My Favorite & Least Favorite Batman Movie Bat Suit List

My Favorite Batman Movie Bat suits:

1) Michael Keaton (Batman)
His head may not turn and the Bat symbol may have extra points (fixed in Batman Returns, though the suit looks more like armor in that one), but this is still my favorite Batman movie suit. the way the cape flows forward and extends from the cowl is a big part of the reason why I like this version.

2) Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Rises)
More tactical than what the normal Batsuit would be in the comics, it is by far the most practical looking suit for real use. Lighter than most suits and Batman can finally turn his head. Slap the yellow and black symbol on the chest and this suit might even tie Keaton’s on my list. As it stands, it comes in at the number 2 spot just missing the top position.

3) Ben Affleck (Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice)
This suit may be the most comic-like, especially if you hold it up to the costume in the graphic novel, “The Dark Knight Returns.” The gray suit is a nice change of pace from the all black suits that we have been used to for so long. Also, the bat ears being shorter work really well with this suit in the way that Affleck bulked up his body for the role. For some reason, I just don’t think the taller ears would have worked here.

4) Adam West (Batman 1966)
It’s classic comedy and we all remember watching this version of the campy Batman at some time when we were growing up. You have to admit, this suit at least beats my “Worst Batman Suits” below.

The Worst Batman Movie Bat suits:

1) George Clooney (Batman & Robin)
Any suit Clooney wears in this abomination of a Bat movie (it made Batman ’66 look like an Oscar contender) is THE Worst. As a matter of fact, the entire cast makes the list for ugly Bat suits here.

2) Val Kilmer (Batman Forever)
This was the Bat suit that defined the Bat Nipple. Not only that but the overly sharp and defined gauntlet “blades” with the super pointy and long ears make him almost look like Porcupine man. It also doesn’t help that the suit muscles are smooth and shiny like some muscle man tournament. While not as bad as Clooney’s suit, where Schumacker doubled down on bad taste, this one was the beginning of that slide into Bat hell.

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