stop trafficking (which by percentage is so small of an issue that it is laughable that it is being fear mongered like this). Actual traffickers will now go underground to the dark web where it will be even more impossible to find them. Actual sex workers who now share info on clients to say safe and do their own thing independently, will now go back to the streets and be under control of pimps that bring in clients. Women selling sex being beaten by pimps is an actual cause and effect scenario from this stupid bill.

If John Smith wants to pay for a prostitute and the prostitute takes the money voluntarily then I see no reason why this “contract” is illegal. Does this affect my life in any way, shape, or form? No. As long as it is voluntary, no human is being harmed, no property is being harmed, and no animals are being harmed, then let people do whatever they want. Let them be adults, make their own choices, and live with the outcomes. Government does not need to be in the equation. This is another case where government just made things worse for many more people than it protects. And it is another hit to freedom of speech too.

Let’s also not forget that probably a majority of the “representatives from both sides” are seeing prostitutes in DC. They just don’t have the guts to stand up to an opponent using the line, “You voted against protecting children from sex slavery.” Which is a BS line that would be used for some BS thirty second sound bite because the voters are too stupid to understand nuance. Our whole political system is BS now. From the representatives all the way down to the uninformed voters who refuse to actually see nuance beyond the 30 second sound bite.

For more on this very bad Bill read (HERE)

We have representatives that demand the government be nosey for some holier than thou reason, or they use the excuse of “save the children” because they know they can take the smallest issue and demagogue that to death to get a much larger ban on something else that has nothing to do with the original issue at all. Then they fund spending to enforce it, which adds more to the debt. The kicker though is that the voters are too stupid to be the last check and balance to any of this because the voters are like sheep, easily coerced to do what their “side” tells them, no questions asked.

I’m voting libertarian for any President, Senate, or Congressional seat from now on. If the libertarian candidate is a wackadoodle then I’ll just abstain from voting. I can’t in good conscience vote for Republicans or Democrats. The Republicrats are just too damn evil.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/21/18

Hawkgirl joins the JL…If Hawkgirl was always drawn like this… She’d be more popular than Wonder Woman even. Just saying…

Twitter as a News Narrative

I may need to dump a few news sources I use as I’m tired of them turning to Twitter to “make the news.” I saw that their is OUTRAGE that Netflix’s new Chef’s Table only showcased one female pastry chef. Just OUTRAGE!!! SHOCK!!! ANGER!!! Then I read that it was crowd sourced idiocy from the Twitter sheep. Normal “this is the news thing to do now” is to go cherry pick Tweets to create a narrative, to package as a story. I’m sorry but Twitter users tend to be hive mind dopes who get angry when the day begins, and then pissed off when it ends at night. Twitter is the MOST negative cesspool calling itself a social network. Yes.. even more cesspoolish than Facebook. We don’t need “news” from crowd sourced hive mind morons clogging up the streams.

It’s getting hard to find any “real news” anymore. If an article mentions that it takes info from social networking or that social networking is somehow involved in the story, then it’s basically a BS article. Yes, I know we have a president that uses the cesspool platform but that does not mean that news should use Twitter as some source or gateway to everything else. More and more I’m just toning out completely.

The Curse of the Civil War Gold

Last night’s episode was really reaching. From the square being overlaid with a confederate flag to actually thinking there would be gold safe deposit boxes of a closed bank. I mean… any bank that closes is going to check every box before they shutdown and close up shop. So far, nothing they are trying would convince me to fork over money to bankroll the expedition. Next week they are going out to Utah, to check a goldmine owned by one of the players in the missing gold. The thought is that this guy bought the goldmine as a front to launder the confederate gold. What if he really had a good goldmine and that was where his excess riches came from??? Besides… finding gold in a goldmine doesn’t prove that a boxcar containing gold is buried in a lake. How can you make that assumption? This show doesn’t have the narrative and interest that Oak Island has, though I’ll continue to watch just to see how it “pans out” (pun intended).

Facebook Misused Data and Everyone Goes Crazy

Meanwhile Snowden once revealed that the US government spied on its citizens (and still is doing it) and there was crickets. I’ve seen more press about Facebook data, a “ha ha non news social cesspool” site, in just this week than news media covered for the entire Snowden release. Seriously… if you think this FB story matters in the least and that you “care” about it, but shrugged off the Snowden release, then you are an idiot. Plain and simple.

Tonight is the Season/Series Finale of X-Files

Since Gillian Anderson has said that she is done after this season, for good, I’m hoping they wrap up the mythology tonight. Who am I kidding. The last season they left it on a major cliffhanger and then came back with this season which made the last season either a Scully dream or something taking place in another timeline.

