Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/8/18

Cyberpunk Dystopia

I was worried there for a few minutes. Under leftist Democrats we would have moved toward a more dystopian cyberpunk world via their bad policies and the crack down on their own citizens. We would all truly be high tech and low life, just like all of the stories. But then they lost control and that hellish dystopia began moving away. Leave it to the good old Republicans to get us back on track though, with this really bad bipartisan budget bill that will spend us into bankruptcy. I can safely say that we are back on track for the US collapse and dystopian living!!! Thanks worthless politician overlords!!!

My Quest for the Grail comes to an END

Knightfall (History) may get a second season but I doubt very much that I will be along for the ride. The show was plagued by cliches (the been there, done that, love triangle), overly dramatic dialogue, and sets that looked like… sets. Not to mention that later shows put in twist upon twist in an effort to be clever, though it came off as more annoying. The sets really annoyed me from the beginning. I understand they had a fire early on that destroyed many of the sets but regardless, the sets looked too “perfect” and clean. It wasn’t like Game of Thrones where the sets look lived in and aged. Therefore scenes never really felt very real. Then you have the love triangle between the Templar Landry, the Queen, and the King. Why? Just why??? A point of real contention for me was the dull blades. They were so rounded that their bluntness showed in every scene. I understand using a dull blade for fight scenes but when you are just standing around with your sword out, at least have a semi sharp edge. The viewers can see this stuff pretty damn clearly in HD. They also tried to inject a fantasy aspect into it with the grail but the writers seemed to be too scared to go the extra mile with it. Either the grail in the end was a fake or it never worked. Sadly… I just do not care. I have to also say, in the 9th episode Landry was kneecapped with a massive hammer and the very next episode he’s running into battle. That may have been the most fantasy part of the whole series. Who needs the grail when you have magical kneecaps?

Venom Teaser Trailer

Why is Sony making this?

Ars Technica has been Expunged

I used to really like this site for tech but… They’ve gone off the deep end in “blogging editorial reporting” now. Pretty much every piece is an opinion rant or has a political slant in some way. It’s like, “Hey, come here to our site so you can read our whining and depressing Millennial rants.” So they have gone the way of Engadget, The Verge, and so many before them…

What’s this? What’s this I see? G+ Engagement!!!

It’s not the rollicking good times of old but I have been having more engagement on G+ of late. More so than on Twitter and Facebook. Actual convos!!! My blog has also been getting more hits from G+ than either of the other 2 services. I don’t know if it is a fluke, flash in the pan, or what… but it’s been nice. G+ has a long way to go to get back to what it was. Even finding interesting people to follow is almost impossible these days because their Discovery and People tabs are colossal mess. Showing me people to follow who I already unfollowed because they are no longer active on the service is just dumb. So I’m taking this uptick with a grain of salt and a load of caution.

Funko Pop… POPPED!!!

I used to love collecting these things but honestly… They are just releasing too many now. Also, the ones with variations are not that varied. One had a cigar and the other didn’t for one of the Halo ones coming out. So unless there is a series 2 of Mr. Robot Pops, I think I’m done collecting them. I honestly just cannot keep up…

This Stream has POPPED!!!

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