Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/12/18

The Republicrats have Arrived!!!

This bipartisan budget deal that was just pushed through is reckless and disgusting. The Republicans sold out so they could get military spending and in the process gave the Democrats a blank check on social spending. FYI: We the people pay for everything. So the constituents that WANT stuff have no issue in getting their elected leaders to take your money and use it for whatever military or social program they have in mind. Meanwhile YOU waste the effort and the time and hours of your life in trade for that money that they just rip away. The most selfish people on this planet are those for higher taxes and higher spending.

This little action should also fall under the “shame on me” saying. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You see, back when W was first in office, he had a dominate congress and senate in the first 2 years, which when faced with dominance, went into spend mode. Then all of that tea party resistance stuff happened and Republicans had to fight their way back, in the hope that there could be some sort of fiscal responsibility in this country before it was too late. Cut to now and we see it was all lie. You also can’t blame it 100% on the RINO’s either because the voters I’ve seen online today are defending this. You know what that means? GAME OVER.

We don’t have enough educated voters to turn the tide. The majority of the people out there selfishly want the military or social spending, deficit talk be damned. When the country falls like Rome or austerity measures are enacted like in Greece… The military will suffer and the social programs will all be gone. But that’s what you reckless and irresponsible people deserve.

I’m ready for that AI uprising already. Let a computer take control because we have seen that humans are incapable of governing.

(Sidenote: The Trump $1.5 Trillion infrastructure spending plan is coming soon and I’m sure the Republicrats from both sides will be drooling over this and fully ready to pass it recklessly through.)

I Really Can’t Defend DC Anymore…

A standalone Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix? A Lobo movie directed by Michael Bay? Shazam? Did anyone ask for any of these movies or even really want them? Never mind the fact that Suicide Squad will still have Jared Leto as Joker. DC’s movie map is just a perplexing mess in my view. Wonder Woman 2 may actually be the only interesting thing coming out of DC on the horizon. I liked Justice League and even BvS but this roadmap is just all over the place. I really don’t think a Joker movie is going to sell well either. The movie execs may not be able to see it but fandom is rather bored with Joker. Hey… it happens. I see more bombs in the future for DC.


The Star Trek Discovery Season Finale and the Enterprise

Season one has been awesome and the season finale was a great way to cap it all off. When the Enterprise comes on screen… (the feels)… I can’t wait for Season two now!!! All of the naysayers for this show have been totally off base, most having never watched the requisite 3 episodes to really get a feel for it. This is the Star Trek I’ve wanted since first watching the Original series. BRAVO for Star Trek Discovery season 1!!!

FYI: Ad Blockers are now a Valuable Tool against Security Risks

Ads are now being infected, on major sites, to deploy malware that can use your system in the mining of cryptocurrency. All you have to do in some cases is browse to one of these sites and you are infected. Google and the other ad platforms are doing nothing about it either. So lets be real here… Are any of these sites or companies going to clean up your machine, help protect your identity when info is stolen, or do anything to really stop this? NO. So screw them… Be smart and use an Ad Blocker. It’s time sites out there found better ways of monetizing than through advertising.

Don’t tow the line… Just read the stream…

Author: The Ninja

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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