Seriously though… They really need to wrap it up for these characters if this is it. Personally… I think the first X-Files movie is still the real end of the series. They probably should have just left well enough alone.

Update: David Duchovny is calling this the “Cliffiest of all hangers.” (sigh)……..

New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 3/21/18

Ninja-K #5 (Valiant)

This one wraps up the arc for going down memory lane of the lettered Ninja under MI6 (I believe). Ninja-C and Ninja-K assault the shadowy hidden branch of MI6 that has manipulated the Ninja since the beginning of the program. Once the information is secured, C turns on K and wants to just dump it all, for all to see. K understands that if they dump it all instead of selective parts of it, that innocent people will be harmed in the process so this leads to C vs K and a last ditch battle.

The art is once again beautiful in this book and it does turn out to be a pretty good ending to an arc that I felt was full of setups. I’m going to have to go back and reread it all together now that it is all out. Sometimes a binge can make it feel more complete than reading and waiting for the story to build monthly (just like in TV). On a side note, I did enjoy Colin calling LiveWire at the end and getting closer to her. I do hope they can be together after the coming Harbinger War 2 tears them apart.

Ninja-K was the only new book this week so that’s all I have for review. Additionally, I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite arcs in The Uncanny X-men and X-Factor on Marvel Unlimited: Inferno. The cover art, especially the art for the X-men books is quite literally epic in these. It’s been a long time since I have reread them and it’s just as enjoyable now. I remember being mesmerized by the events of Inferno on the page when I was a kid. It felt so “adult” to me, which is kind of what the X titles should feel like to young readers. There should be a level of maturation when moving from something like Avengers to X-men. Back in the day, the Marvel group of excellence was X-men. Avengers were that superhero-y team that always had happy endings. Whereas the X-titles took you on a journey that really put all of the characters through an emotional ringer.

While I’ve read, and enjoy several of the current X-titles, they don’t come off as being the same as the X-titles from the 80’s and 90’s. It doesn’t feel like they are on another level from the “goody-goody” Avengers. Marvel really should get back to using the X-men as the mature titles that readers “move into” when they are ready. Bring back the more complex plots and deeper emotions that were once pivotal to an X-story from the 80’s and 90’s.

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/20/18

Another Symptom of Overpopulation

More violence. The more people there are, the more violence you get. The more people who identify with some group dynamic, the more arguments and violence follow between the various groups. You can watch the news and put 2 and 2 together here. Humans are too stupid to limit the population numbers so your only hope is to live and let live while realizing that this stupid dream of everyone liking one another is just that: stupid. Just tolerate one another, but throw this “acceptance” crap out the window. Forced acceptance leads to violence in some fashion.

Another School Shooting…

Banning guns isn’t the solution but who cares? You ban guns and the shootings will still continue with ILLEGAL guns. We have a mentality issue in this nation. Kids no longer respect anything. Parents either can’t actually parent (You are NOT your kids friend, you are a parent and when kids do wrong they should be punished for it), or the parents are too damn lazy and should have never been parents in the first place. For this reason and the reason above, I’m definitely pro-choice. If kids don’t fear doing wrong with their parents, do you really believe they will fear the police? Nope. This society has babied the kids, protected them from everything, removed the ability for parents to actually punish kids and then are surprised by this stuff… Cause and effect… logic… reason… thrown out the window because we can’t bruise little Johnny’s demon seeded ego.

Can the Aliens come out to play now?

Seriously… we need a really good alien invasion or at least a first contact scenario where things on this rock change. Maybe a transfer program where people from here are transferred to somewhere else. There are just way too many humans on this rock now.

Google being a Gateway to Subscription News

Supposedly… this is to combat “fake news” but we’ve seen the “real news” caught passing out fake news so many times in the last decade that this means nothing. CNN alone has been caught telling lies on numerous occasions just in the last year. This is just Google trying to get a part of the subscription revenue, and then branch out since the ad bubble is growing… and it will break.

The Millenials are Hypocrites

Online you see all of this “equality” talk and how women demand not to be sexualized and then comes spring break… the pictures from the beaches start rolling in and well… which is it?

Truth be told… the women at the beaches are the majority. They want to have fun just like a man. They want to be sexy and pretty and look good to men, just like men want to work out, have some muscles, and sculpt some perfect hair to impress women. The ones complaining online about all of this are the ones who gave up, have a chip on their shoulders, and are sitting at home in front of a screen whining while life passes them by. Hey… it’s the truth.

Dear Tech Sites,

There are more companies out there than just Google and Facebook. Would it hurt to cover other tech instead of the daily propaganda press releases from these two?

