Streamline (Stream of Thought) 2/5/18

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The teaser debuted last night. The trailer was released today. It looks good to me. I’m excited. The negative internet however… Well.. Negativenet via Social Negativity sites couldn’t wait to slam it. They of course slammed it based on a very short teaser for a coming trailer. There were sites that rushed out “story analysis.” It’s things like this that make me despise the internet, the various sites, and the negativity of virtually everyone on the internet. How about, you wait for the trailer, decide for yourself if you want to see it or not, and then let it go? Instead, we get people who automatically go negative and then have to try and persuade others quickly that something is bad. I’m so over it.

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Someone posted up some pictures of this show from the 80’s. It was basically Indiana Jones for TV. In other words it was a great show. I posted in the comments the picture of my DVD set and that I had always loved this show. But of course… someone has to ruin the entire convo about this show and post information that we all already knew about the star Stephen Collins. News Flash… I don’t care. What happened in his personal life and his crimes does not ruin great stories and a great show. If I don’t care about a celebrities politics, do you really think I’m going to let something else in their “real life” detract from the show? Nope… sorry.

Once again… This is the shitty internet. Everyone knows about Stephen Collins. The person that posted up the comment and the link to the old story just wanted to be an asshole and douse a good conversation on a fun show. It’s like, “Whoa… whoa… whoa… These people are having too much fun reminiscing about this. Let me just kill their discussion. They probably know about this but let me just remind them.” Like I said… asshole.

51% Automation means… We WILL need a New System

When the world hits 51% automation we will need a new system to live by. Don’t get me wrong, I love capitalism and the free market and I champion it all of the time. Having said that, reason and logic will dictate that when we cross the threshold for automation, those excellent systems that have served us well for so long will no longer work. If half the population is jobless, there is now no one buying anything. When workers can be created from workers who are already automated, your workforce with “humans” drops. I think it would be better for people right now to think about how these changes that will take place and how a new system can work versus getting to that point and thinking, “Well shit, we really do have an issue here.” Truth be told, that is what will happen though. Those on the left will push for action right now while those on the right will push for no action or thought of it ever. Both are 100% wrong. We need a plan and a gradual movement to that plan. No fast action and no apathy of the change will ever work. Dealing with illogical humans though, means we’re screwed.

Super Bowl

This was the first Super Bowl since the early 90’s that I did not watch. Not because of any of these political boycotts. I just don’t care for either team and the rules are so watered down and convoluted now (for player safety) that I just don’t find the sport very fun. Solution: Make players sign a medical waiver. If you want to get paid X amount of money, you’ll sign this waiver stating that you understand the effects it could have on you. You will also sign away your ability to sue the league. Either the player signs or they don’t play. Period. That won’t happen though. Instead it will just get duller and duller. I probably watched less than 2 full games of playing for the whole year, if even that. Like I said… I just don’t find any excitement in it anymore.

That was a great Sci-fi weekend

I binged the excellent Altered Carbon on Netflix, got a new episode of the excellent Star Trek: Discovery (the season finale is next week!!!), and checked out several classic ST:TNG episodes which were fun to revisit. Too bad it wasn’t a long weekend… Monday came and was such a spoilsport to the sci-fi flow. Oh well…

Speculation Media

I’m bringing this term into being. I just read the headline, “Why Amazon should buy CBS” over on Recode. It’s a tech sight that is really just tech blog articles. In other words, it’s not news. It’s tech opinions from people with no journalistic ability whatsoever… Like Engadget, The Verge, IO9, Gizmodo, and any other number of blogging sites. So now a blogger from that site has the idea that Amazon should buy CBS because a couple of weeks ago, a speculator that speculates decided that Amazon should buy Target and that led to hundreds of stories on, “Is Amazon going to buy Target?” This is how “news” works these days. Doesn’t matter if it is technology, pop culture, US News, politics… just a bunch of opinionated bloggers writing speculation that other opinionated bloggers pick up on and add their own twist too. All brought to you by the internet. It’s sad, but I believe very little reported news anymore. It all usually turns out to be BS in the end.

That’s the Streamline… Blog you tomorrow…

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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