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 3/19/18

The Google Search Engine is Busted and it will just get Worse

We proved it was busted Saturday night during our ScannerDrome podcast, using my blog. We took snippets of blog entries I wrote, pasted them in both Google and Bing. Bing gave my direct post link as the first link EVERY time. Google on the other hand, gave links to words within the snippet, gave links to blank wordpress sites (we believe are links to “likes” on the blog,” and finally, did not go direct to the actual blog post entry (one entry was found buried under all of the crap it offered up first). FACT: Google Search is broken.

My guess is that because I don’t allow ads on my blog, Google refuses to rank and send my blog out. We checked and it is indexed, so this is Google, in their algorithm, purposely omitting my site. All I can say is, STOP using Google search people. Google search is just an advertising engine to bring in money to Google. At one time it was the best search engine but no more. Use Bing, use DuckDuckGo, use anything else if you want actual relevant links that have not been paid for just to get a head of the line in a Google ranking.

Trump wants to Execute Drug Dealers

Facepalm… While drug dealers may sell drugs, they are not forcing drug users to use them and to overdose. I am 100% against this kind of idiocy that penalizes someone else for the responsibility of another. Why are we constantly making excuses and setting aside where responsibility resides? Then… Trump’s message is purportedly about opioids. Opioids are normally “prescribed” drugs. Users get addicted, and have more prescribed or people say they need more and then sell them. I can’t see putting people to death for either intention here.

I’m all for the tax cuts but Trump and his death to drug dealers, installing hunters on a international conservation group, and tariffs (which are just consumer tax increases) is too much. When 2020 comes, I’ll be voting for the Libertarian candidate and the Democrats can do what they will when Trump is booted for this craziness. The Republican party is this weird mishmash of Trumpisms now and it’s way more wishy washy and policy broke than it has ever been before. Obama and Trump are what you get when you don’t have an actual policy. Just 2 Cult of Personalities that voters (who also lack policy knowledge) voted for in an American Idol-like capacity. We are not a smart nation.

Side note: I’m all for the death penalty against humans who are trophy hunters and animal abusers.

Wolverine of the 80’s & 90’s versus Wolverine of the 2000’s

I’ve been reading some of the old back catalogue of The Uncanny X-men and the Wolverine from the 80’s & 90’s is so much more hardcore (and cooler) than the Wolverine of the 2000’s. Old school Wolverine had a gray morality scale and hazy code of conduct. If you were outside of this, he would rip you up and you would be dead. The dude didn’t give 2 shits or a squirt of piss about hardly anything outside his own view. He was the loner that also had a bond with certain members of the team. The Wolverine of the 2000’s feels soft by comparison. I wonder if the “movie version” had an impact on softening up how the character was written?

We need a Loser Pays Reform for People who Sue others

Do you know how many frivolous lawsuits would never be brought forth if we had this one simple rule? People would think twice about suing others for every reason under the sun. If you lose, then you pay for not only your legal fees, but the legal fees of the defendant, and any fees the court has to put forth. This makes too much sense though, so it will never be enacted.

I just Typed up an entire Diatribe that I Deleted

I’ll look at writing that same diatribe down the line should expected events I’m hoping to happen, have hopefully happened. I have to say… it does help to write stuff up just to remind one’s self and enforce one’s needed resolve in a course of action. So hopefully some good things down the pike!!!

Speaking of Diatribe… there once was a cool industrial band in the 90’s called Diatribe. I don’t think they lasted long but the one album I had by them had some cool music and cover art (above)!!!

HellSpawn The Complete Collection (Image) – Review

HellSpawn The Complete Collection (Image)

The issues of Hellspawn take place sometime between when Al Simmons defeated Malebolgia and when he tried to kill himself with his own powers. The most important story here deals with Malebolgia’s concubine being born into the Earthly realm and trying to convince Al to become the ruler of Hell, which he was entitled to after winning the throne.

I love the art throughout this series. Spawn is at it’s best when it is dealing in the horror and occult genre and has the dark painted panels of art that go along with it. There are some genuinely creepy and horrifying panels of art in this book. The first several issue have the Bendis dialogue, which works well with the Sam & Twitch series but not so much for Spawn. Too much of the Bendis Dialogue really wears a person down. Make no mistake, he’s a great writer but the stutters, repeating of words, and ticks he uses may emulate some real world conversation but not to the overuse that he does it. He really uses these gimmicks way too much. Thankfully… by the time we get to Hel showing up, the dialogue is being tempered and much more easy to read (I didn’t catch who was doing the writing at this point).

A word of warning (since so many are easily offended wussies these days) if you want to pick this up, this is an adult comic with cursing, nudity, and violence. If hard fantasy and horror are too much for you, go grab yourself an Archie and leave this stuff alone for the rest of us. It’s an excellent series and a welcome addition to the continuing mythology of Spawn.